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Amaranth actively began to return to the diet of people around the 70s of the last century. Mostly – in the United States of America. We have used it for a long time only as cattle feed. However, several years ago, products derived from certain varieties of amaranth began to be used in their diets by people. Those who want to maintain their health or get rid of a certain disease.

Today we will talk about 5 main reasons why you should definitely include amaranth in your daily diet!

“Factory for the production of protein”
This is what can be called amaranth grain! They contain significantly more protein than other cereals! In addition, lysine is present in this protein, which is not found in other grains. The amaranth contains protein

As Pete Noll, executive director of the organization “Bridge to a healthy society” (USA), amaranth is almost the perfect source of protein. According to him, it is the best protein in its qualities, which can only be found in the plant kingdom, and it is practically comparable to animal protein.

A huge amount of essential minerals
Products derived from amaranth contain an incredible amount of essential minerals for the human body.

For example, there is just a huge amount of calcium – 3 times more than is necessary for the health of the human bone system!

Also in amaranth contains in large quantities:

  • iron (provides transportation of oxygen to all tissues of the body);
  • phosphorus (necessary for all cells and especially positively affects the production of energy in the body, the genetic code and the work of the nervous system);
  • magnesium (necessary to ensure a variety of processes in our body);
  • potassium (necessary for the nervous system, normalization of blood pressure, ensuring full muscle control).

For the health of the cardiovascular system
Over the past 15 years, numerous studies have been conducted, showing that amaranth has an incredible effect on heart activity.

In particular, research was conducted in Russia, the University of Guelph in Canada and the US Department of Agriculture. They all confirmed the incredible benefits of amaranth. So, he has an amazing ability to significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

Complete absence of gluten!
Gluten or gluten is a topic that is getting more and more active. More and more people suffer from gluten intolerance. Amaranth

Amaranth is one of the few crops that do not contain gluten, and therefore it can (and should!) Be included in the diet of those whose organism does not tolerate gluten.

He fights oncology
Amaranth can prevent cancer! A study conducted in Mexico proved that amaranth contains protein, which is similar to that found, like lunasine. And it has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

Similar studies were conducted in Ukraine – it was proved that amaranth oil can be useful in the treatment of oncology. Read more about this in the article “Amaranth Oil and Cancer Treatment: Research Results”!

In conclusion
We hope you will no longer have any doubts about why amaranth should be included in your daily diet! Only five facts, but they all confirm that the plant is surprisingly useful. Therefore, if you want to feel great, to provide your body with a full supply of vitamins and trace elements, eat amaranth every day!

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