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Amaranth seeds are an incredibly valuable natural product that is successfully used in four areas. This medicine, cosmetology, cooking and nutrition.

This is due to the diversity of the fact that amaranth contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the last time amaranth was unfairly forgotten, but now it is becoming popular again.

The increasing demand is due to numerous studies of amaranth and products derived from it. In particular, it has already been scientifically proven that amaranth in general and seeds in particular are incredibly useful in the treatment and prevention of:

  • oncology;
  • cardiovascular;
  • eye;
  • gynecological and urological;
  • catarrhal and many other diseases.

You can read more about this in thematic articles of our site.

Today we want to talk about how effective are the seeds of amaranth and their use in three areas.

General use of amaranth seeds
The main value of amaranth seeds is high protein content. By this indicator amaranth significantly exceeds any cereal and soybean. Amaranth seeds

Among other substances present in the composition of amaranth seeds, it is necessary to distinguish:

  • squalene is a unique natural product that, in addition to amaranth, is only present in shark liver;
  • many trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron), positively affecting the activities of all organisms and systems;
  • alimentary fiber;
  • variety of vitamins.

The use of amaranth seeds in medicine
Above, we have already briefly indicated under what diseases amaranth seeds will be extremely useful. Now consider this question in more detail.

If we talk about the preventive effects of amaranth seeds, it is imperative to note that using them in autumn and in winter, as well as in cold season, will provide the body with additional protection against colds.

Special attention! The effectiveness of amaranth in the treatment of oncology has already been officially proved. By the way, in China it has long been used as one of the elements of anti-cancer therapy. Amaranth suspends the growth of cancer cells and prevents the emergence of new ones.

Also amaranth grains are recommended for the treatment of:

  • ulcers;
  • gastritis;
  • other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

But in the treatment of skin diseases it is recommended to use oil derived from seeds. It will help get rid of:

  • dermatitis;
  • eels;
  • psoriasis;
  • fungi, etc.

Note. Read more about the benefits of amaranth oil in thematic articles. For example, in this “Amaranth oil for eczema” or this “Amaranth oil in the treatment of gynecological and urological diseases.”

By the way, ground amaranth seeds are especially useful for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity who have problems with the menstrual cycle – regular reception allows you to restore its periodicity, as well as significantly reduce the pain that occurs during menstruation. But during menopause, ground seeds will ensure the maintenance of hormonal levels.

Seeds will also help representatives of a strong half of humanity – they have a positive effect on male strength, hinder the development of such unpleasant and dangerous ailments as prostatitis and adenoma.

Note. Amaranth seeds have practically no contraindications. They are not recommended for those who have problems with the pancreas (pancreatitis), suffer from cholecystitis, or have kidney stones or gall bladder. Conditional – because in some cases, they can still be taken. But, of course, you should first consult with your doctor. Naturally, the individual intolerance of amaranth cannot also be ruled out, although it is almost never encountered.

Amaranth germinated seeds
We should also tell about the use of germinated seeds of amaranth. After all, they contain a lot more nutrients. Studies show that with regular use of seeds will provide:

  • positive impact on the work of the heart and the functioning of the entire cardiovascular system;
  • excellent prevention of oncology, atherosclerosis;
  • support for patients suffering from diabetes;
  • healing of ulcers, erosion;
  • significant reduction in bad cholesterol.

To get the maximum benefit from the consumption of germinated seeds of amaranth, it is important to properly prepare this unique product:

  • take amaranth seeds;
  • put them in the bottom of the glass container;
  • fill it with clean water – it should not cover the seeds completely, but only slightly wet them;
  • put the container in a dark, warm place;
  • when they begin to germinate, move the container to the refrigerator;
  • wait until they finally germinate.

Note. During the reception of seedlings of seeds is the activation of internal processes. This has a positive effect on human energy. Therefore, do not take them in the evening – it can lead to problems with sleep.

When the shoots are already relatively large, you can start taking them – preferably in the morning, on a small spoon. Full preventive course is eight weeks. After that, you need a break for six months, and then repeat again. If this is not about prevention, but about treating a disease, then there is no need to take a break in reception.

The use of amaranth seeds in cosmetology
The seeds of amaranth oil themselves are not used directly in cosmetology – the oil pressed from the seeds is used. You can read more about the use of oil in thematic articles:

  • Amaranth oil in cosmetology: healing the skin, hair and nails;
  • Amaranth cosmetics: masks and creams;
  • Amaranth oil – the perfect helper in hair care!
  • Amaranth oil in skin care: 7 best masks!
  • and many others.

The use of amaranth seeds in nutrition
First, tell about the use of seeds in nutrition. After all, amaranth is the ideal product for those who want to lose those extra pounds.

This is due to the fact that the protein contained in amaranth seeds promotes fat burning, and also has a positive effect on the overall strengthening of muscle mass. As a result, the body becomes more taut, and the flabbiness of tissues decreases.

Note. We add that the so-called “saturation hormone” produced by protein also has a positive effect on the process of fighting excess weight. He dulls the feeling of hunger, and therefore a person eats less often.

Fiber is present in the seeds – it allows you to avoid snacking, which affect the figure more negatively than just a hearty lunch. After all, fiber as long as possible supports the feeling of fullness.

It is important to use the seeds correctly. One option – before breakfast:

  • take a small spoonful of seeds;
  • grind them;
  • pour one glass of clean water;
  • drink the resulting mixture.

This method stabilizes the level of glucose in the blood, will provide an optimal feeling of satiety and will avoid overeating.

Note. It is advised to take seeds and athletes. It will saturate the body with carbohydrates, which significantly increase the productivity of the training process. And the protein, which was mentioned above, guarantees muscle recovery and reduction of pain that occurs after increased loads.

The use of amaranth seeds in cooking
Now let’s talk about how amaranth seeds are used in cooking. This is, if not the most important, then probably the most interesting section of our article, because it presents practical recommendations and recipes that will be useful to literally everyone.

There is a mass of recipes that use amaranth products – butter, flour. But we will focus on the seeds.

Note. Do not use too many seeds in its pure form. Especially if you have not eaten them before. Excessiveness can lead to nausea.

For example, it is very common porridge from amaranth cereals. They have a pleasant taste. The roasted seeds of amaranth are also popular – they have a special slightly sweet taste with a nutty aftertaste.

Now we will present you some unusual, but very interesting recipes, including dietary ones, involving the use of amaranth seeds.

In general, amaranth seeds are used in the preparation of many dishes. For example, meat. The main advantage is that it is ideal for people who are forced to stick to a gluten-free diet.

Orange Melon Smoothie
For this, not only healthy, but very tasty, refreshing smoothie, you will need the following ingredients:

  • a big spoon of ground amaranth seeds (cereals);
  • one big orange;
  • average melon.

To make a smoothie, first clean the melon, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces, then put them in a blender, add orange juice to them, add amaranth and beat well.

This smoothie is ideal for a small snack between lunch and dinner. It will also be a full breakfast.

Note. A good option of using amaranth seeds for the benefit of the digestive system is to mix a spoonful of ground seeds with a glass of kefir and drink about 30 minutes before you go to bed.

Sweet porridge from amaranth seeds
For its preparation, take:

  • one glass of amaranth seeds;
  • two glasses of pure water;
  • salt and sugar to taste (sugar can be replaced with honey);
  • butter (to taste).

Tip! You can take more seeds, but it is important to stick to a 1 to 2 ratio of water.

Cooking process:

  • wash the grain using a fine sieve;
  • pour them into the pan;
  • fill with water;
  • bring to a boil and cook for about half an hour;
  • salt, add sugar, put some butter.

Amaranth porridge with onions and garlic
To make this variant of amaranth porridge, you will need:

  • a glass of seeds;
  • one small clove of garlic;
  • medium onion;
  • three glasses of water;
  • salt, hot sauce to taste.

Mix the seeds, finely chopped onion and garlic, cover with water, bring to a boil and cook for another thirty minutes. In the end, you will get not too thin porridge, but crunchy and tasty. Approximately five minutes before the end of cooking salt.

Porridge is served not only with spicy sauce, but also with tomatoes – just cut them and place them in a bowl of ready-made porridge.

Vegetable burgers with amaranth seeds
For their preparation must take:

  • three medium sized potatoes;
  • 50 grams of whole seeds;
  • one carrot;
  • about thirty grams of green canned peas;
  • one chicken egg;
  • some breadcrumbs;
  • vegetable oil.

First, take the vegetables, peel them and boil until tender, without cutting. Boiled vegetables, put in a blender, add peas to them and carefully grind.

Separately, lightly fry the seeds in butter or vegetable oil. Mix them with the mashed potatoes. Form cutlets from the mixture, make cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs and fry.

Served such burgers with sour cream or mayonnaise. But, if you prefer dietary or just healthy food, it is better to refuse mayonnaise.

Rules for the selection and storage of amaranth seeds
When choosing a seed, pay attention to the features of the package – it must be whole, reliable. Also ensure that the expiration date has not expired.

If possible, be sure to look at how the seeds look:

  • there is no dark shade of the upper layer;
  • there is a pleasant light or pink tone;
  • There is a pleasant sheen.

In addition, the grains should not stick together, they lack even the slightest signs of prettiness.

Seeds are not demanding for storage – they must be put in a closed glass container and put in a lockable cabinet.

As you can see, amaranth seeds are incredibly useful. They are successfully used in four areas – medicine, cosmetology, dietetics and cooking. If you have not yet tried on yourself the incredible natural power of amaranth, it is time to do it!

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