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Unfortunately, diabetes mellitus remains one of the most significant social diseases over the years. Despite the development of medicine, modern methods of treatment, the emergence of current trends, it is still difficult to say when a truly effective medicine will be invented that can overcome the disease or at least ease its course.

Diabetes mellitus: treatment with amaranth Today, it is common to use a variety of treatment methods, each of which is determined individually by a doctor and involves the use of specific medicines.

However, patients also use natural preparations and the so-called folk remedies. One of them is amaranth, taken in various forms and forms.

About how amaranth and products derived from it, will help in the treatment of diabetes, and we’ll talk in this article.

The problem of diabetes and amaranth, as an effective natural remedy
Diabetes is “capturing” more and more people. According to statistics, the number of cases increases annually by about 5-7%, and every 15-17 years their number doubles! So, at least 290 million people in different parts of the world are suffering from second-degree diabetes.

Effective treatment involves:

  • special diet;
  • physical exercise;
  • drug therapy.

Note. Thus, during the illness it is extremely necessary to significantly limit the consumption of fatty foods, since the carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed in the body. If you do not follow this diet, the disease can progress.

Amaranth is a unique plant in which there is a set of useful substances, microelements or vitamins. We have already talked about profile studies conducted in the Kharkiv clinic, which proved the effectiveness of the reception of products derived from this plant.

In particular, in the dietary therapy for diabetes mellitus of the second degree it is recommended to take:

  • Amaranth oil;
  • amaranth flour

So, amaranth oil has a unique biochemical composition, because it contains:

  • not less than 6% squalene;
  • vitamin E;
  • about 10% phospholipids;
  • phytosterols;
  • linoleic acid, which is polyunsaturated.

Amaranth oil in diabetes. Uniqueness of squalene. The most important in the whole set of useful substances is squalene. According to independent laboratory tests, this is the most valuable biological product that provides natural regulation of lipid and steroid metabolism in the human body. It also has incredible antioxidant properties.

If the standard diet therapy prescribed by the doctor includes pure amaranth oil in its pure form, it will be possible to significantly change the fat metabolism, which will lead to:

  • lower cholesterol levels;
  • lower triglyceride levels.

As a result, in patients with diabetes of the second degree:

  • hyperglycemia decreases;
  • normal humoral immune defense;
  • other factors of body defense are activated.

How to take amaranth oil with diabetes?
Amaranth oil must be taken orally. It is best to do this using oil for filling various vegetable dishes and salads:

  • stew;
  • beets;
  • vinaigrette.

You can also just put a little butter on a piece of gray bread. However, it is possible to use the oil separately and without mixing it, the healing effect will not diminish from this.

There are certain rules for taking oil. In particular, it is necessary to increase the volume of use:

  • first one teaspoon twice a day;
  • the next day, you can take one dessert spoon twice a day;
  • on the third day – already a large spoon twice a day.

Note! Perhaps a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen, a violation of the chair. In such a situation, you only need to reduce the dose slightly, and all the unpleasant symptoms will disappear in a few days.

Also, a good effect is achieved if you use butter with various cereals, for example:

  • rice;
  • oat;
  • buckwheat, etc.

And remember that amaranth oil is not recommended to heat treat, because its useful properties will be lost.

Recommendations of doctors on the use of oil
But physicians of the Kharkiv clinic who conducted research on the effectiveness of amaranth oil in the treatment of diabetes mellitus of the second degree, recommend using the product as follows:

  • three times a day;
  • about 15 minutes before meals;
  • ten drops.

Two weeks after such an oil therapy, the effect is noticeable. In particular, during laboratory examination of patients, a change in certain indicators was found – before the use of amaranth oil, the glycemic level was 12.3 + 1.8 mmol / l, and after consuming this natural product – 7.8 + 0.8 mmol / l. Not to mention getting rid of a number of symptoms:

  • thirst;
  • dry mouth sensations;
  • diuresis;
  • general weakness.

Amaranth flour in diabetes
High efficiency and amaranth flour, which is also recommended to use in diabetes. What Amaranth flour with diabetes mellitus will ultimately help to improve the general condition, to achieve the improvement of a number of indicators, the appearance of the patient.

Note! Despite such positive characteristics and the actual absence of pronounced contraindications, before using products from amaranth in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to first consult with your doctor.

Naturally, this is due to the fact that the flour in large quantities contains the same components as in the oil, and therefore this product has the following properties:

  • immunity stimulation;
  • ability to resist inflammation;
  • antibacterial;
  • antiviral;
  • providing wound healing;
  • antifungal and so on.

When diabetics use amaranth flour and products prepared from it, they will succeed in strengthening the immune system, ensuring normalization of carbohydrate metabolism, and excellent excretion of toxins and other toxic substances.

Thus, the high content in fiber flour provides:

  • slowing down the absorption of fats;
  • slowing the absorption of carbohydrates;
  • stabilization of blood glucose levels;
  • decrease in the required level of vitamin E, insulin.

How to take amaranth flour?
Amaranth flour baking The optimal way to eat amaranth flour in case of diabetes is the preparation of different dishes. For example, you can dilute the broth or mole and cook porridge. Also on the basis of flour you can cook:

  • sauces;
  • gravy
  • breading and so on.

However, the ideal option for cooking of amaranth flour is baking. There are no special recipes. You just need to take any recipe, which involves the use of ordinary wheat flour and mix the last with amaranth in equal proportions.

Note. Even replacing only a tenth of wheat flour with amaranth flour, one can significantly improve the organoleptic properties of baking. It will get a pleasant, slightly nutty smell and taste.

Amaranth Herb in Diabetes Treatment
Amaranth tea for diabetes. It is also recommended to use amaranth herb itself in the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus. For this you need:

  • take the leaves, grass blossoms;
  • pour all this with boiling water in a ratio of 1 to 10;
  • insist about 20 minutes;
  • drink like tea.

This drink, according to diabetics, can help get rid of the disease!

As you can see, amaranth is a truly healing plant, and various products derived from it will help in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, a significant improvement in the patient’s well-being.

The main thing is to consult with a doctor beforehand and not to refuse prescribed medications until you get permission from your doctor.

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