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Of course, amaranth seeds can be germinated without much effort and expense – you just need to buy seeds and scatter them more or less evenly on the ground in a flowerpot. Even in this case it is possible to get a harvest of young greens for a short period of time. However, the generosity of the seedlings and the juiciness of the growing leaves are already indicators that may vary. And it’s not just the soil. Let’s try to understand the causes of this phenomenon.

Great opportunities microgreen amaranth in the fight against disease

Indeed, the popularity of microgreen is growing, and entrepreneurs tend to grow more juicy greens. At the same time, you can be sure that the demand for microgreen will increase in the future as well, since there are enough good reasons for it.


Amaranth microgreen is an extremely useful product because it helps cleanse the body and provide the organs and systems with the substances necessary for normal functioning. The seedlings contain:
• proteins;
• amino acids (including the indispensable – lysine);
• vitamins B, E, C, D and others;
• polyunsaturated fatty acids;
• mineral components – phosphorus, iron, potassium and others.
Note that all the vitamins are contained here in record quantities, but
Among the vitamins, the presence of vitamin C, known for its antioxidant properties, is especially valuable. In addition, carotenoids contained in young plants in the period of their active growth, fight free radicals that destroy the body’s cells.


It is also important to note that these and other useful substances are contained not only in amaranth, which has reached maturity, but also in seedlings, and here their concentration is much higher. There are many examples in the responses when the consumption of microgrin amaranth helped to quickly get rid of various diseases, and even cancer tumors. Amaranth microgreen is called the most powerful and useful additive in the treatment of cancer and the most powerful means of their prevention.


In the process of practice it has been proved that the daily use of amaranth sprouts, even in small quantities, will contribute to the healing and rejuvenation of the body. At the same time, they serve as an excellent addition to any dish, giving a delicate taste to meat, fish, snacks, vegetables, smoothies and fortified cocktails.


Advantages of amaranth microgreen for business

Many entrepreneurs are attracted by the simplicity of growing microgreen amaranth, because it can be grown on real plantations, and at home on a windowsill. At the same time, even in small areas, a large number of microgreen can be grown. However, most of all attracted by the super-fast cycle, which is only 10 days! The simplest calculations show that in one year you can get up to 25 – 30 harvests. If you organize vertical beds, the harvest volumes are amazing: in one cycle of 10-12 days up to 20 kg of plants can be obtained on an area of ​​4 meters. All this speaks in favor of growing amaranth’s microgreen as a type of business.


To set up a business of growing microgreen, it is not necessary to purchase expensive equipment, and this reduces to a minimum the initial costs of developing your own business. Entrepreneurs say that for a small production $ 100-300 is enough, and sometimes even less, and the costs pay off very quickly.


Ease of growing


Entrepreneurs who are engaged in the cultivation of amaranth microgreen quickly became convinced that it was not difficult. At first it is important to understand that microgreen is not new crop varieties, but only a phase of vegetative development of a plant, it is grown in a greenhouse and on an industrial scale or at home in a small tray. Technology in all cases may be the same.

There are two main methods of growing amaranth microgreen.
1. Traditional, when greens are grown in containers filled with a special peat-based substrate, sometimes diluted with compost.
2. Growing greens in hydroponics (hydroponics is a way of growing plants not in the soil, but in special nutrient solutions). Vermiculite, perlite, and sometimes paper towels, coconut fibers are used as substrates.


As for fertilizers and fertilizing, as well as irrigation of microgreen, these processes differ little from those in the ordinary cultivation of plants.


How to quickly respond to the increasing demand for microgreen amaranth


Despite the fact that microgreen is considered a small product, the demand for it is not rapidly increasing recently in many countries. In order to satisfy the growing demand for microgreen amaranth and put more products on the market, special substrates can be used. These products are also in increasing demand. So, special substrates are known on the market.

Thus, special substrates produced by the American company GrowTech (Grow-Tech) are known on the market.

Especially popular is the BioStrate Felt for Growing Microgreens (BioStrate Microgreens Propagation Felt). This substrate was created specifically for the cultivation of microgreen, and is different from peat or coconut fiber. It is a woven material from raw materials of plant origin, and differs in that it is suitable for composting. Felt BioStrate absorbs and retains water well, provides optimal conditions for the development of a dense healthy root system. Another advantage of the new substrate is that microgreen can be sold together with the substrate, and this significantly increases its shelf life without loss of freshness.


There is currently a growing demand for a fully organic version of this substrate, and this is “PUREgrown” (purely grown). Supermarkets willingly take it, which require certification of all ingredients and materials used at all stages of the production of organic products. The PUREgrown substrate is certified by the OMRI organization, and water is distributed evenly throughout. At the same time, an optimum ratio between water and air is ensured, which ensures the development of a healthy root system. In the USA, for example, both substrates are offered to both commercial producers of microgreen and amateur gardeners.


In addition, there are quite a few special tools on the market that help grow microgreen. Here, the first place can be given to the micro-farm EasyGreen Sprouter – a unique and very thoughtful seed germination technology in the home. When used to harvest, only grain and water are needed. The rest happens automatically and with the best result. In microfarm EasyGreen seed germination rate is 15-40% higher than with conventional germination methods. At the same time, the seeds do not need to be pre-soaked, and in the process of germination they do not need to be sprayed or washed. It is also important that this technology prevents the occurrence of mold, fungi and unwanted bacteria that can multiply with the usual methods of germination. Optimal conditions are created using a fog generator. The device itself consumes little electricity, which makes it very economical.

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