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My name is Alexander Duda

Now I am the head of the Association of Producers of Amaranth and Amaranth Products of Ukraine, we are engaged in cleaning commercial amaranth seeds in the city of Dnipro, we advise farmers, we help processing enterprises in promoting their products, we popularize amaranth, we are moving towards our goal – to make amaranth products available to consumers.

Why is amaranth so important for humans?

This is health, youth, longevity. And our site will provide you with the necessary knowledge about the healing and nutritional properties of amaranth, as well as offer the most popular range of amaranth products: (oil, cereals, flour, seeds, tea …).

I learned about the unique possibilities of the positive effect of amaranth on the human body in the summer of 2016. I studied many sites, re-read hundreds of reviews and decided on a list of the best manufacturers.

I ordered butter, flour and tea for testing … and an experiment began on myself and my loved ones, which continues to this day.

We have been using amaranth products for four years now and we feel protected!

Main positive stable results: strengthening the immune system, improving the functioning of the heart, vision, lowering blood sugar levels, treating skin diseases.

You can always contact me for advice or with an offer of cooperation by phone. +380 96 3444438 or on Facebook:

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