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Amaranth comes on all fronts. Products from it are found not only in health food stores, but also in ordinary supermarkets. What says about the popularity of amaranth food. More and more Ukrainians will learn about this plant, its miraculous properties.

In this article we want to tell about the history of the Ukrainian businessman Andrei Sazonovsky, who decided to bet on amaranth and who has not lost.

There would be no happiness …
Listening to the history of the Ukrainian entrepreneur, immediately recall the old saying. Andrei Sazonovsky was diagnosed with progressive diabetes. The news is unpleasant. As Andrei recalls, he immediately had a real problem – he did not know what to eat, in order to support the body not only with insulin. This problem is faced by all diabetics.

As noted by Andrei Sazonovsky, the transition to a healthy diet was quite difficult. After all, about 80% of all products on the shelves of supermarkets do not comply with the principles of healthy eating. The necessary diabetic products were presented in a limited range.

Therefore, we had to collect the necessary information literally bit by bit, says Andrei Sazonovsky to journalists. Attention attracted amaranth. Moreover, it began to actively cultivate in Ukraine. Andrei Sazonovsky addressed the chairman of the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers Alexander Duda.

Fortunately, both participants of the story live in the city of Dnepr. During intercourse, Alexander Duda will finally convince Andrei Sazonovsky to include amaranth in his diet. In addition, as they say, experienced and qualified specialists, amaranth and products derived from it, contribute to the natural reduction of blood sugar levels.

After receiving the information and personal experience with amaranth, the Ukrainian entrepreneur began to think how to open his own business in this area. After all, only one month of consumption of amaranth porridge and amaranth vegetable oil – and the blood sugar level of the hero of our history has significantly decreased.

Six months later, Andrei Sazonovsky lowered his insulin rate from 31 to 20 units. For comparison, so that it is clear what this is about – such a reduction is equivalent to reducing a person’s weight from 90 to 60 kilograms. After that, the entrepreneur began to think – how to help other people, so that they could feel the full strength of amaranth.

Thoughts quickly realized. Together with his friend Andrei Sazonovsky invested money in starting a business. Thus, the Healthy Generation trademark was born.

Healthy Generation Product Range

The company focuses on the production of amaranth pasta. They are two types. The first is pasta, the basis of which is made from wheat whole-grain flour, but with the addition of amaranth and buckwheat flour.

The second type is gluten free pasta. For their production, the following types of flour are used:

  • rice
  • amaranth;
  • buckwheat.

Also in the composition of gluten-free pasta vegetable juice from:

  • tomatoes;
  • beets;
  • greenery.

In addition, the company offers a selection of other healthy foods prepared on the basis of amaranth. In particular, these are the dry breakfasts of the new generation AIR Yummy. Their composition:

  • air amaranth;
  • chocolate;
  • nuts;
  • dried fruits.

Separately, it is worth to highlight polished amaranth cereals called HomeSuperFood. It differs in that it does not have such components as:

  • sugar;
  • fructose;
  • modified additives;
  • palm oils;
  • glucose syrup;
  • and other ingredients that may be harmful to health.

As noted by Andrei Sazonovsky, his company’s products do not apply to products of the low price segment, but they also do not belong to the premium segment.

As a comparison, it should be noted that half a kilogram of polished amaranth cereal Healthy Generation in supermarkets will cost about 60 hryvnia. While the same amount of quinoa (associated with amaranth culture) will cost consumers already 100 hryvnia.

Production capacity of the company Healthy Generation
Almost all of the listed product range is manufactured at its own production facilities. The entrepreneur does not say exactly how much money was invested in the creation and development of the company. However, notes that the company has installed Ukrainian equipment.

Due to this, it was possible to build a modern, powerful workshop two times cheaper than if foreign equipment was used. Ukrainian equipment is high quality, meets all standards.

Certain types of products are manufactured according to the outsourcing scheme at other enterprises with which a contract has been concluded, and whose capacities allow producing high-quality products for healthy nutrition.

Production of gluten-free pasta is organized in other enterprises. Since the usual products containing gluten, and those in which gluten is not, must necessarily be made on different lines. However, Healthy Generation experts have left behind a process:

  • raw material selection;
  • his training;
  • and final quality control of products.

Purchase of amaranth raw materials is carried out only from reliable suppliers. They were found helped by the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers.

As noted by Andrei Sazonovsky, thus managed to create a kind of closed loop within the association itself:

  • some of its members grow amaranth;
  • the second part is recycling;
  • and the third is engaged in the production of final products.

But this cycle has its advantages. It is possible to fully control the products and maintain an acceptable cost.

By the way, according to the entrepreneur, the amaranth business, focused only on the cultivation of culture, is also quite profitable. So, in one hectare of arable area you need to invest about 10 thousand hryvnia. With an average yield of 2 tons of seeds per hectare. One ton is estimated in the market from 40 to 50 thousand hryvnias.

Not so simple, but the main thing – to work hard
The entrepreneur admits that the process of producing amaranth products was not as simple as he had thought at first.

In particular, the first batch of amaranth pasta had to literally be written off. She had poor quality due to poor manufacturing technology. As in the process of manufacturing the selected flour instantly oxidized.

Notes Andrei Sazonovsky and the fact that amaranth has its own special aroma and taste. For the untrained consumer, it seems too specific. Although you get used to the organoleptic qualities of amaranth products pretty quickly.

In addition, too small seeds require special processing conditions. Therefore, the creation of an optimal production technology had to work hard. As for the creation of its unique recipes.

On the way to success
The success of any business depends not only on product quality, but also on the ability to implement it correctly. Amarant products from Healthy Generation are sold on three “channels”:

  • in traditional supermarkets;
  • in specialized health food stores;
  • in online stores.

Andrei Sazonovsky pays great attention to the promotion of the products of his company. Although he admits that it is quite difficult – after all, few consumers know about his product. Yes, and representatives of retail outlets also unfamiliar with amaranth.

However, the entrepreneur does not give up. Strive to create in Ukraine a special culture of consumption of amaranth. Today, contracts have been concluded with large Ukrainian supermarket chains, including:

  • ATB;
  • Silpo;
  • Fozzy Group;
  • Novus.

That will contribute to the promotion of goods from amaranth. After all, the plant, as well as products from it, is characterized by a particular utility for the human body. This is confirmed by independent clinical trials.

Immediate plans for Healthy Generation

In perspective – expanding the range of products. In particular, formulations of fitness nutrition are being developed:

  • cocktails;
  • mixtures;
  • porridge;
  • chips;
  • sweets.

But to conquer abroad while there are no plans. There are offers to export products, but there is no point in starting export work from one or two random lots.


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