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Amaranth seeds are incredibly useful, help in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. They are used for cooking butter, flour, various dishes. However, relatively often consumers are faced with unscrupulous sellers offering low-quality products.

How to avoid buying damp, rotted and improperly stored seeds that are not only not able to benefit, but also can harm a person, we’ll talk in this article.

Depending on the variety
In our latitudes, it is customary to grow seeds of two varieties:

  • “Ultra”;
  • “Kharkiv – 1”.

Since it is these varieties prepared by biologists for growing in the conditions of the surrounding climate, they give excellent yield and are characterized by ecological purity.

Note. There are often cases of sale of amaranth grain at a low price. There is an opinion – common to experienced experts in the field of growing amaranth – that such grains are imported from abroad and are a genetically modified product. Therefore, they are not recommended for use as a therapeutic or prophylactic product. The desired effect is not achieved accurately, in addition, there is a risk of undesirable consequences.

Therefore, before buying amaranth seeds, make sure that they belong to one of the two varieties listed above. This information must be present on the packaging.

Depending on the quality of packaging
Naturally, it is not only about being colorful, bright and made from expensive paper or other expensive material. Packaging material may not be the most expensive, but the following information must be on the package:

  • manufacturer;
  • manufacturer’s address and contact details;
  • mass or volume of the product;
  • production date and shelf life;
  • composition;
  • storage conditions;
  • recommendations for use or limitations, if any.

Only in this case, we can say that the product is released by a responsible manufacturer, worrying about its reputation, and therefore offering only a quality product.

Depending on the amount of litter in the seeds
If there is a lot of rubbish in the grain, the husk is a reason to think about its quality. So, on sale there are grains sifting amaranth seeds of purification. Usually, if the product is of high quality and the manufacturer is responsible, the level of purification reaches 98-99%. The fact is that it is almost impossible to achieve a 100% cleaning level, because all the same, at least one or two husks will get into the final product.

It should be noted that good, high-quality, genuine grain cannot be cheap also due to the fact that cleaning of litter is quite a laborious process, requiring investments and costs, both labor and temporary, financial.

Note. In addition, manual methods of cleaning grain are often used – even more labor-intensive and costly.

That is why the level of cleaning in the most direct way affects the price. Of course, if you meet an inexpensive product, this does not mean that it is fake, incorrectly stored or genetically modified.

There is a possibility that it is simply not properly cleaned from litter. You can buy it for the sake of economy, but remember that you will not be able to achieve the required level of purification of amaranth grain yourself.

Depending on the quality of germination
Unfortunately, this method allows to determine the authenticity and quality of grain after you have purchased the seeds.

Note. However, it will be effective if you find a regular supplier from which you can buy small volumes at a relatively low price. In this case, you can purchase a small batch of amaranth seeds and test their quality.

The essence of the method is simply to germinate the seeds yourself. As practice shows, high-quality, good amaranth seeds germinate in about 90% of cases. That is, out of 100 seeds sprouts will give about 90!

By the way, this method will be useful for those who buy seeds not for treatment or prophylaxis, but for cultivation. A good germination rate indicates that the grains are alive, and therefore they can be sown safely, hoping for high yields. Amaranth seeds

Usually, manufacturers give germination data, but their numbers can only be believed if you are sure that the company really grows the plant itself, collects the grain, and then sells it.

If we are talking about dealers, then they better not to trust. Interesting, but the best result for germination is shown by those seeds that are grown by private amateur gardeners, fans of the miraculous amaranth plant.

Only organic product!
We add that in the core market, the seeds with organic labeling are relatively common. This type of product includes grains that are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

There is also another requirement for organic products – their preparation, processing and cleaning.

There is also another requirement for organic products – its preparation, processing and cleaning should be carried out without all the same chemical agents, high temperature exposure, capable of making the grains “dead.”

Note. Naturally, this method of growing and harvesting seeds is quite laborious, which ultimately affects the price of the product.

Information about whether the product is organic or not is indicated on the label.

Do not buy meal!
And, completing the story of how to choose amaranth seeds and purchase a really high-quality product, we add that some sellers offer their customers an amaranth meal, claiming that these are the same seeds and trustingly looking into their eyes.

However, they are cunning. Yes, meal is the same amaranth seeds, but with one exception! They have already been used to produce amaranth oil by cold-pressing, that is, in fact, nothing useful in the meal remained. And as if the sellers did not convince you to get the meal, you should not do it, because you just throw away money to the wind.

Note. Meal can be used for cooking, baking, for feeding animals, but for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes it is better not to use it, because there will be no effect. Although, for example, the same pastry is obtained from it is very tasty!

Quality amaranth seeds How to choose amaranth seeds: summing up
We told you what to consider when choosing amaranth seeds. We are confident that our information will be useful to you and you will not make mistakes with the purchase of this product.

If you want to be 100% sure that you are purchasing quality, properly stored and environmentally friendly, organic amaranth seeds, buy them on our website in a special section!

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