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A letter from one of the readers and fans of amaranth has come to the postal address of our site. In response to the article, How best to preserve the harvest of amaranth, she shared her experience of collecting and storing the leaves of this plant. Unfortunately, she asked her name not to be called. But we are happy to share its material. Only a little tweaking it, taking into account the peculiarities of publishing articles on Internet sites.

Amaranth leaves collection and storage rules: personal experience
I have been growing amaranth in my summer cottage for several years. I love its taste very much; I add leaves all summer and early autumn to salads, soups, borscht. It is clear that the question itself arose how to prepare the leaves for the winter, so that in the cold season to taste the unusual taste of amaranth. And the body, support immunity.

How to harvest vratyamant in the country
Amaranth dried leaves are great for making infusions and teas. You can use all parts – leaves, stems, inflorescences. Drying can be performed, both separately listed parts, and the entire plant as a whole.

Harvest time depends directly on how the plant will be dried. Leaves can be collected the entire period of growth of amaranth. It is best to cut large leaves from the bottom of the trunk.

If you want to dry the entire trunk with leaves and buds, it is recommended to dig the plant along with the root when the stem height is above 25 centimeters. But the inflorescences are collected separately when the peak of amaranth blossoms begins, but before the grains begin to ripen.

There are two ways to prepare the harvest for storage:

  • dry;
  • to freeze.

Both the first and second methods are good in that they allow you to preserve the beneficial properties of the plant.

How to dry amaranth: rules and recommendations
If shrinkage is natural, then all parts should be laid out separately. Before drying, the leaves wash well under running water, and then be sure to carefully shake off the water drops from them. Then there are two ways:

  • cut and spread on paper in a dark ventilated place without mice and other pests;
  • bundled and hung in the attic.

It is important that the leaves have enough “space”. Therefore, bundles do not need to hang too tight, and the leaves are laid too tightly to each other.

If we are talking about drying the whole amaranth, then it is simply hung at the root, along with the leaves and buds, from the ceiling. Again in a dark place or in the attic. When the plant is completely dried, it is crushed, not divided into separate components. It turns out great amaranth mixture. Although it is possible that the inflorescences are separated and crushed into separate packets.

How to store dried amaranth
Best dried amaranth grind. I do it in a regular coffee grinder. So it will be best kept and preserve its properties. It turns out not just a mixture, but even a powder. I add it to almost all dishes:

  • in soups;
  • in a smoothie;
  • in tea;
  • in salads;
  • in seasoning.

In general, in all that I cook. Somewhere I will add more, somewhere a little less. Differently.

For storage, I take glass jars with a tight lid or small fabric bags. I hang the bags and put the jars in the closet.

By the way, a stem with leaves and an inflorescence just hung by the root can be stored for quite a while. It is not necessary to grind it immediately after it dries. You can do this only then, as the previously harvested mixture of amaranth will end.

Amaranth freezing
This method of preparation allows you to fully preserve the natural shade of the leaves. You can only freeze the whole or cut into pieces. In order to freeze them, no need to boil or dry the herbs. I just pack them in a bag and lay them on the bottom shelf of the freezer.

How to use dried amaranth
You can apply it in different ways. I wrote above that I would add to all kinds of food that I cook in winter. The most common method is to make tea from dried blends. There are several recipes for such amaranth tea that I like the most.

When brewing tea, be sure to add some honey and a slice of lemon. It turns out delicious. You can also throw dried rose hips, hawthorn, raspberry leaves. It also becomes tasty and healthy.

It is best to brew such tea not in a regular kettle, but in a thermos. There he literally gets worn out, and then insists. For full-fledged infusion, it takes from three hours to a day. It is clear that the longer it stays, the palpable the taste will be. Although there is no need to overdo it, because slight bitterness may appear. I would not say that it is unpleasant. Although it is honey that helps to get rid of bitterness when insisting, so it should be added immediately.

To whom amaranth tea is useful
Amaranth tea is a good remedy for colds. It should be drunk at the first signs of disease. Tea will help to transfer the disease easier and get rid of it faster.

I read somewhere that amaranth tea is good even for pregnant women, because it contains a lot of folic acid. Such an acid protects the fetus. Helps in the normal formation of the nervous system of the child.

Amaranth infusions are also recommended for women to overcome various gynecological problems. And he helps in the treatment of heart disease, stomach.

Amaranth tea protects against worms
Amaranth teas are a good prevention of the appearance of parasites. To prevent worms, tea should be drunk on an empty stomach – one glass each. They say that even if you become infected with parasites, it is enough to drink such tea in the morning for several days to get rid of worms.

How to brew tea Dried 
The optimal proportions – 1-a large spoonful of the dried mixture for one cup of water. If you take less liquid than a glass, the tea will be too concentrated. It can be drunk, only in a tablespoon and only before eating, but the taste can be very sharp.

I use these methods to collect and store amaranth, to use it in cooking and infusions. Be healthy and drink delicious tea!

Instead of an afterword
We are in correspondence with our reader and she promised to share her experience on how to grow amaranth at the dacha. As soon as we have the letter, we will prepare and publish it.

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