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The products of the research and production company Amarant have taken a strong place in the Ukrainian market. The amaranth embryo oil produced by this company is in constant demand, and the cereals are recognized as the best specialists, those who cultivate amaranth themselves, and have been working in this field for years. By the way, the oil from the embryo amaranth is not yet done by anyone else. But what has been achieved is only a part of the realization of serious plans.

The key to success is a serious attitude.

It is the serious attitude to the case that Andrey Shvedov, Chief Director of Amaranth NPK, considers.
– The main policy of the company – regardless of whether we make cosmetics, cereals, flakes, oils, and so on – is extremely serious about compliance with the technological process.
– The technology you have developed?
– Yes, all technology is developed by us. Once again I say, regardless of whether we make butter, gel from burns or grits, the basis is quality. If I can plaster my child with this or give it to him, then any mother, any father can do it. This is the family approach.

Thanks to such a family approach, the company has launched production of several types of products, and you can be convinced of this just now by clicking on the link, which you are always ready to offer in NPK Amaranth

The components of high quality products
Indeed, the products of the brand “Shvedov” (Shvedov) are of high quality. An important condition for its achievement is high-quality raw materials, that is, grain.
– We do not grow amaranth. We buy grain, and the grain is exclusively organic. The second year we have only organic.
– Take the grain only from large producers?
– At different. This year we took in western Ukraine: the guys grow good amaranth. Something is being finalized. And again: today, it’s not so easy for us to lay grain in stock in the stocks. There is controlled humidity, work devices that remove humidity in the room. We always maintain the condition of the raw materials in a prepared, good form.
– Do you buy grain for the future?
– Yes. There is a problem with this, there is always not enough grain. But I think that this year, thanks to the Association, it will already be enough.
– Do you contact the manufacturers through the Association or are they finding you?
– We work exclusively through the Association. We trust agronomists, their knowledge. If someone calls on his own and says that he would like to sell the grain, grow it for you, I say: “here is the Amaranth Association, please contact, get advice on cultivation and make a decision whether you can, are you ready, and then, when you grow up, then we will talk about buying, processing. ” Therefore, I always send people who are engaged in agronomy, growing, growers to Alexander Duda (chairman of the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers).
-Do you accept amaranth for processing on a give-and-take basis?
– In the new season 2019-2020 there will be the first experience of such cooperation with manufacturers.
– And what are the terms of cooperation?
– Barter. We change amaranth seeds for finished products with the obligatory observance of quality indicators and proportionality of the products produced. For example, if you brought me 10 tons of amaranth varieties of Kharkiv variety with fat values ​​of 6 and squalene not lower than 6, then in return you will receive the same quality oil with the same indicators.
– If we talk about the shelf life of your products – oils, cereals, for example …
– Practice has shown that the year of cereals is stored with proper storage, and not even in the refrigerator. We have on arbitration storage samples are manufactured early last year. Nothing bad happened to them: nothing happened there, neither the smell has changed, nor the taste.
– Krupa not bitter?
– There is nothing bitter. As regards amaranth germ oil. Here we have been producing it for three full years. I have samples of three years ago, and they were just stored in the office, they were opened, nothing has changed. True, we didn’t do their analyzes, but nothing has changed in taste. But I can say for sure that if a person opens a bottle of amaranth oil, drinks it and keeps it in the fridge, then there is nothing to fear.
– That is, the oil in the refrigerator does not lose its properties, does not brighten?
– No. If it is, of course, in closed form. Squalene can, of course, gradually come out. Therefore, we recommend oil for 30 days to use. But if someone found a closed bottle of amaranth oil in a year, believe me, nothing has changed.
– What percentage of squalene in oil, in the croup is?
– There is no squalene in the croup. In order for any grain to be preserved, it is necessary to pick up oil from it. We take almost all the oil (there is oil in the balance of 02-01 percent), so it’s wrong to say that there is squalene in the croup. If someone has it, the product will deteriorate faster.

Looking back at the beginning of the journey to amaranth products.

The production of amaranth embryo oil by brothers Andrew and Sergey Shvedov began with a deep study of the topic, with questions following the pattern “what was, what is and what will be.” Andrey Shvedov himself says:
–We since 1996 with my brother we have been engaged in the manufacture and reconstruction of mill complexes. It was interesting to us, and more than 20 years ago we gave equipment that produces flour, and based on this knowledge, we began to look for options on how to extract oil from amaranth germs.
– Why amaranth?
– There was some kind of transmission, and there they told me how amazing this plant is. We looked at its core, at the structure, at the rest of the data, and decided that we could take the embryos from there. We drew drawings, started making equipment …

Today, take any product, put it next to the amaranth – according to microelements, according to usefulness, then amaranth is equal or better.
– I used to see your investment project on the Internet, in my opinion, – you invited investors …
– Yes, the topic is still relevant.
– You do not invest yourself?
– The things that could be invested have already been invested, everything works. Now there are new projects, financially capacious, promising. They must be financed, and with the help of new investors.

In the future – the embodiment of new projects

New projects NPK “Amaranth” is always designed for the long term, not only what is needed here and now, but also what will benefit both today and tomorrow.
– Today is a very hot topic of amaranth green mass extraction. This will result in the manufacture of premixes for the addition of powder for feeding poultry and cattle.
– That is, already fodder production?
– Yes, additive for feed from amaranth leaf.
– Can we say that the plans – processing of amaranth completely?
– Yes, of course.

The second interesting project with which you can work now. A hydrophilic gel has been developed to saturate wipes, which can later be used to prevent sunburn, any form of burns, and treat burns. We need to supply equipment, we have a formula, we have packed napkins. These are napkins impregnated with a hydrophilic substance based on amaranth oil. They effectively relieve pain from burns. Amaranth oil also helps with burns, but we added ingredients to better relieve pain.
– Formula, the recipe of the funds themselves are developing?
– Yes.

In the future, the company implementation of plans, the launch of new projects. Some of them are associated with contract manufacturing, such as the production of cosmetics based on amaranth oil. There are topics that require continuation.
– We couldn’t put an elevator to get an amaranth this year. The topic is still alive, there is an investment proposal on my table. There, the amount of investment is almost three million euros. A serious project, I have it registered in the format of the investment proposal – an extended feasibility study with a description.

And more about the projects. Today we are working on a project that, I hope, will be powerful – the study of amaranth thrown back from the point of view of treating skin diseases and especially psoriasis. There are already very good results for psoriasis and dermatitis.

– You yourself, how do you use it in your family?
– In liquid form. I mix in a liter bottle of 800 grams of amaranth and 200 grams of black cumin oil. He opened the refrigerator, drank a sip of this oil, and so every morning.

– Do you, as commodity producers, see your own competitors in the Ukrainian market?
– If the market is divided into two parts – official and underground, then in the official market I see promising teams. As for the illegal market, the fake market, this is a very serious issue that needs to be raised both at the Association level, at the ministerial level, and in health care. Fakes destroy people in reality, and if they do not destroy, they take away the last hope for recovery.
– What could you say to beginners, people who are going to master the production associated with amaranth?
– Do not be afraid of anything. We already have enough knowledge accumulated, I mean, and the Association, and 10-15 companies that are willingly sharing knowledge and everything. It is clear that nobody can reveal their technology secrets, but they are always ready to help. Young people no longer need to beat the legs and heads on the shoals, as we did. Although let them stuffed.
– Is your own experience better?
– Of course. If we were guided only by the experience of 2010, when we started to do this, study, if we were guided only by the knowledge of the Voronezh Institute, where amaranth was seriously studied, then today we would not be where we are. If only half were known, half would not be real.

The Amaranth projects are successful, the products are trusted and in demand, but at the same time Andrey Shvedov emphasizes: amaranth is not a panacea for all ills, and in no case should you cancel a doctor’s prescription. This, according to Shvedov, is the only method that will help fight against fraud.


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