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Amaranth grains are excellent raw materials for good dietary nutrition. After all, they are saturated with a variety of beneficial micronutrients and vitamins that will ensure your excellent health and well-being.

There are several ways to use these seeds. On some, we may have already written earlier. However, this article combines the most rational methods of how to use amaranth grains to get the maximum possible effect from them.

About amaranth seeds in brief
What makes the grain of this plant the best ingredient for cooking? First, the high content of fibers – there are up to 15%. Secondly, the highest content of vegetable protein is up to 14%. How to use amaranth grains

In addition, the seeds contain:

  • lysine;
  • various amino acids;
  • calcium.

However, the main value of seeds is that there is no gluten and a very low glycemic index. In addition, they are great for people who suffer from various abdominal ailments or diabetes.

It is recommended to buy amaranth and those whose children are forced to follow a certain diet.

Note. Amaranth seeds are recommended for those who want to lose weight, watching their figure. They will be irreplaceable in the diet of athletes, people exposed to increased physical exertion.

In recent years, amaranth gradually began to gain popularity. Although still few people know exactly how to cook and eat its grains. We will talk about this below.

How to use amaranth grain: cooking porridge
The report of the Institute of Medicine states that amaranth seeds are one of the components of a healthy diet. Grains can be served as a separately prepared dish in the form of porridge, and as an addition to other dishes.

Note! Seeds will be an excellent alternative to rice or traditional pasta.

Rice substitute
To prepare seeds in this situation, you will need:

  • three cups of water for each glass of seeds;
  • stew cereal should be in a closed pan for twenty minutes;
  • during this time all the water should evaporate;
  • the seeds will be soft.

Note! If you want to add rice with amaranth, then simply fry the seeds in oil and add to the rice.

Instead of couscous, risotto or baking
This is due to the fact that the structure of the seeds is quite similar to the products listed above. However, in order to preserve it as much as possible, use little water when cooking.

There are other features of the use of seeds.

For example, seeds can be added to whole grain baking, which improves its taste. And if you add seeds to bread dough, you can get a delicious texture bread!
If you decide to use flour from amaranth seeds for making bread, then it should be between 5 and 30% in total, but the water needs a little more than indicated in your recipe, focused only on wheat flour.
Tip! If you want to thicken your soup, as well as give it a unique taste, add a little bit of amaranth flour.

Instead of oatmeal
Oatmeal has long been the main breakfast for many of our compatriots. If you are already a bit tired of it, try to vary your morning meal with amaranth porridge.

Boil the grain must be on low heat. And after preparation, add to them:

  • fruits;
  • berries;
  • nuts;
  • spice;
  • some honey.

Depending on their preferences and the availability of certain additives in the house.

How to use amaranth grains: cooking delicious desserts
Pleasant, soft, slightly nutty flavor of amaranth is ideal for making desserts:

  • It is very easy to indulge yourself with amaranth pudding – for this, find the recipe for this rice dish, only replace it with amaranth grains;
  • Flour is ideal for making gluten-free biscuits – and prepare it just like any other biscuit that you love, but use amaranth instead of wheat flour;
  • a few seeds in any cookie will make it crunchy and give a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

Note! Amaranth flour can be safely used in any baking. Just replace it with a portion of wheat flour – up to 30%. And add a little more water, because such flour absorbs much more liquid.

How to use amaranth grains: tasty and healthy snacks
Want to maintain your weight, figure? “Sit” on diets? Then you just vital amaranth snacks. They will provide you with the necessary set of vitamins and microelements.

In addition, snacks such snacks will help to wait for the next reception, but will not lead to the formation of extra pounds on the sides.

Note! This product is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates. And because it is great for a variety of snacks.

From his seeds make magnificent puffs or snacks. And you can cook a delicious replacement for traditional popcorn:

  • preheat pan;
  • sprinkle a couple of tablespoons on it;
  • constantly stir the seeds;
  • wait until they all explode;
  • pour in a plate.

This kind of popcorn should be slightly sprinkled with honey, taper with cinnamon and you get an excellent sweet snack.

Note! It is also recommended to add amaranth to various cocktails. It will give them a special nutty aftertaste and make the structure more dense. And also increase the ultimate nutritional value.

How to use amaranth grain: and two more tips
Council first. If you have never tried anything prepared from amaranth, you should not immediately buy a large batch of seeds. After all, they still have a somewhat unusual taste. Therefore, you should first buy some amaranth, taste it, try it in different dishes – this will allow you to understand how you like it most.

Note! In principle, even if for the first time the taste of amaranth does not seem to you to be too pleasant, there is nothing wrong with that. You quickly get used to the aftertaste. In this, amaranth is somewhat similar to olives – the first time they are also very few people like.

Council of the second. Before using the seeds to cook one or another dish, it is recommended to sift them through a fine mesh, rinse and dry.

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