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We women, strange creatures – we sweep away some of the new products from the shelves, while others are treated with extreme caution. Hydrophilic oil can be safely attributed to the category of second products. It turns out that it has been in the arsenal of professional cosmetologists for several decades. But only relatively recently it became popular among beautiful ladies who watch their skin.

Oil from DR.SHEBERG +
Today, many companies produce hydrophilic oil. Among them are products of different price categories. I, like many women, was interested in trying this product. But among all brands I appreciated the hydrophilic oil DR.SHEBERG +, which I managed to try on myself at the beginning of the summer – that tube is still not fully used up and I am slightly saddened to see that the oil is running out of it.

Why? Because it is the best of all that I have tried. In addition, it is a domestic producer, which included in the composition of the product many valuable plant components, including oil from amaranth seeds.

In general, what is hydrophilic oil and why is it so popular
To begin with, let’s figure out what hydrophilic oil is in general. So – this is a specialized tool that has the following purpose:

  • removes makeup;
  • cleanses the skin;
  • Washes away even deep pollution.

Note! For the ability to easily and effectively remove even the most persistent, tight makeup, “hydrophilic” makeup artists loved. And only then they shared their “secret” with average consumers.

Why is this oil, if there are other means
To begin with, it is erroneous to consider hydrophilic oil as an analogy of the foam for washing or micellar water. The last two drugs are not able to provide such a noticeable effect and can not cope with deep pollution.

In particular, hydrophilic oil is capable of:

  • remove persistent makeup;
  • eliminate dense creams;
  • restore the hydrolipidic balance of the skin;
  • reduce the invasiveness of sensitive skin while removing makeup.

So the best products are Asian, but they are very expensive.
You have the right to appeal this statement. Because it is true, but only its second part. Asian cosmetics are really very expensive. But there are modern analogues that, at least, are not inferior to Asian cosmetics.

By the way! Hydrophilic oil was not created by Asian developers, but by German specialist M. Babor, who specialized in pharmacy cosmetics. He patented this decision back in 1955. And only a few years later one of the makeup artists of Japanese origin created his own line of “hydrophilic”.

Therefore, you should not look only at the country of origin. There are a number of other aspects to consider. Among which the composition of cosmetics and consumer reviews.

Hydrophilic Oil from DR.SHEBERG +

I strongly recommend trying the hydrophilic oil from the domestic manufacturer DR.SHEBERG +. This is a new name in the cosmetic market, but, considering the quality of products, I can say that it will quickly gain popularity. Thanks to the fact that in the production of “hydrophilic” it uses a unique, unparalleled composition of ingredients.

Fairytale effect of amaranth seed oil
Having tried the hydrophilic oil from DR.SHEBERG + only once, I immediately realized that it would become my favorite cosmetic product. Without exaggerating, I can say that it really became No. 1 among all the products that I use. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the composition – this is organic raw materials:

  • black cumin;
  • milk thistle;
  • hemp;
  • amaranth embryos;
  • additionally saturated vegetable oil of crops grown by the organic method.

I will dwell separately on amaranth oil, which is part of the “hydrophilic” DR.SHEBERG +. It is obtained not just from ordinary seeds of a miraculous plant, but from the seeds of its seeds at the lowest possible temperatures during cold pressing! Which increases the value of the component of the cosmetic product.

In general, it should be noted that amaranth oil is incredibly useful if applied for cosmetic purposes. And all thanks to the unique composition is:

  • squalene;
  • Vitamin E
  • phytosterols;
  • saturated and unsaturated fatty acids;
  • minerals;
  • and much more.

They have a beneficial effect on the skin, nourish with oxygen, vitamins, counteract the appearance of wrinkles.

What can I tell you about the hydrophilic oil DR.SHEBERG +, as a consumer
If in one phrase – I am delighted! Pure truth. Girls, women – imagine your level of enthusiasm for your favorite cosmetics, multiplied three times! That’s exactly how I was inspired by DR.SHEBERG +!

I’ll start with the bottle. She is plastic. Tall but small in diameter. Therefore, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. She has a convenient and simple dispenser. Allows you to squeeze out oil literally drop by drop. Therefore, the product is consumed sparingly. Excess is not squeezed out.

The volume of the jar is enough for at least 2 months, but most likely more. Depends on usage. After applying it, my skin became:

  • tender;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • more smooth.

The color has changed slightly. As they say – the shade has become more natural.

Using oil is easy. It is applied to the skin without any problems, easily distributed on its surface. To do this, gently massage the skin.

Pleasant smell – natural. The level of cleaning is very high. I used different means. Including Korean, but it is hydrophilic oil from the promising brand DR.SHEBERG + that pleased me the most. No other remedy has given such an effect! Even when I am doing a skin massage to distribute the oil, I literally feel how it becomes cleaner.

How to use hydrophilic oil DR.SHEBERG +
There are a number of rules that must be followed when applying hydrophilic oil. Then the effect of it will be much greater.

Apply oil strictly on dry skin and with dry hands.
After applying, massage, distributing the product on the surface – from 3 to 4 minutes! Do not rush – the better you massage, the better cleaning you will achieve.
After massage, rinse skin with warm water.
Everything, dirt and makeup removed, your skin is fresh and young!
The oil will allow not only to remove pollution, but also to preserve youthful skin, prevent early wrinkle formation!

Therefore, if you are looking for quality cosmetics, I highly recommend products from DR.SHEBERG +! You will be pleased, like Cinderella, when the prince tried on her crystal slipper!

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