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The use of amaranth in livestock yields positive results, and this can be confirmed by many farmers who cultivate farm animals and poultry. However, today we turn to the experience of a specialist in a somewhat different field – veterinary medicine. In this case, we can talk about the experience gained by more than one person. A veterinarian due to circumstances can summarize many examples and situations he has seen.
When the properties of amaranth are studied “not by textbooks”

Dmitry Domashenko, now a veterinarian with experience of more than 20 years, received the first information about the properties of amaranth, helping parents around the house. Dmitry Domashenko relates in 1988 to the original acquaintance with this culture, to the period of his studies at school.

“We grew them ourselves, we used them ourselves for feeding animals,” says Dmitry. – But then there were no varieties that exist now. There were black-seeded varieties that gave dropas, and worked like weeds. Today there are varieties that the caramel does not give, and it is more convenient to work with them. Therefore, we – my parents and I – resumed this work in 2011.
The household of the Domashenko family was large enough. There were only about 40 pigs in it, and there were still cows, calves, and everyone needed to be provided with high-quality food that would not only give saturation, but also help to avoid diseases. Moreover, amaranth was used both as a green mass and in dry form. Since the household was large, the amaranth was grown in large volumes. This required the use of at least a simple technique.
– The chopper was. Dried amaranth just in the sun: spread out the plants in the yard. In winter, they got dry amaranth, steamed.
The fact that the animals such food was to taste, testified their reaction. As Dmitry recalls, when, for example, there was no amaranth in the cows feeders, the animals just roared, and when they received the right food, they ate with pleasure and continued to behave calmly. The use of amaranth in the household was also due to other circumstances.

– The father on the collective farm worked as a sports instructor at half-stakes, but both mother and father worked at the school and they did not receive grain in large quantities, like the rest of the collective farmers. To feed a large farm, bought food or harvested. Therefore, amaranth, as they say, saved: it replaced up to 50% of the grain.
About half of the dry ration of animals was amaranth (it was mixed with corn, barley, wheat). As a result, the weight gain increased, the quality of wool improved and the animals felt excellent, and the milkiness of the mother animals increased. There were even cases when sows fed not only their piglets, but also weakened ones, which are commonly called defective. When feeding animals with amaranth, their immunity increased markedly. Dmitry can not remember the case of animals receiving food with amaranth at home, ever sick.
On the importance of animal health from the consumer’s point of view

Good immunity in animals pleases not only farmers, producers of animal products. We will look at it from the other side, and therefore the next question to the veterinarian and entrepreneur Dmitry Domashenko will be natural.
– I, as a consumer, are worried when I take meat, is there antibiotics in this meat (especially poultry). As it became known, the use of amaranth makes it possible to do without antibiotics.
– It all depends on which method of growing birds was chosen. You can grow a bird for 1.5 months, and it will reach 3-4 kg, and you can grow up to the same weight for 9 months. Much depends on the type of feeding. Now we are testing formulations with the addition of amaranth, in which there are no antibiotics, acidulants and similar drugs.
We have our own system, in which, instead of these preparations, white clay and other simple materials are included, which make it possible to enrich the feed with additional microelements. In addition, we introduce such a drug as Amasan. The composition of this drug is amaranth oil, eucalyptus oil, and the active ingredient – silver ions. Zinc ions are also included. This is actually nanotechnology, when metals are dissolved to ions, and they have a maximum effect on microorganisms, on viruses, on hepatitis, thereby killing the harmful flora that enters the body with food. The drug affects the intestinal microflora and makes it possible to develop beneficial bacteria. This all happens on the background of a balanced diet. A balanced diet today is impossible without the use of high-protein products, such as soybean cake, sunflower oilcake. Amaranth cake is added.
Since it is estimated that more than 90% of soy is modified, it cannot be said that this product will be non-GMO. However, it is not as harmful as additives in the form of antibiotics, preservatives and other special preparations that are introduced to suppress harmful microflora.

– “We develop” – who is it?
– I and my colleagues from the State Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicines and Feed Additives, and all those involved in the implementation of this, that is, the production team.
– You at the workshop on the cultivation of amaranth talked about the drug, which helps to disinfect the premises and food …
– This is Amasan. This is a complex drug, and it comes in two versions. One is a feed additive, which can be introduced into the feed, disinfect the grain with it. In the future, this drug can be used as a silage additive – in the process of ensiling it is amaranth. Why did the need arise? Because the high humidity of amaranth green mass contributes to the development of painful microflora in amaranth silo itself. This microflora must be overcome and allowed to develop a useful microflora. The second option is a disinfectant. The main active ingredients are the same there, only the fillers are different, because they are different for fodder production and for disinfection. This preparation is suitable for the treatment of premises for poultry, and disinfection can be carried out in the presence of poultry, because it does not harm health. As a result, within 7 days, the growth of all pathogenic bacteria on the litter, on drinking troughs, that is, in the environment where birds and animals are growing, stops. Thus, bacteriological load on an organism decreases, and conditions for its correct formation are created.
Farmers are already using this drug: they are treated with premises, bedding, sheds, poultry houses, barns, public toilets, garbage cans. It is noticed that, for example, flies and mosquitoes in the territory where animals or birds are found, become smaller, since the insect larvae are destroyed at the initial stage of development. And this feature is very important especially in the summer, and solving the problem with the help of pesticides is difficult and dangerous.
About other useful products and products for animals

The production team of Dmitry Domashenko works not only on the creation of preparations for animals. Currently, work is underway to create a kind of amaranth corn sticks. The novelty will be aimed at ensuring that the feed is better absorbed. It is based on technology, when using the equipment the shell is removed from the grain, the feed becomes more bioavailable.
Work is also underway to establish the manufacture of pet food – hamsters, rabbits and other rodents. While working out the optimal recipe. A multivitamin supplement based on amaranth oil is also known: this product is intended for the care of dogs. In addition, the cat litter is produced, and its composition contains the disinfecting drug Amasan.
So that farmers could avoid possible mistakes when using amaranth, using preparations based on it, drawing up a balanced diet for animals, Domashenko and his colleagues are always ready to give the necessary advice.

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