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The offseason is a difficult period for the body. Therefore, it is important to carry out prevention during this period. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle prefer to do it with cold-pressed amaranth oil. It is considered the most expensive, but also the most valuable to the body. This product, according to consumers, can really help to recover after winter and any season, as well as provide the body with the necessary supply of all nutrients, make the transition from one season to another more comfortable.


What changes in the body indicate the need for support?

It is always difficult for the body to reorganize during the transition from
one season to another. Due to stress caused by bad weather, “wrong” time, depression often occurs, drowsiness is noted. This indicates a lack of oxygen, and the sooner it is replenished, the softer the adaptation will be.


Each off-season period has its own characteristics. For example, on the eve of winter, the body accumulates fat reserves, and after it does not rush to get rid of them. Often there is a feeling of hunger and the desire to “eat something”, and this invariably leads to problems with digestion and the digestive tract. During the winter period, a lot of slags accumulate in the body, as by-products of the consumption of fatty foods.


In order not to overload the body with fats and clean it, it is recommended to inject more vitamin D as a strong antioxidant into the body, and we also need Omega-3 acids, fiber, vitamins E and group B. Therefore, it is natural that there is a desire to replenish the body’s stores with useful substances. Their action will help strengthen the immune system and recover. You can get the necessary substances in different ways, but it is better to do this with the help of natural products, among which an important place is given to high-quality amaranth oil.


What do we value amaranth oil for?


To understand why many prefer cold-pressed amaranth oil, it makes sense to consider which substances dominate and are the most significant in it. But first, a few words, why it is better to give preference to the product obtained by pressing crushed amaranth grain. The undeniable advantage of this oil is that it retains the beneficial properties of the raw material itself. In other words, all the healing properties of amaranth, known as the “Golden grain of God”, “the food of the gods”, are preserved in this cold-pressed oil, and its depiction was a symbol of immortality. Today, only cold pressed oil can be considered natural 100% amaranth oil.


It is the cold-pressed method that provides amaranth oil with a high percentage of squalene. It is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon that, in order to achieve balance, captures the missing atoms from any source, primarily from water. At the same time, oxygen is released, which enters the cells and provides them with respiration. Squalene easily passes through cellular membranes and is actively working, doing a great health work:
• contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body;
• reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood,
• prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
• helps prevent heart attack;
• stops the development of tumors;
• strengthens local and general immunity.


For many years, shark liver was considered the richest source of squalene (1%), but as it turned out, it is almost 8 times more in amaranth oil. It should also be recognized that this compound is present in other vegetable oils, among which olive can be considered a relative leader: it contains 0.7% squalene. But this is very little when compared with amaranth, where the content of squalene is up to 8%.


Amaranth oil is also rich in other beneficial substances. It:
• vitamins E, D;
• fatty acid;
• phytosterols;
• carotenoids;
• styrene;
• phospholipids;
• magnesium;
• potassium;
• phosphorus;
• copper;
• calcium;
• iron.
Such a rich set helps the body to recover, and this is especially important after the season when there is not enough sun and vitamins. It is also necessary to make reserves before possible new tests.


What problems and how to take amaranth oil?


Note that amaranth oil helps to cope with problems such as dermatitis and skin injuries. This happens due to the action of squalene, vitamin E, linoleic acid and magnesium, since they have a bactericidal, wound-healing, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect on damaged tissues.

Due to the high concentration of substances that can stop inflammation in the internal organs, amaranth oil is recommended for diseases of the digestive tract. The microelements contained in the product envelop the mucous membrane, have a wound-healing effect and protect the internal organs from the effects of toxic compounds. Therefore, the help of amaranth oil is noticeable in diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis.


Phospholipids, phytosterols and squalene help to improve lipid metabolism and normalize the amount of glucose in the blood. The properties of these components of amaranth oil are always felt by people with such problems as type II diabetes and obesity.


Useful amino acids and minerals contained in amaranth oil contribute to the regulation of heart rhythm, give strength and elasticity to the heart muscles. Therefore, people diagnosed with hypertension, angina pectoris, varicose veins, coronary heart disease, or once suffered a stroke or heart attack, take a course of amaranth oil every autumn and spring to improve their health. It is proved that this product has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and circulatory system, prevents inflammation, reduces the risk of blood clots, promotes the expansion of blood vessels and strengthen their walls.


To prevent the occurrence of these and other diseases, it is recommended to take amaranth oil 1 teaspoon during each meal. The improving or preventive course is carried out usually within a month. For medicinal purposes, amaranth oil is recommended to take 1 teaspoon once a day, 30 minutes before a meal, and so for 15-20 days. But in this case it is better to consult a doctor who can adjust the dose and frequency of oil intake, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body.


Objectively, according to consumer reviews

effectiveness of amaranth amaranth oil in cardiovascular problems
It is believed that on the basis of the reviews you can give an objective assessment of the product or service. Regarding amaranth oil, we see from the consumers first mistrust, and then – surprise at the results achieved, enthusiasm, the desire to share their experiences. The latter concerns, in particular, the dosage. So, some have achieved an excellent result, taking inside on an empty stomach in the morning for 1 tablespoon. In this case, we are talking about solving serious problems with the hormonal background, and, as noted, “the effect is noticeable.” And this happened “for the first time in a long time, without the use of hormonal preparations, only on this oil.” At the same time, the oil itself is “not too fat, rather light”.


A lot of enthusiastic feedback also applies to the use of amaranth oil for cardiovascular problems, especially in the elderly. In particular, it is noted that if earlier the heart was “burning”, then after taking a course of amaranth oil “you can sleep on your left side”.


Taking amaranth oil for health purposes, consumers also note positive changes: “hair falls out less, always a good mood, the skin does not overdry.” Having noticed positive changes, many people continue to use amaranth oil, but already in salads, cereals.


The effectiveness of amaranth oil is noted when applied externally. For example, it is argued that the oil helps with the common cold and any external problems: “they burned the burn – it really helped, healed quickly”, “if you often lubricate the outlined pimple during the day, then the second day passes and the skin becomes clean”. Owners of oily skin note that this oil is ideal for them. It is also practiced to add amaranth oil to the cream, milk for the body, as well as to the means for massage from cellulite. Apply this oil and to restore the structure of nails and hair. It is noted that “even with none of this oil was not. In a relatively short time, the skin is already healthy! ”


We also note that many consumers consulted a doctor before using amaranth oil inside.

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