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Amaranth harvesting is not the final stage of preparing raw materials for processing. After that, the seeds should be dried and peeled. Currently, Ukraine has one drying and cleaning center – it is located in the city of Dnepr. But already in 2019 two new enterprises will be opened – one in the city of Nikolaev, and the second in the Kiev region.

Such information with reference to the head of the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Products Manufacturers Alexander Dudu is provided by the agro-industrial portal

As Alexander Duda tells, farmers who decide to cultivate amaranth, it is extremely important to properly assess their capabilities. In particular, we are talking about the presence of specialized equipment, which allows: processing of amaranth

  • sow amaranth seeds;
  • collect amaranth seeds.

So, the first important technical element is a planter – 45 or 70 centimeters. It should be adapted for sowing small, light seeds. According to Alexander Duda, the following drills are best suited for such purposes:

  • vegetable;
  • grain grass;
  • tilled

He marks the following models and brands – Maple, Vesta 8 Profi.

In addition to the seeders, you need to have the following equipment in the arsenal of agricultural machinery:

  • cultivator;
  • a sprayer, by means of which biological growth activators and biological preparations will be applied to crops to protect amaranth against weeds and pests;
  • harrows eliminating weeds in a row.

Although, according to Alexander Duda, manual weeding of crops is possible, if there are human resources for its implementation.

Special attention is paid to amaranth harvesting equipment. This will require a specialized header. Ideally, with a rapeseed table. So you can significantly reduce the likely loss.

According to the head of the Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers Alexander Duda, amaranth is harvested in the United States of America through reapers for sunflower. However, this method is not accepted in Ukraine.

Why is amaranth becoming more and more popular and more and more Ukrainian farmers are trying to grow it? Everything is simple: according to Alexander Duda, the price of a ton of the harvest starts from 25 thousand hryvnia. If, of course, the seeds meet the standards: humidity – 10%, and debris – 3%.

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