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It is not difficult to become beautiful.

And turn life into a fairy tale.

Where to begin? – From myself, my love …

Or rather, with a chic mask.

Do not give dry, tired skin

Become flabby and fade away

Capable (and it will help!)

From amaranth oil.

Two teaspoons of ether,

Yolk, some honey –

The recipe for such an elixir

Gave nature itself!

Wait 15 minutes

Giving a means to manifest.

Then rinse your face.

Well, how can you not fall in love ?!

But stop early!

There is a further procedure:

Amaranth leaf decoction

Save the hair.

Three spoons of crushed leaves

You pour boiling water.

Let stand. Want a cup of tea?

Stop and have a drink.

Amaranth tea – find

Fulfill all desires.

Dare! You are almost pretty!

Charm itself!

There are options for the figure

To a decent summer meeting?

Of course! Only with amaranth

Useful diet.

Leaf pie, bread bread …

Recipes just mass!

Yes! Amaranth is magnanimous!

Plant for happiness!

It’s not hard to be beautiful,

Almost a diamond.

Where to start? – From myself, my love …

But only with amaranth!

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