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I want to immediately give an affirmative answer, and it will be very close to the truth. The basis are the reviews of many consumers, cosmetologists. How sustainable the effect will be depends on several factors, and in particular, on the regular use of anti-aging products based on amaranth oil. They are produced more and more in Ukraine and in European countries.

Deciding what we will fight
Immediately, we note that the best, based on the miraculous amaranth oil, anti-aging cosmetics is aimed only at correcting the changes that occur with the skin under the influence of time. Even high-quality products will not return youth, but they can slow down the aging process. Influencing the epidermis, they trigger a series of chain reactions, during which they affect the deeper layers of the skin, and as a result, the vital activity of the cells is increased, the level of collagen and elastin production increases. Thus, anti-aging cosmetics can slow down aging. But in order to successfully resist the destructive process, it is necessary to establish what caused it, since there are four types of skin aging: photoaging, hormonal, chronological, and myostaging.

In the first case, the process is caused by ultraviolet rays, when under their influence destructive changes occur in all layers of the skin. This is evidenced by excessive dryness of the skin, a decrease in turgor and elasticity, the appearance of fine superficial and deep wrinkles. The use of protective agents is certainly necessary, but in this case you should also take care of high-quality products after sunburn: they will moisturize, tone up the skin and relieve inflammation. Here again you can pay attention to the funds based on amaranth oil or the product itself.

Hormonal aging usually begins after 45 years, and during this age period the sensitivity and dehydration of the skin increases, pigmentation and wrinkles appear, and the shape of the face changes. It requires an integrated approach. Cosmetologists recommend at this time to combine anti-aging cosmetics with drugs that can act on estrogen receptors to make skin cells work.

When we talk about chronological aging, we are talking about a natural biological process under the influence of time. Even high-quality cosmetology is not able to stop it, but it is possible to slow down the process. It is only necessary to respond in time to the manifestation of the process: reduction of skin elasticity, its dryness, exhaustion, the appearance of deep wrinkles, deformation of the facial contours, the appearance of spider veins, strong pigmentation. It also requires an integrated approach: skin care with the help of amaranth-based products should be combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Miostaging occurs as a result of the mobility of certain areas of the face, where the muscles are located closest to the skin: in the corners of the eyes, in the mouth, nose, on the forehead. In this case, we are talking about the appearance of mimic wrinkles, and they may appear as early as 20-25 years. Against them, you can successfully use high-quality cosmetic products based on amaranth oil, and their action will not yield to Botox injections.

Stop or slow down?
The peculiarity of anti-aging cosmetics is the presence of specific active ingredients. Among them:

  • vitamins;
  • antioxidant complexes;
  • collagen;
  • peptides;
  • hyaluronic acid.

All of them are present in large quantities in the composition of amaranth oil.

Reading the composition of any anti-aging remedies, we, first of all, look for the names of such components as hyaluronic acid and collagen, since they seem to be the most significant in this case to most of us. Among vitamins, we are accustomed to consider the most important C, and it is difficult to argue with that, since it is a powerful antioxidant. But vitamins of group B play an important role, and this is manifested not only when taken orally or applied intramuscularly as drugs. They are involved in the growth of cells, in energy exchange, in the muscles, strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to various diseases. But found another important feature of this group. As part of high-quality cosmetics, B vitamins help create a lifting effect.

Peptides, the effectiveness of which was discovered relatively recently, also deserve special attention. These substances not only affect the skin at the cell level, but also restore the level of collagen in them. However, they do not cause irritation and do not dry the skin, as, for example, happens when using retinol.

In the process of research and observations found that anti-aging cosmetics based on amaranth oil stimulate metabolic processes in cells, which slowed down. But it is important to understand that anti-aging cosmetics is not a cure for aging, and its main goal is to slow down the rate of age-related changes. In this case, cosmetologists warn that skin problems often have no relation to the passport age.

Care complexes with high efficiency
You can achieve noticeable results in the care of mature skin with the help of a complex of means, and the composition of many of them includes amaranth oil, as the most effective and hypoallergenic. There are many offers on the cosmetics market that are already in demand. One of them is Anti-Aging Oil Complex for fading skin. This tool is designed to restore the lipid barrier, to eliminate the peeling and dryness of the skin, to enhance the production of new collagen. The tool does not clog pores, but protects and rejuvenates the skin. Amaranth oil with a large amount of squalene and vitamin E, as well as other substances that are in the composition of this and other vegetable oils of the complex, helps to achieve this. The tool helps to reduce the effect of aging of the skin, improves cell regeneration and helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin. The complex is suitable for dry, faded and irritated skin.

We will find cosmetics on the market and such a product as Anti-aging cosmetics of the Amaranth line. This is a series of products where amaranth oil is the main and main ingredient.

Multivitamin concentrate for the eyelids strengthens the skin around the eyes, smoothes wrinkles, prevents the formation of new ones, and also removes puffiness and circles under the eyes.
Cream Lipofilling, refreshing nourishing, able to protect the skin from frosty and dry air. The tool helps to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, activates skin regeneration, provides its elasticity.
Get a steady lifting effect called Cream Lifting restore the elasticity of the skin. The product also gives a long-lasting sensation of softness, tenderness and elasticity, and contributes to intensive moisturizing of the skin.
Serum Formula Youth Corrective helps to reduce the visible age-related changes in the skin, evens out its tone and has a matting effect. The tool helps to improve the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, has a noticeable regenerating effect on mature skin, softens and perfectly nourishes and moisturizes it, and also improves blood circulation, relieves puffiness.
Aguavita serum intensive care is designed for skin care with the first signs of wilting, as well as for mature dehydrated skin with impaired hydrobalance. The tool smoothes and nourishes, improves skin breathing, helps to smooth its tone, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the integument.
COMPLEX DR.SHEBERG ANTI AGE deserves special attention. The series is produced by the Ukrainian company Amarant. As manufacturers say, this cosmetics quickly and permanently relieve all signs of aging skin, because it contains the maximum concentration of active ingredients and vitamins. It is produced using a unique squalene-based formula. The complex includes three powerful tools.

Night gel cream, which can be a worthy alternative to collagen injections. The tool contains squalene, timokhinon, collagen, biotin (B7), militia, super Omega (3, 6, 7, 9), vitamin E (Tocopherol), vitamins C.A. hyaluronic acid, cold-pressed oil amaranth, black cumin, macadamia. The gel works to increase the quantity and quality of collagen in the skin, triggers the mechanisms of cellular renewal, activates the synthesis of collagen.
Day Gel Cream with Scaphen and Hyaluronic Acid is rightly considered an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections. As noted in the description, the synthesis of hyaluronic acid is increased 4 times. Rich composition – squalene, hyaluronic acid, timokhinon,, biotin (B7), super omega (3,6,7,9), vitamin A, vitamin E (tocopherol) vitamin C, collagen, oil of cold-pressed amaranth, black caraway, macadamia – contributes to the achievement of a noticeable effect. As a result of using the product, you can reduce acne, reduce inflammation and swelling. In addition, the cream has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, accelerates the healing of skin lesions.
The complex also includes hydrophilic oil, providing deep cleansing of the skin. Its active ingredients are cold-pressed oils: hemp, milk thistle, amaranth, black cumin, as well as Polysorbate-80, vitamins A, E. As a result of their impact, the skin becomes smooth, prepared for deep moisture and not overdried.

As shown by the results of the study, which was attended by 1250 women from 30 to 70 years with different skin types, the effect can be obtained after 15 days of regular use of this cosmetic series. Depth of wrinkles is noticeably reduced, skin elasticity and elasticity improves. Users, including beauticians, note the soft texture and quick absorption of funds, “a pleasant feeling of comfort and freshness, like after visiting an expensive cosmetology salon.” I am also pleased with the pleasant aroma of natural ingredients that are part of.


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