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Amaranth oil is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and therefore it is so effective in the prevention and treatment of many ailments and diseases that reduce the quality of human life.

By production of this product two main methods are used:

  • auger spin;
  • extraction, i.e. extract

Each of these methods has its advantages, features of production. You can buy the oil obtained by this method on our website in a special section.

Features of auger spin
Shnekovy spinning involves the use of a special auger press. The pressed oil is immediately placed in glass bubbles – each individual manufacturer often develops a special design of the container to differ from other suppliers of oil. Cold-pressed guarantee oil

In the case of auger spin, cold and hot spin can be used. The first is carried out at normal, room temperature air. The second, hot, involves raising the temperature to 60 degrees, which improves the overall performance.

However, cold pressing is valued higher because it allows you to save more positive substances. Naturally, cold-pressed products are significantly higher.

Features of the choice of raw materials
Now consider how to get yourself amaranth oil, preparing it at home. Of course, it is not so easy to make it, but if you set yourself such a goal, carefully read our article – it describes one of the production options in detail.

High quality raw materials
It is extremely important to use raw materials, that is, amaranth grains, of high quality. Not all suppliers and manufacturers offer their customers such a grain – many do not even indicate the necessary information about it on the labels.

How should there be a quality raw material? Grain must: amaranth seeds

  • stored as required;
  • not have an unpleasant smell (it is characteristic of seeds with diaper rash and fungus);
  • properly packed;
  • do not have litter.

It is also important to have all the necessary information on the package:

  • manufacturer name;
  • contact details, including phone number;
  • production time and shelf life.

Council It is quite simple to determine the quality seeds – they are clean, have a pleasant and subtle nutty flavor.

Do not buy meal!
Some sellers claim that even the meal of this plant can be used for home production of amaranth oil. However, this is not the case, since the meal is obtained after pressing the grains, that is, there is practically nothing in it that could be squeezed out again or used to produce amaranth oil.

Note. Unscrupulous sellers can also sell meal under the guise of flour, not marking the packaging. After all, the meal is vaguely reminiscent of flour and it will be difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish these two products. Therefore, it is so important that the label on the flour packaging be sure to have all the information about the product and the manufacturer.

Important product for centenarians
Note that in the Middle Ages, amaranth was a widespread plant in our latitudes, and therefore people lived for quite a long time. Although at that time there were no methods for producing oil. People used amaranth, preparing bread from it, various flat cakes and other dishes.

However, Peter the First forbade the plant, and people everywhere switched to wheat, rye. What is reflected in the life expectancy, and longest in general is almost gone.

Since today the pace of life is too high, there is no time to cook products from amaranth to modern people, an excellent alternative to bread and flat cakes will be amaranth oil, made with your own hands from high-quality flour obtained from the seeds of the plant.

Production of amaranth oil at home
At home, it will be possible to obtain amaranth oil by an extraction method using for these purposes:

  • high-quality amaranth flour;
  • olive oil;
  • or sunflower oil.

For example, vegetable oil in the literal sense of the word pulls out amaranth oil from the flour.

Of course, the efficiency of the oil obtained will be lower than that of the oil obtained by the method of pressing, which is why we recommend buying a ready-made high-quality product – there is a separate page on this site.

However, if for some reason you cannot afford to buy ready-made oil or it needs too much for a full course of treatment, you can safely use the method described below.

Note. In the manufacture of oil at home, it is not at all necessary to trim the thick, and take the resulting product with it. In the end, entering the body, the flour will give the remaining nutrients in it, not selected during extraction into the oil.

How to make amaranth oil do it yourself: step by step instructions:
In principle, there is nothing difficult in this process. We have prepared for you a step by step instructions for cooking butter:

  • take one kilogram of quality seeds of a plant;
  • grind them in a coffee grinder step by step to make flour;
  • take a three-liter glass container;
  • pour a half liter of olive oil into it – it is best to take the oil of the first cold press;
  • sunflower oil is also suitable, but always cold pressed;
  • constantly stirring the oil, pour flour into it;
  • mixing is necessary in order to avoid lumps;
  • stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained;
  • cover the container with a plastic lid;
  • move the bottle to a dark place and store it for two to three weeks, occasionally stirring up the contents of the container.

Tip! So that the seeds are much easier to grind, it is recommended to slightly calcine them beforehand, fry in a conventional frying pan. By the way, this will give them an additional pleasant nutty aroma.

After two or three weeks, the oil is actually ready, it remains only to filter it, separating it from the flour (grounds) – for this:

  • take regular gauze;
  • fold it in four layers;
  • pour oil through it into a separate container;
  • gauze with the contents of a good squeeze.

Of course, more often than not all the oil is separated from the flour. Therefore, we recommend not to throw away the thick – oil can
use for external use, and take the flour inside.

If it turned out to squeeze the thick qualitatively, well, you can use dry cake for compresses. The main thing is to provide him with proper storage – for this you need:

  • place it in dark glassware;
  • put in the fridge.

Oilcake as compresses will be quite effective in treating diseases such as:

  • radiculitis;
  • rheumatism;
  • arthritis;
  • various ailments and skin lesions;
  • and many others.

Compress is simple to do – put the cake in cheesecloth, attach this peculiar bag to the sore spot, cover with cellophane on top, wrap a towel or scarf to warm it.

If it is important for you to get the highest quality amaranth oil, in this case you should purchase a cold pressed product – it is presented on our website in the catalog. Just go to the appropriate page, select the capacity of the required volume and make an order!

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