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Today is another unusual, but tasty and surprisingly healthy dish. It’s about the Mexican ranchero. Or, to make it clearer, this is an original Mexican dish with spices and amaranth.

After all, we are happy to cook meat in French, eat sushi in Japanese and crazy about pizza in Italian. So maybe it’s time to expand the horizons and try something unusual, but nutritious and tasty?

Why today I chose Mexican cuisine is difficult to say. But certainly not because of the nostalgia for the Wild Rose or the rich who are crying tears. Rather, the love of all Hispanic and Spanish. And so Mexico to this love went to the appendage. Although nice!

Have you ever cooked amaranth?
I think yes! If we are already on this site. By the way, some argue that the plant is very much like a quinoa. We will not argue – everyone sees what he wants to see. Mexican ranchero with amaranth

I see incredible value in amaranth. For example, in the same seeds calcium, magnesium, iron and protein are found in abundance, which are so important for our body.

The taste of amaranth is also pleasant – light, with a weak, but still noticeable nutty flavor. Which is especially pronounced when adding amaranth in soups or stews.

By the way, the list of ingredients may seem too big and even difficult for you, but in principle it’s not so difficult to cook Mexican ranchero with amaranth.

How to cook?
By the way, the preparation of this dish does not take much time. In preparation you need no more than five, then another 40 minutes for the cooking itself.

Ingredients (from 4 portions)

  • one big spoon of extra virgin olive oil;
  • one onion, diced;
  • three cloves of garlic, minced in minced meat;
  • one medium chili pepper (or hapapena);
  • two medium bell peppers (cut into cubes);
  • 1 cup of amaranth grains;
  • three glasses of vegetable broth;
  • about 350-400 grams of sliced ​​and roasted tomatoes;
  • two small spoons of ground cumin;
  • one small spoonful of peppercorns;
  • about 400 grams of dry beans or black beans;
  • a little finely chopped cilantro
  • juice of one lemon or lime;
  • two medium sized avocados;
  • one glass of amaranth grains.

Tip! Before cooking the grain of amaranth, it is better to pre-soak. This will provide better digestion and guarantee better absorption of nutrients. To soak, place the grains in a deep dish and cover them with water to cover the seeds. If you wish, you can add a little vinegar to the water – about a tablespoon or a little less. It is necessary to soak the grains for about 6-8 hours, after which they should be drained and washed again in clean water.

Take a large frying pan and pour olive oil into it, heat it. Put onion, garlic, chili pepper in butter and stew for another 5 minutes, then add pepper and other seasonings. Mix everything thoroughly.
Now pour in vegetable broth, as well as tomatoes and their juice, if any. Over low heat bring the entire mixture to a boil. Let the mixture boil for another fifteen minutes – this is enough for everything to begin to thicken.
After that, pour amaranth into the mixture and wait another 20 minutes.
After that, throw the beans or beans, cilantro, lemon juice (or lime), mix well. Wait until the beans are ready.
Serve the dish still warm, but not immediately from the pan. Wait a little while to cool down. Prepare sliced ​​avocado for serving, lay it on the edges of the plate, sprinkle ranchero and sprinkle with chopped greens. Enjoy your meal!

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