Pasta with the addition of amaranth appeared in Ukraine

Автор - | 30.12.2018

Amarant walks the country! At the end of 2018, a new healthy product appeared on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets – amaranth macaroni. Produces their famous brand specializing in healthy nutrition, Healthy Generation. Macaroni received the name – PASTA UA.

This news was published by the website of UkrAgroConsult, referring to the data of Agroportal.UA and Andrey Sazonovsky, the owner of the Healthy Generation brand.

Two product lines from Healthy Generation
Pasta UA pasta will appreciate the fans of healthy eating. The company produces two product lines.

The first – wheat wholegrain pasta, made from:

durum wheat;
buckwheat flour;
amaranth flour.
The second is gluten free pasta. For their production are used:

rice flour;
amaranth flour;
buckwheat flour;
vegetable juice from greens, tomatoes, beets.
Healthy Generation Philosophy
According to Andrei Sazonovskaya, his brand philosophy is to produce healthy, but inexpensive, affordable products for the general population.

The peculiarity of all brand products is that it lacks such components as:

glucose syrup;
palm oils;
modified additives;
refined flour;
and other components that can damage health.
The main part of all products of the company is manufactured at the production facilities of the company – United Fruit LLC. Some types of products are produced according to the scheme of outsourcing at other enterprises, whose production allows to produce healthy food.

In particular, according to Andrei Sazonovsky, pasta, including gluten-free, are produced by various enterprises. However, the process of selection, preparation of raw materials and quality control lies with the employees of Healthy Generation.

Other products from amaranth
Pasta is not the only amaranth products of the company. It also produces other products. For example, we should highlight the dry breakfasts of the new generation AIR Yummy, which are made from:

air amaranth;
dried fruits.
In addition, HomeSuperFood amaranth cereal is sold – it is polished. It is not only healthy, but also very tasty. It is easy to prepare at home, being a valuable product.

Healthy Generation plans to launch other product options:

fitness nutrition;
cocktails and mixes;
chocolate sweets.
As Andrei Sazonovsky says, the production capacity of Healthy Generation is capable of producing from five to ten tons of finished products every day. It all depends on the type of products produced. That is, the company is able, at the moment, to meet the growing needs of customers seeking healthy food.

Indeed, despite the difficulties Ukraine is experiencing today, there are more and more fans of a healthy lifestyle. According to profile studies, the level of consumption of relevant food products is constantly growing.

The company sells its products in well-known Ukrainian supermarkets, as well as through e-commers. Also, sales go through eco-shops.

How did the idea of ​​Healthy Generation
Interesting, but the reason for creating a brand is not so positive. At one time, Andrei Sazonovsky was diagnosed with progressive diabetes. What led to a deterioration in health and quality of life.

Going to a healthy diet was not so simple. Since the stores are mainly represented by processed products that in no way comply with the principles of healthy eating.

“The sign of Healthy Generation is not just a guarantee of quality, it is a product that has been tested on itself,” says brand founder Andrei Sazonovsky confidently.

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