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It is impossible to imagine a single gardener who would not be sick whole-heartedly for his beloved work. And if you count the number of hours that such a person spends on refining his summer cottage, it is still possible, then it is impossible to measure the power of love and care invested in the fertile land.

Of course, fine, if you got a piece of land on which everything grows – from flowers, to potatoes, and gives a rich harvest.

But what to do if the fertility of the dacha leaves much to be desired? How to improve the structure of the soil, enriching it with organic substances? And what exactly will help in this difficult matter?

The solution is simple: you need to use green manure plants, which are purposefully planted in the soil before other plants appear on the ground. They have an incredibly powerful root system, which determines their beneficial effect on the soil: penetrating deep into the ground, siderats carefully and carefully loosening it, pulling up the beneficial trace elements in the lower layers.

What are siderata plants?

Surely you are thinking why we started talking about siderata on the site dedicated to amaranth – an amazing plant, to evaluate the benefits and beneficial effects on the human body in a nutshell. But the fact of the matter is that amaranth can also be used as siderat, and with a high degree of efficiency.

In this article we will tell you how to increase the fertility of your soil with the help of this plant. But first, we note exactly which plants belong to the siderats.

In total, there are about 400 species of such cultures in the world and all of them are conventionally divided into main groups:

Cereal. These include rye, oats, barley, wheat. These crops perfectly fertilize any soil, including acidic, loamy, replenishing them with potassium and nitrogen, increasing the level of moisture penetration and protecting it from weeds.

Legumes, which include clover, soybean and lupine. It is necessary to plant these plants on light and medium-heavy soils, which, thanks to such plants, are saturated with nitrogen, loosened and poorly soluble phosphates are brought to the surface.

Cruciferous. These include mustard and oil radish. These crops are used on soils of any type, except for acidic media, wheat seeds and their plant, which they qualitatively loosen, prevent the subsequent leaching of mineral elements and give an enhanced volume of green mass.

Buckwheat (buckwheat), which must be planted on heavy, poor soils. As a result, the earth becomes more friable, structured, enriched with organic matter.

Hydrophilic – phacelia, which can be planted on any land. It improves its structure, increases breathability and can even change the pH balance to neutral.

Complicated flowers, to which the sunflower belongs, can be planted on any type of soil, since, due to their presence in the ground, subsequent plants will gain green mass well.

Finally, amaranth, which are just perfect for any soil. However, it is better if you land them in light loamy and sod-podzolic land. The strong roots of the plant will loosen the soil, saturate it with nitrogen and improve fertility.

What will plant amaranth in the garden or summer cottage?

Amaranth is a plant that is more often used for the subsequent production of useful seeds, leaves and stems that are used for animal feed, for cooking and as medicines. However, such a valuable quality of the plant, as the saturation of the leaves with useful microelements, cannot be discounted if we are talking about fertility.

Amaranth can qualitatively improve the fertility of the soil, while not demanding, as a culture, special growing conditions.

It is so unique and unpretentious that it can grow even on saline. What he doesn’t like is waterlogging, but he is able to endure a short-lived drought and resist in the face of pests and diseases.

Amaranth roots are so strong that they are able to penetrate the soil by 2 meters, thereby improving its structure.

Amaranth planting rules as a siderata plant

Remember: do not plant green manure, as the predecessors of garden crops, if they belong to the same family. In other words, it’s not worth sowing buckwheat where in the future it is planned to plant cabbage or beets.

In order to plant amaranth in the garden or summer cottage, you need to know the following:

  • it is worth doing in the late spring if we are talking about land specifically set aside for this;
  • you can land amaranth as a siderata in the summer, immediately after harvesting early crops;
  • Before sowing, you need to mix 2 teaspoons of plant seeds with 1 glass of sand, rolling it in a little for contact with the ground;
  • the rate of landing for amaranth is 15 grams per one hundred square meters of land;
  • during the growth of the plant, it is necessary to feed it with ashes, as well as with manure or herbal infusion;
  • it is worth collecting the green mass right before the frosts or before the start of flowering.

Here it is, a magic amaranth, which you can grow not only as an ornamental and healing plant, but also as a siderat, fertilizing the land and giving it such an important quality as fertility. Sow it in the country and see how vegetables, berries and fruits will be the most delicious and useful in the whole district! Have a good harvest and watch the ether!

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