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They say that Mother Nature has the cure for all illnesses – the most important thing is to know where it grows and how exactly they need to be treated. Sometimes this medicine can be found not in the mountains of Tibet, not in the dark and dense forests, endless deserts or at the bottom of the deep ocean: just go to the garden and pick amaranth (wide in common) in the garden.

Thousands of years ago this plant was an indispensable attribute of the sacred rituals of the Aztecs, who erected amaranth in a great cult and professed a sincere faith in its healing power. However, today this lush flowering plant, littered with beds and overgrown in flower beds, has not lost its relevance in terms of healing properties.

This is not only the ability to reduce any inflammation, help in the fight against chronic diseases, reduce pressure, improve skin condition and strengthen immunity, but also incredible taste characteristics, thanks to which amaranth is actively used for cooking. They bake it, boil it, serve it in the form of salads, and also make breathtaking sweets from amaranth, the recipes of which we decided to share with you.

Today, our culinary selection will be entirely devoted to sweets that can be made from amaranth. Moreover, we will go not only on traditional pancakes and cookies, but also teach you to cook an exotic Indian dish called “fret”. Well, it’s time to start the most delicious, is not it?

1. Crispy Popcorn Cookies

Since amaranth does not contain gluten harmful to the human body, beautiful small and harmless popcorn is prepared from its seeds, and the leaves of the plant are also served on the table as breakfast. Today, the morning snack will be a wonderful cookie, crisp and very fragrant, which can be fed even by those who are not accustomed to eat in the morning: not sleepy husbands or restless children.


  • 50 gr. amaranth seeds;
  • 200 gr. amaranth flour (from seeds);
  • a handful of almonds (crushed);
  • 50 gr. chia seeds;
  • 3-4 l. brown sugar;
  • 2-3 l. vegetable oils;
  • some water.

How to cook?

Take a frying pan, grease it with oil and put it on a fire – it should heat up well. As soon as the temperature reaches the optimum mode, pour amaranth seeds onto the surface and immediately cover them with a lid. You will hear how they begin to eagerly skip the pan – this is how their disclosure occurs. As soon as the rampage under the lid subsides, remove the dishes from the fire and remove the popcorn.

Now take all the listed ingredients and mix them together, and then make round biscuits from the resulting mass. Put the sweets on parchment paper, and then put in a preheated oven and bake until tender. We will not specify the timeframe, since each housewife has different furnace power, and therefore will have to focus on the eye (or the crunch).

2. Indian sweet “fret”

The amazing nut sweetness called “Lada” is a real song in your kitchen and in your stomach. The sweetness is spicy, fragrant, beloved not only by Indians, but also by people from different countries of the world, because it turns out to be satisfying, but not a bit harmful. Preparing it according to different recipes and we suggest trying out one of them.


  • 450 gr. butter;
  • 400 gr. chickpea flour;
  • 250 gr. powdered sugar;
  • 6 cardamom seeds;
  • 20 gr. coconut shavings;
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon;
  • 5 gr. ground nutmeg;
  • 50 gr. hazelnut tree

How to cook?

Drain nuts in a frying pan, remove them, dry and fully ready for great things, peel and chop well with a rolling pin. In the same skillet, melt the butter (it is advisable to choose a pot with a thick bottom), pour the chickpea flour on it and, having mixed well, hold on the fire for 15 minutes. Just do not forget to make it quieter.

As soon as you smell nuts in the kitchen, add cardamom seeds (ground), a little cinnamon, and also nutmeg, coconut chips and hazelnuts to the pan. All this must be carefully and patiently mixed and left to languish for 3 minutes on the fire.

Remove the dishes from the heat, add the powdered sugar to the resulting mass and gently stir until smooth. Let the billet cool a little, and as soon as this happens, you are dipping your hands into the water, making small tasty balls out of it.

Put the sweets on the plate and decorate each with a delicious nut. It remains to leave the “fret” in a cold place for half an hour – and you can gather around the table in a big, friendly and harmonious company. It will be delicious, we promise!

3. Amaranth flour pancakes

Who among us does not like pancakes? Especially for breakfast: wake up, stretch your legs out of bed, and from the kitchen you can hear the intoxicating smell of your favorite dish! Great time of day and great breakfast! Today we offer you to diversify it and cook amaranth pancakes – it is tasty, healthy and fast!

  • Ingredients:
    0.25 art. boiled water;
  • 35 ml. kefir;
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 tbsp. l sunflower oil;
  • 30 gr. amaranth flour;
  • 230 ml. milk;
  • 4 tbsp. l wheat flour;
  • 1.5 Art. l shugar;
  • 0.5 gr. soda;
  • 1 gr. salt.

How to cook?

Take an egg, mix it in a cup with sugar and salt, pour kefir there and add soda. Stir thoroughly, then add% d0% b1% d0% bb% d0% b8% d0% bd% d1% 8b to 1/2 milk and flour (exactly 2 tablespoons amaranth and 4 wheat bread). Just make sure the spoons are without a slide.

Stir the dough, which should make you thick and lump-free. Add the remaining milk and water (boiled), and then the vegetable oil. Now the pancake billet has become a little more liquid – just the way we need it. Remember that the thicker the mass, the thicker the pancakes are, and if you like tender pancakes, it is better to dilute the dough with milk a little more.

Take a non-stick frying pan to avoid sticking. Pour dough into it and bake pancakes until it ends or your culinary mood changes. Although we are sure you will not leave a drop in the cup – amaranth pancakes turn out so tasty, fragrant and tender that they will always be few! For reference, let’s say that the dough will make about 11 pieces of sweets about 20 centimeters in size.

Eat on health, serving pancakes with strawberry jam, even with currant jam, even with honey or maple syrup – depending on what you like. And enjoy your healthy and healthy appetite!

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