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The healing properties of amaranth are widely used in food production. The range of such products is expanding every year, which indicates recognition of its nutritional value and a positive effect on health. In China, for example, about 30 kinds of food products are produced on the basis of amaranth. A similar trend can be seen in other countries. Consider some types of finished products based on amaranth, and what effect they have on the body.

What caused the demand for products with amaranth?

The popularity of amaranth-based food products is due to its ability to positively influence the body’s work. The saturated composition of this plant works to more actively restore damaged cells. As a result, it is possible to correct violations in the work of organs and systems. Therefore, the use of amaranth is recommended in a complex effect on the body for such problems as:
• gastritis;
• diabetes;
• liver disease;
• atherosclerosis;
• phlebeurysm;
• hemorrhoids;
• kidney disease;
• skin lesions;
• violations in the gynecological and urological areas;
• oncology;
• colds and other diseases.

The use of amaranth helps to reduce the manifestations of osteoporosis, allergies, diathesis and a number of age-related diseases in a shorter time. In addition, oil and other products of plant processing slow down the process of wear of the joints, contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the body.

However, in severe forms of liver and gastrointestinal diseases, it is better to refuse to ingest the processed products of this plant. Therefore, it is recommended to use amaranth for the prevention of diseases. So you can prevent most health problems.

Oil for any salad

Useful substances are concentrated in amaranth oil. However, using it in excess of the permissible rate is highly undesirable. In order to prevent mistakes and to give the opportunity to saturate the body with useful substances, mixtures based on amaranth oil and other oil-bearing crops are made.

For dressing salads suitable corn-amaranth oil. The product is made by oil extraction and cold-pressed and retains all organic compounds in a living form. The long-term preservation of beneficial substances is also facilitated by the fact that the oil is packaged immediately after production in dark glass bottles, and the bottle itself is sealed with wax. It is noticed that regular use of Corn-Amaranth oil leads to a pronounced rejuvenating effect. In order to benefit longer qualities, you need to store an open bottle at room temperature in a dark place. If 1 liter of oil is used daily by a family of 4 people, it lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Great for salad dressing Sunflower Amaranth oil. It is also made by oil extraction and cold pressed. Amaranth oil directly contains 20% of it, and at the same time all the beneficial substances inherent in this plant are preserved. The proportion of squalene in this oil is 0.5%.

Amarantine with pepper (for salads) is rich in taste. The main component in its composition is amaranth oil. It also contains mustard seeds, parsley, chilli pepper, bay leaf, allspice, cloves, which create an unusual flavor composition and contribute to the overall improvement of the body. The use of this oil improves the functioning of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, cardiovascular system, endocrine glands, improves skin condition.

Amaranth oil is also produced for salads. In the title itself there is no mention of any other oil. But from the accompanying text it follows that the finished product contains 35% amaranth oil and 65% olive oil. Therefore, we can conclude that it is more represented by squalene and other beneficial substances contained in amaranth. At the same time, the properties of olive oil are added, which, in particular, helps with cholelithiasis and gall bladder removed, promotes the processing of fats.

For tea and just like that

We are talking about products that are usually taken for tea. These are various ready mixes for which production amaranth is used. In them, the properties of this plant are complemented by others. So, on the market today are various types of honey. This product not only likes sweet teeth, but also participates in the improvement and rejuvenation of the body.

Buckwheat Honey with Amaranth is on the market for environmentally friendly products. In the manufacture of the product used meal, different preventive and therapeutic effect. Honey contains 3.5 squalene, as well as a sufficient amount of vitamins and other nutrients that amaranth is rich in. Therefore, the use of this product contributes to the active renewal of the cells of the body, enhances the body’s resistance to inflammatory, oncological and other diseases. It is recommended to use it with a low level of hemoglobin, a tendency to frequent bleeding, after surgery. This honey is useful for such problems as:

• gastritis;
• colitis;
• intestinal atony;
• hepatitis;
• constipation;
• dysbacteriosis.
For medicinal purposes, this honey is taken on 1 teaspoon twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. However, it is contraindicated for people with acute pancreatitis and acute calculous cholecystitis.

Honey meadow herbs with Amaranth have already gained a reputation as an antisclerotic and hepatoprotective product. It also contains 3.5% squalene and a large amount of nutrients. You can take medicinal honey on 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening. Contraindication is pancreatitis or calculous cholecystitis in the acute form. It is not recommended to take this product if you are allergic to amaranth or honey. To store honey on the basis of herbs and amaranth is better at room temperature in a dark place. A closed jar of honey can be stored for up to three years from the date of production. This term is indicated on the packaging.

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