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UkrAgroConsult website, citing Business Censor, reports that Ukraine has mastered the production of amaranth oil at 40 degrees Celsius. The brothers Andrey and Sergey Shvedovy, engaged in the cultivation and processing of amaranth, launched such a production line. As noted on the site, this culture is still rare for us, but becoming more and more popular.

Amaranth is not as popular in Ukraine as one would like. Despite its high nutritional value. Many have not even heard of amaranth, although they are well acquainted with its “wild” variety, an amaranth upturned or a spike that is a weed.

Aztec Gold! Amaranth, as a cultivated plant was known eight thousand years ago. He was almost the main food crop in South and Central America. Amaranth cultivated the Incas and the Aztecs. And it was called the “Aztec gold”.

Amaranth is high:

  • nutritious;
  • healing properties.

Despite the fact that he is unfamiliar to a wide range of people, his popularity among agribusinesses is increasing. Since the plant is considered a promising crop, cultivation is an economically profitable enterprise.

Squalene has a special value in amaranth composition. It provides the movement of oxygen within tissues and cells, oxygenation of organs. That has a positive effect on immunity, prevents premature aging. Squalene is also useful after chemotherapy.

How an engineer and IT specialist became oil producers
Sergey Shvedov is an engineer by training. He was a survivability mechanic on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. Then he quit and began to create equipment for the mills – very successful, because it was actively sold.

Andrey Shvedov – worked in the field of it. He created the first Ukrainian online casino, but soon after that the Law banning gambling came out and had to close his brainchild. Andrei retrained and engaged in trading in Bulgaria, organized festivals and even created a rock club, as well as a rock group called Prospect Mira.

Once Sergey came to visit Andrei and told him about amaranth and oil from it. Andrew was interested in culture. Together with his brother, they began to study the issue, to think through different schemes. Then a tedious search for investors began – it took more than two years.

Fortunately, in Ukraine they managed to find a person who believed in amaranth oil and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the company. Brothers created a special mini-equipment for pressing amaranth seed oil.

Getting started was hard. First, many experiments were carried out to achieve an optimal result. They were constantly told that it was impossible to obtain oil from seeds at a temperature of 40 degrees. But they were not discouraged and sought to goal.

Note! Why exactly this temperature? Because it is extremely important to get cold-pressed oil. It is the most valuable and quality.

Sergey Shvedov independently developed the equipment. He was even given the name “Amaranth embryo selection line”. It is noteworthy that the equipment continues to be improved and modernized.

First result
The first cold-pressed amaranth oil, the Shvedov apparatus, was issued in January 2016. And then the brothers learned that before that in Ukraine no one had ever produced oil at that temperature.

According to them, the oil produced by other technologies is not so valuable. After all, it is cold pressing that makes it possible to preserve the most valuable, important elements in the final product.

Andrei Shvedov says that until recently he was sure that raw materials for the production of oil, amaranth grains, can be taken almost anywhere. However, a deeper study of the topic, the composition of the grains, made it possible to understand that the highest quality raw materials are grown in Ukraine. In particular, the Ukrainian amaranth surpasses its foreign counterparts in such indicators as:

  • fatty acid composition;
  • the amount of squalene;
  • content of other elements.

Therefore, the Swedes prefer to work with Ukrainian manufacturers of amaranth. Now the brothers work under the brand of their own company Shvedov.

Creation of the Amaranth Manufacturers Association, as an important step in the promotion of culture
In 2017, on the initiative of Alexander Duda, the Association of Amaranth Producers of Ukraine was established. It was Alexandra who was elected chairman of the Association. This made it possible to significantly improve the progress of amaranth and the development of this sphere. After all, now all the farmers met each other. There, at a meeting of the Association, the brothers met with farmers.

According to statistics, already in 2018 more than 1 hectare of sown area was sown with amaranth. The brothers have already signed contracts for the purchase of a future crop, it is necessary to produce high-quality amaranth oil.

The company for the production of amaranth oil is in Nikolaev
The amaranth processing enterprise created by the brothers is located in Nikolaev. On it – the advanced security system of products of HACCP is introduced. Also received a certificate “Organic Standard.” Currently, the company employs almost 20 people. Production of amaranth oil in Ukraine

How to tell the brothers, everyone who gets a job with them literally falls in love with amaranth. But those who could not love this plant, leaves the company of their own accord. Current workers know almost everything about amaranth.

Production is supervised by video cameras. After all, it is important to keep track of the whole process, since everything that is produced at the enterprise, then goes to the people who will use this product.

Plans to create new businesses
Since amaranth seeds require some preparation for processing, they are initially sent to a mini-complex located in the Dnieper. The owner of the complex is Alexander Duda. There the seeds go through several stages:

  • drying;
  • training;
  • calibration.

In the near future, they plan to rebuild a full-fledged amaranth cooperative, but for this they will have to look for an investor ready to invest in the creation of modern repositories in southern Ukraine.

But now the Amaranth Manufacturers Association is doing its best to promote culture to the masses.

Andrei Shvedov says that a disease such as celiac disease, that is, protein intolerance, is becoming common. However, many people do not even know about its existence and that they are also sick. As a result of side effects of celiac disease – the development of other diseases. “There are kids with brain abnormalities. If they are given gluten, it worsens the treatment. And amaranth is a gluten-free culture. He is not just useful, but healing. ”

Another reason Andrei literally fell in love with amaranth is because of its versatility. Amaranth can be used in different areas:

  • in the food industry;
  • in cosmetology;
  • in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • in the production of animal feed.

In general, the culture is virtually waste-free, which increases its profitability. From the seeds of amaranth receive:

  • butter;
  • flour;
  • millet;
  • flakes;
  • the meal.

Medicines, sprays, oils and gels, other cosmetics are made from the plant’s products.

And in general – a highly profitable culture. Here are the real numbers for 2016:

  • yield – 20 centners per hectare;
  • income per hectare of sown area – more than 40 thousand hryvnia;
  • currently, the cost of one ton has increased to 30 thousand hryvnia.

Andrey Shvedov says that amaranth is resistant to dry weather, and also perfectly saturates the soil with nitrogen. In addition, Ukrainian breeders brought new good varieties. According to Andrew, it is the Ukrainian amaranth that is the best in the world. Therefore, Ukrainian farmers have excellent opportunities for exporting harvested crops with high added value.

Considering that the demand for amaranth and amaranth oil is only growing throughout the world in recent years, all this suggests that the brothers occupied a new profitable niche in time. Indeed, in Asian countries amaranth oil is used for treatment, and in the countries of the European Union there are no such high-quality products as Ukraine produces.

100 tons of oil per month and this is not the limit
Today, Ukrainian farmers are already harvesting excellent crops of amaranth. The company of the brothers Shvedovyh purchases high-quality raw materials, but buys different seeds, depending on whether the oil will be used in organic or traditional. Aranth is a valuable product for nutrition.

Every month the production line produces 100 tons of amaranth oil, but by the end of the year the brothers are going to reach the figure of 250 tons per month.

When passing grain through the embryo selection line created by the brothers, it is possible to obtain:

  • 50% of the flakes of the total mass of raw materials;
  • 20% flour;
  • and 30% of embryos.

It embryos are redirected to the press, which squeezes the oil. The result is 4% oil from each ton of germ, and everything else – feed cake used in the manufacture of animal feed.

There is one more technology, according to which one gets:

  • 50% polished grits;
  • 20% flour;
  • 30% of embryos.

However, this method is not as productive in terms of oil production. It is possible to produce only 1.5% of amaranth oil. However, this technology has its advantages, because it allows you to get a unique cereal for European countries. As Andrei Shvedov says, during his trips to European countries, he bought different samples of cereals and found out that there is just grain sold, but not cereal. And the price of such grain – from 6 euros per 500 grams.

Attempt to use foreign equipment

The brothers were going to purchase foreign equipment for their production in order to get a greater yield of amaranth oil. However, in such equipment, spinning is carried out at a temperature of 60 degrees and above. Therefore, the quality of the oil is ultimately inferior to the fact that the brothers squeeze on their machine.

According to Andrew, their oil has its own special smell. And this is thanks to the cold spin method. Once they overheated it, and at that moment they felt a characteristic nutty smell, about which many people speak. But in cases where they adhere to technology and do not exceed the temperature, there is no nutty flavor.

Currently, the products of the Shvedov brothers can be found in many specialized Ukrainian stores. But in the near future they are going to enter the foreign market: “We are starting cooperation with a Czech company. They will be distributors. Trade in the markets of Vietnam, Nigeria, Qatar. And we are still at the stage of entering the market. We are waiting for an order from China. ” As Andrei says, 6 months of deliveries to China will allow the business to pay off.

Now many new products made on the basis of amaranth oil are entering the market. For example, such products include:

  • burn ointment;
  • amaranth capsules and suppositories;
  • cracks ointment;
  • oils from hair loss and to strengthen nails.

And Andrei Shvedov notes that it was them and his brother who first became the company that produces oil of miliacin (squeezed out of millet) cold pressed. At the moment, the volume of its production is not as large as we would like, but there is development. “We are cooperating with the Kiev company for the manufacture of hydrogel dressings for burns. In general, the company focuses on the cold pressing of low-mellow cultures, ”adds Andrey.

And, finishing the story, he says that in addition to butter, products such as flour, cereals, hemp oil, black cumin, and millet are being produced. Now the brothers have established successful cooperation with bakeries, companies engaged in the production of pasta products. In the future, it is planned to open its own bakery network, in which bakery products will be prepared directly from amaranth flour.


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