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Organic products, among which there are many products based on amaranth, are in growing demand in Ukraine. This trend has been observed for several years. So far, growth rates in other countries are much higher, and this determines the situation in the world market. But Ukrainian producers are becoming more confident about themselves, and the production of organic products is becoming more profitable.

The global organic market and the role of Ukrainian producers

The active development of the world market for organic products has been going on for a long time, and the annual growth is 15%. Amaranth-based products are becoming more and more popular. And here it is worth noting that we are talking not only about products such as:

  • bread;
  • bakery products;
  • flour;
  • oil;
  • instant porridge;
  • sweets.

Buyers willingly take poultry products if the poultry is grown by free grazing on amaranth and other agricultural crops. The most popular organic, environmentally friendly products are used in the United States: there such products are consumed by more than 40% of the population.

Interesting! Ukraine is considered one of the largest suppliers of organic products to the world market.

According to statistics from the European Commission, in this area, our country ranks first in the European Union, and IV in the world market. But here experts point out a paradox. So, on the organic market in Ukraine there are just over 500 operators, including 304 agricultural producers, and in Austria – 23 thousand of such enterprises. Within the country, as evidenced by the results of surveys in different regions of Ukraine, there is not enough organic products, and demand exceeds supply.

When we talk about the production of organic products, we keep in mind that this is not only the absence of GMOs or chemicals when growing grains and other crops. We are talking about respect for the land, plants and animals in production, about the high culture of farmers.

Some examples of obtaining organic products

In the amaranth theme, a combination with poultry farming is considered relevant. After all, the products here are one of the cheapest on the market, do not require large expenses, and gain (and gain) can be achieved through the use of green mass, feed with amaranth. In this area, one of the best options for obtaining organic products has become free grazing of poultry in the crops of amaranth and other crops. In many countries, interest in this method of raising chickens appeared as a result of a sharp rise in the price of feed, and in the process of application, it gave unusual results. As English, American and German farmers say on the forums, as a result of free grazing of chickens in amaranth crops, it was possible to halve, and in some places even more, to reduce the cost of poultry feed.

Dr. Jackie Jacob, Ph.D., University of Kentucky, has compared amaranth and other grains for poultry feeding. For example, amaranth seeds are rich in protein (12–18% crude protein) (Kauffman and Weber, 1990). The protein also has a well balanced amino acid composition and a high lysine content. Amaranth seeds are believed to have a more balanced level of essential amino acids than other grains. Corn, which is more commonly used in poultry diets and is a source of energy, is rich in leucine but poor in lysine and tryptophan. Amaranth seeds contain three times as much lysine as corn and almost twice as much as wheat. In addition, amaranth is rich in methionine, another essential amino acid that is scarce in most cereals.

According to research results, the fat content in amaranth is higher than in most cereals (Kauffman, Weber, 1990). There are many unsaturated fatty acids, especially the essential linolenic acid. Amaranth is also high in squalene, which reduces cholesterol synthesis. Studies have shown that dietary squalene improves the fertility of broiler males (Li et al., 2010).

But everything is fine within reasonable limits. As Dr. Jackie Jacob has proven, amaranth grain contains anti-nutritional factors, and therefore the grain must be thermally processed before feeding the poultry, just like soybeans. Raw amaranth can be included in broiler diets no more than 20%. However, heat-treated amaranth can be present in poultry diets up to 40% without negatively affecting performance (Tillman and Waldroup, 1988).

The safest option is free range of poultry on crops. Especially if the crop is grown on clean soil and without chemical fertilizers.

More about free grazing

Let’s start with some examples. At one time, birds became interested in free grazing in the Lybid-K organic farm. It has already been proven in practice that eggs from free-range chickens are extremely useful. The chickens of this farm are laid once every two days, and the whole process takes place naturally, without artificial stimulation. Therefore, the product has a homemade taste, and at the same time the yolk is distinguished by a rich yellow color. Such products are in demand in cooking, since eggs churn well and keep their shape.

They decided to use free grazing of chickens in amaranth crops in the organic farm “UkrBioLand”. It is not only about organizing bird feeding, but also about natural soil recharge. In addition, growing up, amaranth protects chickens from flying predators. As a result of using this technology, the farm receives organic poultry products, takes care of improving soil fertility and increasing the yield of crops that will be grown on this site.

Free grazing of chickens in amaranth crops is already yielding results. Organic poultry products are in demand in retail chains, and they exceed supply.

Of course, the production of such products requires costs, because a mobile house for 1000 heads, in which chickens are delivered to a new site every 3-5 days, costs about UAH 300,000, but:

  • products are in high demand;
  • due to the eating of the green mass of amaranth and other plants by the bird, eggs and meat reach high rates;
  • due to the presence of the bird in the fresh air, a large territory and the immunostimulating properties of amaranth, the need for the use of antibiotics disappears;
  • chicken manure is an excellent organic fertilizer and increases soil fertility, contributing to an increase in the yield of subsequent crops.

The results show that, in general, this option for obtaining organic products is beneficial.

Entering the international market or the myth of the crane in the sky

Ambitious farmers and organic producers of Ukraine would certainly like to show their products at the international level and find buyers for them. Participation in an international exhibition is considered one of the possibilities for the implementation of such plans. You can take a closer look and evaluate your strengths now.

On 02.21.2021 – 02.25.2021 in Dubai, UAE, Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is scheduled to host Gulfood – the world’s largest and most influential annual exhibition for the food and beverage industry. The event always attracts the largest number of visitors, exhibitors, and is also distinguished by the largest number of business operations. According to Helal Said Almarri, CEO of the exhibition organizer, this is a trading opportunity for local, regional and international manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Another event is planned for next year, which is important for representatives of the food and beverage industry. This is Anuga (09.10.2021 – 13.10.2021, Cologne, Germany, Koelnmesse) – one of the largest trade fairs in the world that specializes in food and beverages. It has 100 years of history and is the oldest in the industry. Last year alone, 7,590 exhibitors and over 170,000 visitors took part in the exhibition. It promises to be interesting for those who produce gourmet foods, vegan foods, healthy and functional foods, baked goods, dairy products, and ingredients for such products.

Postponed to 2022 SIAL Paris 2020 – Europe’s largest International Food Exhibition. It covers the most promising markets. For 82% of exhibitors, the main goal of participating in SIAL is to find new export opportunities. It will provide exclusive access to wholesalers, supermarkets, supermarkets. A special feature is the exposition of organic products, and 58% of the exhibitors in this section come to the SIAL exhibition from abroad. A separate section is devoted to foods and supplements that are beneficial to health. New ideas for exclusive products emerge in the Food Ingredients and Supplements Exhibition. The organizers of the exhibition assess this section as one of the most promising. Its exhibitors have a unique opportunity to demonstrate how food additives and ingredients are used in the manufacture of finished products.

A similar site may appear in Ukraine at the International Exhibition Center. It is expected to attract foreign visitors and exhibitors who may be interested in Ukrainian organic products, beverages and raw materials.

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