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In the last article we told that the consumption of amaranth seeds would prevent the development of chronic diseases. And led several ways to consume the seeds of this plant.

In this article, we again want to focus on the characteristics of the consumption of amaranth. These are both ordinary and rather original ways.

The benefits of amaranth for adults and children
Amaranth – an ancient grain, is an excellent power source. It is characterized by a high fiber content – up to 15%, high protein content – up to 14% and can be used in many ways.

In addition, amaranth contains a large amount of lysine, an amino acid found in several foods, but in a much smaller quantity, and is also characterized by a higher calcium content than most other grains.

The main reason you should include amaranth in your menu is its high nutritional value, but it can also become a staple food in diets of people with diabetes or celiac disease due to the low glycemic index and the lack of gluten. Its high nutritional value is suitable for children.

Amaranth is not only whole grains, it can also be considered a vegetable. Although amaranth is gaining popularity, it is still not widely used, and many people are not sure how to cook and eat amaranth.

That is why we again decided to tell you how to properly use this plant so that you have a real opportunity to include it in your diet.

Amaranth like grain
Doctors and nutritionists, specialists in the field of healthy nutrition indicate the fact that amaranth is ideal for everyday nutrition. Its grains can be served separately or used to prepare other dishes. The seeds of this plant are a good alternative to rice or macaroni. Seed

Amaranth, as an alternative to rice
Serve amaranth instead of rice.
When cooking, use from 2.5 to 3 glasses of water for 1 cup of amaranth.
Boil amaranth seeds in a closed saucepan for about 20 minutes.
All water should be absorbed and the grain should become fluffy when cooking is completed.
You can also fry the amaranth in vegetable oil and add it to traditional rice pilaf, getting a tasty and nutritious mixture of grains.
Amaranth, as an addition to pasta dishes
Use amaranth instead of couscous, risotto or orzo in pasta dishes. Amaranth is well suited for this, because its texture and size perfectly complement such dishes.

Tip! To preserve the structure of the seed, use a little less water when cooking.

Amaranth for breakfast, as an alternative to oatmeal
Amaranth is a good option for a hearty, tasty and healthy breakfast. Instead of oatmeal. It can even be cooked in apple juice to get a sweet taste porridge. Be sure to add to the porridge, after the end of its preparation, fruits, berries, sweets. Then your breakfast will be especially rich.

Amaranth grains, as an addition to bread and other pastries
Amaranth is a great addition to whole-grain bread cakes. You can use whole grains as well as flour. It will allow to introduce a special structure into bread and give it a special nutty taste.

Note! If you use amaranth flour when making bread, you can substitute from 5 to 30% of ordinary flour. In principle, amaranth flour can be safely added to any pastry, making changes to the recipe.

Amaranth flour is good because it does not contain gluten. Therefore, baking out of it is ideal for people suffering from baking out of amarantaseliakiya. If you want to make pastries only from amaranth flour, you will need to add xanthan gum, starch and a little more water. Only in this way will the dough be able to keep its shape

Amaranth grain and flour in soup
Amaranth is also recommended as an additive for soups. For example, flour allows you to thicken the soup, making cream soup from a regular dish. Amaranth seeds will give the dish a special texture, aroma.

Amaranth in desserts
Amaranth has a mild flavor, which is well suited for making desserts. Many people describe the taste of amaranth as slightly nutty and toasted.

It is prepared in the same way as regular rice pudding. Just in the recipe you need to replace the rice with amaranth seeds.

Seeds give the liver a special, pleasant crunch. Cookies are incredibly tasty, useful.

Flour is good for making gluten-free sweets. To make such a cookie in the usual recipe, replace the traditional flour with amaranth flour. So you get gluten-free sweets that suit people suffering from celiac disease or sitting on a gluten-free diet.

If the biscuit is too dry, add a little apple sauce to it during the next preparation. It will not only prevent excessive dryness, but will make the cookies more “wet”, softer.

Amaranth baking
Amaranth is well suited for baking, in particular – gluten-free bakery products.

The use of amaranth in bakery products increases their nutritional value, mainly bringing in fiber and high-quality vegetable protein.

In addition, amaranth has a low glycemic index, and people who want to maintain a stable blood sugar level while enjoying baked goods can do this with amaranth.

Use amaranth flour. The way to the first bezglutenovaya baking recipes
Replace some of the traditional flour, such as whole wheat, with amaranth flour. Enough 30% of amaranth flour in any recipe that is familiar to you. However, remember that using it will cause you to need more water, because the amaranth flour absorbs more liquid than ordinary flour.

Use amaranth flour. Second way
It allows you to cook pastries that do not contain gluten. Such bakery products are important for those who suffer from celiac disease or who have consciously decided to eliminate gluten from their diets.

However, from pure amaranth flour to knead the dough just will not work. Because it lacks gluten. To obtain the desired structure, you must add starch and xanthan gum.

It is noteworthy that in the manufacture of cookies or bakery products that do not require a large structure of air cells, you can replace 100% flour.

How amaranth seeds change the taste of baking
We recommend adding amaranth seeds to baking, which guarantees a change in its structure, texture and taste. It is enough to roast the seeds before using them.

Although they can add to the dough and raw – for example, the dough for bread or biscuits.

Amaranth roasted seeds are well suited for sponge dough, as they give it a special aroma and a unique crunch.

Healthy food: healthy snacks
Healthy and healthy snacks between main meals are part of a balanced diet and diet. Ideally, when a person has a snack, he strives to ensure that carbohydrates and protein help saturate before the next meal. Amaranth provides good carbohydrates and proteins and can be added to many snacks.

Amaranth Popcorn for Crunchy Snacking Popcorn
Amaranth is easy to make popcorn. Simply throw a couple of spoons of seeds into the pan and warm them well, stirring constantly. The dense surface of the seeds does not allow moisture to evaporate from them, so the water simply boils there, which leads to an “explosion”.

As soon as most of the seeds explode, becoming popcorn, remove them from the pan. Pour molasses, sprinkle with powder and get a tasty and healthy sweet snack for a great snack.

Amaranth in cocktails and smoothies
Add amaranth seeds to cocktails. This will significantly increase the nutritional value of the smoothies, giving them a thicker texture and a nutty flavor.

And we have not yet told more about how to use amaranth greens, which is ideal for salads, soups, or even green Ukrainian borscht. Amaranth oil, in turn, is also well suited for the preparation of various dishes. For example, as a salad dressing.

As you can see, amaranth is an extremely useful plant that has ample opportunities for all-round use in food.

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