Sour-milk products plus amaranth or powerful support of the immune system

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The diet of a child and an adult usually includes fermented milk products. Since childhood, we hear that it is necessary to eat cottage cheese and drink kefir, because they help strengthen bones and teeth, quickly absorb food. But the value of these products is much greater than is commonly believed, especially in strengthening immunity, and in combination with amaranth a greater healing effect is achieved.

The role of fermented milk products with amaranth in promoting health
The diet of many of us includes fermented milk products and dishes based on them. They should not be abandoned even for the sake of trends or gastronomic fashion, rejecting the experience of past generations. Indeed, in traditional medicine, it has long been recommended to use these products for various health problems, for example, with hair loss or with angina.

Sour-milk products help:

  • normalize metabolism;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • to form a healthy intestinal mucosa;
  • remove toxins;
  • improve digestion;
  • strengthen the body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses;
  • protect the body from the harmful effects of antibiotics;
  • establish a balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria, preventing dysbiosis;
  • normalize weight.

Many positive effects are achieved due to lactic acid. It improves metabolism, enhances intestinal motility, and compared with lactose, which is in ordinary milk, it is well tolerated by any organism. If we talk about protein (it is remembered almost the first when mentioning milk), then it breaks down into simple amino acids in the process of fermenting milk, and they are absorbed very easily. In addition, many lactic acid bacteria produce vitamins B1, B2, C, and even antibiotics that inhibit the development of pathogenic microbes.

As shown by scientific studies conducted in different countries, the introduction of amaranth in the composition of products allows you to increase their dietary properties and nutritional value, to expand the range. In addition, improved performance, working to maintain quality during storage and transportation of the product.

Amaranth properties are used to produce the popular fermented milk product of yogurt. In particular, we are talking about an extract from amaranth flour. It was added in an amount of 5% of the volume of fermented samples (200 ml of milk + 100 ml of amaranth extract). The research results showed that the strength of amaranth yogurt is higher than the control strength by 6%. Also improved consistency, viscosity and other characteristics. The composition of such yogurt contains a variety of nutritional components, valuable proteins, vitamins, squalene, which has antitumor activity. Amaranth also improves the properties of other fermented milk products and dishes based on them.

Dairy products and amaranth in the diet
Small amaranth flour in small quantities is added to various dairy products: cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir. Such a sour-milk dressing is perfect for everyone who likes muesli the most. It is both tasty and healthy. But nutritionists warn that the consumption of amaranth seeds should begin with a small amount, since they have an active effect. In the absence of allergies, you can gradually increase the dosage. In general, many consumers like amaranth supplements in fermented milk products, as evidenced by the reviews and popularity of recipes for fermented milk products and amaranth.

Cheesecakes with amaranth flour

This dish is perfect for breakfast or dinner with the whole family. Cheesecakes are very tasty and nutritious and healthy. They will be especially useful for breakfast for students who, by default, need a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and, as you know, amaranth flour is considered the leader among such products.


• cottage cheese – 250 grams;
• amaranth flour – 100 grams;
• egg – 1 piece;
• oatmeal – 85 grams;
• vanillin.


Mash the cottage cheese in a bowl with a fork so that there are no clots and lumps left. The result should be a homogeneous mass. Cottage cheese should not be dry, because in this case it is very difficult to mix with flour.

Break the egg into the curd, mix. After that, add amaranth flour and vanillin, and again mix everything thoroughly to a state of a thick, uniform dough.

Grind oatmeal to the state of crumbs. To do this, they can simply be crushed so that they acquire the desired texture.

Then you need to prepare a baking sheet: cover its bottom with baking paper so that the cheesecakes do not stick. If there is no baking paper, then you can grease the baking sheet with oil.

Small cheesecakes are formed from the dough, which must be rolled in oatmeal and carefully laid on a baking sheet so that there is a small distance between them. Then we heat the oven to 180 ° and put the cheesecakes in it. Cheesecakes need to be baked for 25-30 minutes so that amaranth flour is well cooked.

Cheesecakes with honey, jam, jam or sour cream are served on the table.

Such cottage cheese pancakes are very tasty and healthy, with a very beautiful nutty flavor thanks to amaranth flour.

Boats from cottage cheese

• cottage cheese – 200 gr;
• amaranth bran – 30 gr;
• rice flour – 30 gr;
• hard cheese – 150 gr;
• eggs – 3 pcs;
• salt to taste.

Grind amaranth bran in a blender until flour. In the curd, add one egg, bran, rice flour, salt to taste, and mix everything. We wet our hands in cold water and make boats with high sides from the dough. The resulting molds are sent to the oven and baked at 160 degrees. After 20-25 minutes we take them out, sprinkle with cheese and send them back to the oven, but for five minutes. Then we take out the “boats”, make small recesses for eggs in them, sprinkle with cheese on top again and send to the oven for 5-7 minutes (until the protein solidifies). “Boats” are ready!

Cottage cheese with amaranth, dried fruits and cinnamon

The amaranth recipe contains gluten-free ingredients known to many. Such baked goods contain the necessary amount of flour, enriched with cottage cheese and applesauce, resulting in a significantly increased proportion of proteins with a complete set of essential amino acids.

Thanks to fruit puree, the content of mineral components, as well as fiber and pectin, increases. Dried fruits (dried apricots and physalis) are of great benefit. They can be replaced with dried cranberries. In the proposed recipe, amaranth is used in the form of whole seeds, ground in a home coffee grinder. True, homemade amaranth flour contains grains that can be felt in the structure of an already baked product.

The consistency of the carving is very soft, and in some ways even resembles the taste of a “potato” cake. The combination of the taste of apples and cinnamon with vanilla sugar is reminiscent of a child’s sensation of a nogogu, baked apples or fallen overripe cherries dried in the sun.


To bake with a thin layer in a square baking sheet measuring 23×23 cm, you need to take:

• 150 g of fatty cottage cheese;
• 2 large eggs;
• 100 g of applesauce (no additives);
• 100 g sugar;
• 10 g of vanilla sugar;
• 20 ml of lemon juice;
• 1 teaspoon with top (7 g) of gluten free baking powder;
• 100 g of amaranth in the form of home-made flour;
• 40 g of rice flour;
• 10 g of cinnamon powder;
• 150 g of dried fruit with a sour taste (a mixture of dried apricots and physalis 1: 1).


• butter for greasing a baking sheet;
• rice flour for processing dried fruits.

Not necessary:

• 1 teaspoon with top of lemon peel (you can use portioned frozen peel of your own lemons);
• pine nuts, 2 tablespoons, for decoration;
• icing sugar for decoration.

Adding a few walnuts will diversify the bite.


Grind amaranth seeds using a coffee grinder (when using amaranth store flour, its amount may differ from that indicated in the recipe). Then mix all the dry ingredients except cinnamon powder and baking powder. Cut dried apricots into small pieces, add physalis, 1/2 teaspoon of rice flour, close this bowl with another one, smaller in size, and shake vigorously (as a result, dried fruits are covered with a thin layer of rice flour, and this will ensure their uniform distribution in the thickness of the dough). Add lemon juice to cottage cheese and grind everything into a soft paste, add lemon zest.

Beat eggs with sugar, vanilla sugar and applesauce until the mass is lightened, and its volume increases significantly. The procedure takes up to 8 minutes, depending on the type of whisk nozzle used (you can beat eggs with sugar first, and only then add applesauce, continuing to beat). We add 2-3 tablespoons of beaten eggs to the curd mass and stir well. Add the remaining egg mass to the curd, mix thoroughly with a whisk (you can beat in a minute), dry in the wet ingredients, and stir again. The dough will thicken slightly for 3-5 minutes. We add dried fruits to it (we intervene them with a spatula).

Grease a baking sheet with oil. If you wish, you can use a teaspoon of rice flour for additional processing of the baking sheet, or put a cut-out sheet of baking paper cut to the bottom of the baking sheet. Pour the dough into the prepared pan (the dough layer will be very thin, about 1 – 1.5 cm). Then lightly tap the baking sheet on the table to evenly distribute the dough.

Ginger bake should be 35-40 minutes in an oven preheated to 170 degrees with a fan. The edges of the finished mantle will lag behind the side walls of the baking sheet. She herself will be firmly springy to the touch. Readiness is easily checked with a toothpick (it should come out of the broom dry).

Turn the baked baked cake twice: first on a soft-coated board (towel, kitchen gloves), and then on a grid covered with baking paper.

Before cutting the gingerbread, let it cool completely.

For decoration, you can use powdered sugar, nuts.

If you do not use the decoration of the top of the pie, then you can cut and serve the gingerbread like a pie changer.

The gingerbread is practically not stale and has a very delicate crumb and a firm crust. It is easily cut into pieces of any size.

Baking in a large baking sheet in the form of a thin layer makes it possible to qualitatively bake tender dough and get a juicy and soft product. If you want to have a gingerbread with a denser crumb, you can increase the baking time to 45 minutes.

When baking this test in a thicker layer, you should carefully monitor the readiness of the mowing.

Those who do not like the presence of cinnamon in baking, its amount in the recipe can be replaced with rice flour.

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