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From time to time, many of us are simply certain that without sweet a day will not be successful. But what to do if you have to follow a diet, and especially unpleasant – when it is associated with the disease. As a rule, if you follow a therapeutic or recreational diet, you have to deny yourself sweets, since wheat flour and sugar are often used in their preparation. But even in this case, you can find a way out.

How to avoid the consumption of harmful sugar and gluten

Dietitians recognize that white sugar, gluten and even milk can be replaced by alternative ingredients. At the same time, we will only improve our health.

So, it is known that white sugar supporters of a healthy diet are listed as unhealthy foods. Here there can be an objection that sugar has long been recognized as one of the types of necessary food. However, it has been established that it has no nutritional properties, promotes weight gain, lower calcium concentration and acidification of the body. However, dessert should be sweet, so doctors suggest looking for alternatives to sweetening recipes.

1. Whole cane sugar is the easiest option for replacing white sugar, and using it you can keep the same proportions in the recipe without noticing important changes in taste.
2. Stevia is most commonly used in nutrition in Mexico. This product has a very high degree of sweetening, as well as many properties that are beneficial to health. For therapeutic and health diets, stevia is more suitable transparent and tasteless. Since this sweetener is liquid, it is recommended to increase the amount of solid ingredients, such as flour, for example.
3. Bee honey is a tasty and nutritious food that gives us a lot of energy and vitality, and also strengthens the immune system. However, in this case, you must be prepared for the fact that the taste of the finished dish may change slightly.
4. Maple syrup has a very high nutritional value. It is consumed a lot in the United States and Canada. Its aroma and texture are similar to the taste of molasses – wholesome black molasses.
5. Agave syrup has a sweet and delicate flavor that is perfect for all kinds of desserts. It is also compared to honey.

It is known that gluten is a protein present in some grains, such as wheat, oats, barley, rye. More and more people have difficulty digesting food, as these foods often lead to a particular digestive problem. Therefore, gluten-free products are becoming increasingly important.
1. Rice flour has a good consistency, but is recommended to be mixed with any of the following ingredients.
2. Corn gives its taste to all dishes. It is also recommended to mix with other products.
3. Starch cassava or cassava, Brazilian arrowroot (this plant is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals) in the United States is used in the production of dietary and baby food.
4. Chickpea flour to reduce or avoid the use of eggs. It is better to mix it with other flour or with melted chocolate, especially when you need to give the dessert a brown color.
5. Amaranth flour has no equal in the content of vegetable protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, is rich in squalene, which contributes to the saturation of the body with oxygen. This product has healing properties, helps to fight against diabetes, cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

People with lactose intolerance can enjoy themselves with a delicious dessert, because milk can also be replaced with excellent products. Oats, rice, almonds, coconut are useful – you can make excellent drinks from them. For example, coconut milk and coconut oil are indicated in very many recipes. These products are extremely healthy and give the dessert a soft, sweet and tropical flavor. If you want to use yogurt without milk, you can use soy yogurt or vegetable cream on the basis of already known products used for the preparation of beverages.

Popular sweets

Wet sponge cake with orange, chocolate and amaranth
Experienced chefs argue that making biscuits is the easiest thing in the world. A few ingredients, a little time, – and here you are already enjoying a homemade delicacy. Among these delicacies, wet, dense and nutritious cakes, which are easily digested and do not lead to weight gain, occupy a special place. It remains only to agree with this statement or to refute it. What is needed for this?

• 4 eggs;
• 4 tablespoons of ghee;
• 1 pinch of salt;
• 1 sticks of cinnamon;
• ½ peeled orange;
• ½ small nutmeg;
• 75 g buckwheat flour;
• 40 g of swollen amaranth;
• 50 g of chocolate 85% (for decoration).


Heat the oven to 150ºC. While it is warming up, beat eggs, melted butter, salt, orange, spices and slowly add the sifted flour. We continue to beat the mixture, and add the amaranth and sweetener. Beat until we get the desired texture for the biscuit.

The form is lined with baking paper and shipped to the form. Then chop the chocolate and decorate the upper pieces with the obtained pieces. Send everything to a preheated oven and bake for 40 minutes. After that, get the sponge cake out of the oven and leave it to cool.

Amaranth biscuits with nutmeg

This recipe is suitable for those who seek to prevent diabetes or fight against the symptoms of the disease.

In order to get 20 pieces of cookies, you need to take:
• 3 egg whites;
• 1/3 cup of sugar substitute;
• ¼ tsp salt;
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla;
• 2 cups amaranth;
• 1/3 cup ground nutmeg;
• ½ cup of melted butter.

For decoration: chocolate without sugar.

Beat the egg whites in a blender until they turn into a thick, stable foam, add a sweetener, salt and vanilla, and again beat a little. Remove the bowl from the blender, add amaranth, walnut and butter to the mixture, and mix everything with a kitchen silicone spatula. Then with a spoon-spoon (such spoons are often used when selling ice cream by weight) we spread the mixture on a baking sheet covered with baking paper or silicone baking mat. It is necessary to bake at 175ºC for 15 minutes before light browning. When the cookies cool, it can be decorated with melted chocolate.

Amaranth Pudding

It should be immediately noted that this dessert does not suit the sweet tooth with the immunity of dairy products. However, you can choose an alternative based on already known products.

• 2 eggs;
• 12 tablespoons of amaranth flour;
• 1 tablespoon of gluten-free baking powder;
• 12 tablespoons of sugar substitute;
• 6 tablespoons of milk;
• gluten-free sunflower oil;
• 1 teaspoon of gluten-free vanilla essence;
• 1 grated lemon.

The first thing you need to do to make this amaranth-based pudding is to mix the flour with the baking powder and set aside. Then turn on the oven so that it warms up, and start cooking our pudding.

In a bowl, beat the eggs, add sugar and continue beating until the mixture reaches a creamy consistency.

When mixing at any time, add sunflower oil. It is important that the mixing time is not reduced at this stage, as it takes time for the oil to combine with the other ingredients and the mixture becomes sufficiently dense.

As soon as we get a homogeneous mixture, gradually add baking powder la mixed with milk, and mix it all up without stopping. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, add vanilla and lemon zest.

Now pour the resulting mass into an oiled mold and send it to the oven, preheated to 180 ° C, and bake for about 30 minutes.

It is recommended not to open the oven door for up to 30 minutes so that our pudding does not collapse.


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