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The main product derived from amaranth is oil. It is widely known for its unique unique therapeutic and prophylactic properties. Many studies have confirmed its healing power.

In recent years, amaranth and amaranth oil are becoming more common, but some unscrupulous manufacturers use the credulity of consumers and offer them low-quality product.

At best, the person will spend the money, but will not feel the beneficial effects of oil on his body. At worst, such a product can even cause harm to health, but such a development is possible if poor-quality clandestine oil, made from unknown raw materials, is purchased.

Today we consider several options for the production of amaranth oil. This will allow you to understand what kind of product will be truly beneficial to health.

Raw material question: what is the oil made of?
Let’s start with the question of raw materials. Indeed, in many respects the quality of the oil depends on which particular grains it is made from.

In order for the oil to be effective, beneficial and safe, it is important to consider such factors as:

  • under what conditions exactly did the plant grow;
  • whether crops have been treated with chemical fertilizers and other substances, for example, to control weeds;
  • how the seeds were collected;
  • how was the processing of the resulting harvest.

So, if, when growing amaranth, chemical fertilizers were used to increase its yield, as well as herbicides designed to fight weeds, such a product can by no means be considered environmentally friendly. Since it will contain large quantities of various compounds from chemical substances.

If we talk about the features of the harvest, it is important to use a specialized technique that will minimize the penetration of weed seeds into the harvest. After all, they are very harmful to human health!

Further – processing of grains. It involves cleaning them from the husk and still weed seeds that have been harvested. The best option in this case is the so-called calibration method. Of course, this will lead to the fact that some loss of amaranth will still be, but the resulting raw materials will be as clean as possible and suitable for further use.

For example, for the manufacture of cereals. Or oils.

Therefore, in order for amaranth oil to be of the highest quality, safe and effective, it is important that the grain is grown, harvested and processed in reliable and proven ways that do not involve the use of chemicals.

Several technologies for obtaining oil from amaranth seeds
There are several different technologies for obtaining a product. In order to squeeze the oil out of the grains, you should make a lot of effort. After all, the whole grain – low oilseeds. Although there are special types of plants – this is the high-oily varieties of amaranth. But they are considered as such only in comparison with other varieties. Amaranth oil

Thus, the best method for obtaining an effective and pure oil is considered the cold pressed method. However, it requires certain costs. Including financial. And because oil manufacturers often look for other ways to get the product – cheaper.

Of course, the development of technology allows us to find such methods, but we must recognize the fact that modern methods are far from ideal. They are more relevant to industrial methods, and therefore the oil obtained in this way can be dangerous for humans. Therefore, it can not be used either for cosmetic or therapeutic or culinary purposes.

Below we give the main ways of producing amaranth oil, describing and commenting them in detail.

Extraction with organic solvents
The essence of obtaining oil in this way is to dissolve it from the seeds of special organic substances – solvents.

The method implies the following:

  • prepared grains are taken;
  • completely filled with a special organic solvent (in the overwhelming majority of cases, it is hexogen, although some manufacturers use odorless substances);
  • and wait until the solvent literally “pulls” the oil out of the seeds.

However, the oil obtained in this way cannot be used in the food industry. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to completely remove the solvent from the products. Therefore, the oil becomes hazardous to health.

Although in the core market, products obtained by extraction with organic solvents are relatively common.

Note! That is why before buying it is important to carefully read the label and find out exactly which production method was used.

Oily extraction
This is one of the most financially affordable oil production methods. And because it is used quite often. Although the final product can not be considered as amaranth oil.

Its essence is somewhat similar to the method described above. However, instead of an organic solvent, any other oil is used. For example, it could be:

  • traditional sunflower;
  • corn;
  • or even olive.

Vegetable oil extracts squalene from drenched seeds. The result of the extraction is a mixture, the aroma and taste of which is somewhat reminiscent of amaranth oil, and it contains about 1% squalene.

It would seem that the method is quite adequate and safe, not requiring the use of chemicals and additives. However, there is a negative point in it: the oil reacts with air, and this leads to another reaction and as a result, instead of squalene, squalane is formed.

The latter is also quite effective, but still significantly inferior in its properties to squalene.

Therefore, the resulting amaranth oil turns out to be not so effective in the end, and it is not necessary to expect from it substantial health help. That is, it is a banal fake!

Extraction of Liquid Carbon Dioxide
The cheapest way, the essence of which is as follows:

  • carbon dioxide is supplied under high pressure;
  • under the influence of pressure, it turns into a liquid form;
  • after which he is able to extract oil from amaranth grains;
  • thereafter, the pressure decreases and carbon dioxide from the liquid state again becomes gaseous.

And the resulting substance manufacturers called Amaranth oil. However, to call him that is not right! After all, the manufactured substance is a solution in which there is a large amount of fat-soluble components.

Since it is impossible to use the substance in its pure form, it is additionally mixed with other vegetable oils, which are much cheaper.

The danger of this method lies in the fact that high-pressure compressed carbon dioxide actively interacts with water molecules. Which leads to the production of carbonic acid.

Of course, the amount of water in the oil from amaranth is low, but it is still there. Therefore, from carbonic acid is not going anywhere.

It is noteworthy that the producers themselves confidently assert that this method of producing amaranth oil is completely safe and environmentally friendly. However, they hide one significant fact – this type of oil does not contain squalene in its pure form, but only a variety of its derivatives.

Therefore, it is hardly worth expecting that such a product will benefit your health!

Cold pressing
It is this method that is the only way to produce high-quality, natural, environmentally friendly oil with a high content of squalene. It has no impurities, but because it is the most beneficial for health. Amaranth oil 02

However, the method of cold pressing is quite expensive, and therefore the resulting product costs a lot! In addition, production requires a lot of raw materials.

Although all the costs of its production (and purchase by the consumer) in this case are fully justified. After all, the oil contains a lot of squalene.

The essence of the method of cold pressing is as follows:

  • carefully selected seeds are placed in a special machine;
  • they are not heated there and are not treated with chemical reagents;
  • top pressure is a powerful press;
  • the result is pure amaranth oil.

Choosing amaranth oil is not an easy task. After all, it is important to correctly determine how responsible the manufacturer is and not only uses high-quality raw materials, but also reliable, safe methods of obtaining an effective, natural product.

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