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The ability to choose the right foods for snacking is an art that allows a person to stay slim and healthy for many years without the painful search for special diets. Where do those extra pounds come from in people who do not suffer from diseases that cause obesity? Why does img happen, that a slim girl, at the age of 18, has to constantly remember the word “weight loss” by the age of 24? Why is it worth to lose 5 kg, in a week they come back?

If we exclude hormonal disorders and constant stress (but no diets will help here – only targeted treatment), then the whole thing is that a person gets used to intercept food “on the run”. Few people did not drag dissimilar “sweets” from the table in childhood. Most often it was sweets, and sometimes pieces of cheese, sausages, some interesting, new, unusual things that are attractive to a child and often not very useful.

In the growing body of an active child, all this disappears in the blink of an eye without consequences: calories are burned, and healthy young organs are able to cope not only with a few chips, in which there is nothing useful, but with much heavier products. Plus, you can’t take a lot of mischief from the table: the keen eye of the parent won’t allow

And then the child grows up, the internal organs are still not getting old, but they are beginning to slowly wear out, the body is no longer growing, so the extra calories do not go into the development of organs, but are deposited in reserve fatty layers. And the habit of intercepting small things from the table remains, and now they are much easier to intercept: parents no longer watch what lies on the table and how quickly it disappears from there. And the pack of chips disappears in a matter of hours. It is not easy to get rid of this habit, and the reasons here are not purely psychological, but psycho-physiological.

Snack – a bad habit?
The brain, accustomed to the fact that some trifle constantly gets into the stomach, begins to “worry” when there are no such edible trifles for a long time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, for which a person is trying to adapt, finding that he eats too much on the move, seem to the body to be undernourished, he needs something else.

Hence all the thoughts on the periphery of the consciousness “What would you eat?” When, in fact, you don’t really want to eat. Hence the feeling of hunger when it should not be. Finally, hence the desire to eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner: so the body “panics”, realizing that there will be no “little things”, which means that we need to urgently make reserves for the future, that is, eat more of everything and preferably fat and hearty.

At first, man does not even realize this. And after a couple of years, he notices the rapidly increasing weight, and original understands that something is wrong with his diet. But the habit of eating a lot has been formed, drastically reducing the number of calories consumed is to plunge the body into even greater panic, which will be accompanied by other danger signals – depression, nervous breakdowns, cracking in sweets (that is, fats and carbohydrates, which are just the most pleasant to the taste) and other “charms” of weight loss.

A person resists this panic, demonstrates willpower, eats several times less than usual, and those extra pounds naturally disappear: the “reserves” that the body made before are spent, because it needs fuel. And instincts come into play. The body is confident that a sharp decrease in food is an alarming signal, speaking of impending famine, that the environment in which the person has fallen is to blame, and that every opportunity to make a new stock should be used. The body turns into a finely tuned radar, looking for food everywhere, and whenever possible as high-calorie as possible. And it is worth a person to relax a little, seeing that the kilos go and the diet “works”, as the brain immediately sends a signal: “Eat this, it will not hurt you.”

Many, as a result, begin to intercept trivia again on the principle “I don’t get anything from one donut,” and those who are more consciously watching the food, make mistakes in mealtime or in the process of its absorption. For example, they drink a glass of fatty ryazhenka after dinner or eat it at the right time, but very quickly.

In fact, these are the “tricks” of our brain, which tries to make us eat then and in such a way as to make a new supply – for the above reasons. And he wins, and the result – again scored 5 kg.

Cheat the body
Our brains are smarter than us. The psychophysiological studies conducted in the last century, in which a group of ordinary Americans participated, discovered a funny and curious fact: the everyday “tricks” of the human brain are comparable in complexity to the schemes developed by the geniuses of the underworld who worked in Europe and the USA in the first half of the XIX century. Against this background, it’s natural that not everyone can immediately recognize the next trick of their own psyche.

But you can track some patterns. For example: at lunch, I really want to eat some fatty cottage cheese, although he has nothing to do there for all food schemes. Many people, guided by the popular calls now “Listen to your body and eat what he wants if it is not a whole cake,” give in and eat cottage cheese. And this is a hoax. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to the body, of course, but sometimes it can take advantage of this to you (yourself) to the detriment. The same applies, for example, nuts, which are considered very healthy food and are recommended in many diets as snacks. Nuts are really a very healthy product, but they are also very high in calories, and in 10 minutes you can easily eat a handful of 300-400 calories. For a snack, to put it mildly, a bit too much. And if you also wash them down with a glass of ryazhenka or yoghurt – you can never have dinner. Nevertheless, dinner is not crossed out, because “I just had a snack, what about those nuts?”.

The only way out is constant control over what the hand pulls from the table (or from the fridge). In dietetics, there is a popular joke that every slimming person eventually turns into a calculator that automatically calculates calories when he sees food in front of him, even if he does not eat. In every joke, as you know, jokes are just a fraction. The ability to determine the approximate number of calories in food before it is in the mouth helped more than one thousand people to accustom the body to a new diet and save it from panic and the desire to make reserves for future use at every opportunity.

At first, such control may require a lot more effort, but the automatic skill develops quickly, and after a couple of months of vigilant observation, one part of the brain will calculate the energy value of a handful of raisins faster than the other part of the brain whispers, “Eat it, it’s only a handful of raisins, she will do nothing, and she is useful. ”

There is another trick of the body, which is called temptation in everyday life. A person can learn to count the calories that a handful of raisins will provide, but the raisins will continue to lie on the table, “calming eyes”. Sooner or later, one or two raisins will be caught, because the skill of counting calories will quite honestly say: “One raisin will not hurt.” She really does not hurt if she is alone. And if one, plus one more, plus two more, plus one more … then a handful will disappear in a day. We have 250-300 extra calories as a minimum.

There are two ways out:
Absolutely remove all food from sight. This option is suitable for those who do not have the habit of automatically opening the cabinet and refrigerator and looking in there – “not to eat, but to think and see.” Even if the refrigerator then closes and nothing is removed from there, the temptation will work once.
Therefore, the second option:

Put in sight that meal, which you can snack. It is desirable that this food looked attractive.
Recommendation. How to make food attractive? One day, after eating properly and making sure that you absolutely do not want anything else, carefully look through the search engine advertising pictures of food. Those that seem very attractive to you, save one by one. Twenty minutes later scroll through them, remove those that do not cause too much desire to eat the image on them, and leave the rest. And be guided by them: this is exactly what food looks like that will seduce you.

Amaranth snacks for losing weight
Amaranth was carefully investigated in the past century after the discovery of squalene in it. Then he came to the attention of nutritionists, and on the wave of interest in squalene, experts began to think about how to introduce amaranth in different diets.

Interesting! It is nutritionists and their attention to amaranth that we owe so many products from this plant. Cereals, flakes, flour, macaroni, leaves and flowers in different combinations, in different types and differently processed – all this is the result of attempts to introduce amaranth in the diet. Very successful, I must say, because at the moment there are many ideas about the use of amaranth. We wrote about some of them in the materials “Amaranth ration for those who get up early” and “Amaranth dietology for“ owls ”- for people who get up early and late, respectively.

Products from amaranth are considered to be among the most dietary. The problem is that many perceive the word “dietary” as a synonym for the expression “you can eat while losing weight without worrying about anything”. These are rather far from each other concepts.

Dietary nutrition involves eating foods that are primarily beneficial, that is, contain complex carbohydrates, high-grade proteins and unsaturated fats, as well as vitamins and minerals. Dietary products are products that provide a person with everything necessary for the full health and functioning of all his organs, these are products that almost (or in general) do not contain diet_eda harmful substances. Every person should eat a dietary meal, and ideally, he should not eat anything dietary. It has nothing to do with the process of losing weight, because diet food also provides a person with calories, and sometimes in very large quantities.

There is, “not caring about anything,” while losing weight, nothing at all is possible. Even apples and tangerines. Even parsley, for that matter, because the micro and macronutrients contained in it in large quantities affect the body in such a way that an irrational feeling of hunger can occur. Not to mention the fact that the daily rate of a number of minerals can be exceeded several times, which is also not at all useful. This, in fact, applies to almost any green. And if even for greens during weight loss you need to watch, then about cereals, amaranth bread and diet cookies and nothing to say (as about any other cereal and flour products).

Of course, all of the above can be eaten – but during a full meal. For breakfasts, lunches and dinners are suitable those foods that are known as dietary. These are dietary soups, and dietary cottage cheese, and the same dietary amaranth bread, and amaranth porridges, and practically all other products from amaranth. Even a couple of sweet amaranth cookies can be safely eaten with tea, provided that very little carbohydrates have been eaten at this meal – most amaranth flour cookies are really appropriate in diets.

But snacking is another thing: they suggest not just diet food, but low-calorie food. Accordingly, neither amaranth breads, nor biscuits, nor amaranth porridge casseroles and other dishes from it can be put on the table with the aim of “chewing to make a worm”.

Amaranth: from a bad habit to a useful one
Here, nutritionists recommend paying attention to amaranth oil and amaranth leaves.

Amaranth oil is more than two-thirds of the beneficial unsaturated fats omega-6, omega-3 and omega-9. These are the fats that the body needs to function properly (why they are important, read our article “Amaranth oil – fats that help you lose weight”). They are rarely found in products, a person consumes little of them, and since these fats are often deficient in the body, the body almost never puts them into the “reserve”, but uses them for nutrition, strengthening, and increasing the elasticity of tissues. etc.

That is why small portions of amaranth oil, even twice or even three times a day, do not lead to weight gain. Immediate need of the body in unsaturated fats is more important than creating reserves in case of starvation.

At the same time, amaranth oil, like any fatty product, creates a feeling of satiety due to two properties:

  • it lubricates the walls of the stomach, as a result of which the feeling of hunger caused by chemical processes in the stomach is dulled;
  • it improves the absorption of related food components.

Thus, even not very nourishing (which in our case can be equated to low-calorie) food with amaranth oil satisfies hunger. Moreover, as a real one, which arose from the fact that the last meal was indeed a long time ago, it is also an illusory one, the reason for which is the habit of “intercepting” something on the go.

In the case of illusory hunger, however, amaranth leaves are more appropriate. In spite of everything, the oil remains with oil, that is, with fats that must be consumed somewhere, and preferably at the right time. This time are the intervals when a person feels a real hunger. And on the contrary, those intervals when there is no physical need for food are considered as unsuitable time. In this case, an illusory hunger can occur at any time. Then it is better to deceive an organism that tries to deceive you with a feeling of hunger. To do this, just slowly, chewing well, eat something very low-calorie. Nutritionists advise in such cases to concentrate on the process of eating, to represent the processes of chewing, swallowing, splitting in the stomach – while they, of course, should not cause disgust. It is advisable to finish by convincing yourself that you have really eaten – and now you should not be hungry. The standard scheme works: the mental is treated by the mental.

Amaranth leaves – both fresh and boiled (the latter can even be salted: it will be easier to fool the brain this way) is a great option for two reasons.

The first. The vitamins and minerals contained in them are more or less balanced. The fact is that most of the low-calorie greens are rich in some specific substance. Substance is useful and necessary for man, but even the most useful element may be too much. And when 100 g of greenery of this substance is 11 times more than a person needs per day, it is not worth snacking on this greens. Amaranth leaves contain quite a lot of vitamins, 5 micro and macro elements, and although, of course, not all of the above is present in the plant in equal proportions, in general, you do not have to worry that after a snack, amaranth leaves the body is threatened with an excess of a particular substance and as a result, imbalance.

The second reason why amaranth leaves are suitable for snacking is their durability during temperature processing. Even in the process of boiling the leaves, all the micro and macronutrients present in the raw amaranth, as well as all the vitamins, except for one, are preserved. This is a very good indicator. So, many plants in boiling water lose more than half the beneficial properties.

The introduction of amaranth in the snack
“You can’t just swallow a spoonful of butter or chew the leaves,” you say. – It’s not tasty”. By the way, some people do that. A spoonful of butter is absorbed 7% better than butter with vegetables. And the leaves can be chewed for as long as you like, especially if you are busy in parallel, for example, watching a movie. But if it seems to be tasteless, then certainly you should not do that.

Important! Food, seemingly tasteless, is absorbed much worse. Therefore, to force yourself during your stay on a diet, trying to drink kefir through force, which you can not tolerate, or to chew vegetables that seem to be grass at best, cannot be. Let the food be slightly more (slightly!) Calories than it will seem edible.

If this is your case, then we suggest the following.

Amaranth oil for losing weight is most useful and effective for people to eat with fresh vegetables. Just do not make a salad with mayonnaise and vinegar – this is not at all something that will accustom the body to the right snacks. There is a trick: to improve the taste of the salad, you can add there some sweet fruit. For example, often pineapple slices are used for this purpose. Or grapefruit, which, thanks to a light bitterness, goes well with unsweetened vegetables. You can experiment with any low-calorie foods – almost all of them go well with fats, which is butter.

Amaranth leaves can be eaten boiled with spices. Also amaranth leaves make salty balls or balls with juice. In the second case, the leaves, tightly twisted into balls with a diameter of 2-3 cm, dipped in freshly squeezed juice (most often taken orange) and eaten, biting off small pieces and as if sucking the juice out of the ball. Also, the leaves can be mixed with a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese. But it is better to choose the latter option when you have not really eaten anything for a long time.

Amaranth snacks for people of normal weight.
But those who have already accustomed the body to the correct diet and forgot about the problem of losing weight, or who were initially lucky not to run into it, and amaranth bread, light amaranth cookies and other more nutritious snacks with amaranth, which are so often mentioned in various diets ( and it is more correct to say in rations).

What to choose so that the snack doesn’t turn out to be a full breakfast or dinner?

Piece of amaranth porridge casserole. Porridge can be made sweet, add raisins (a little) or, for example, dried apricots. It is important not to overdo it with sugar and additives.
Dietary air amaranth cookies. Why “air”? Because it provides a visual volume, and it seems to the brain that there is more food, when in fact it is not so much. And our goal – including to deceive the brain. Of course, in such a cookie, too, should not be too much sugar.
Airy savory amaranth bread with a slice of low-fat cheese or low-fat cottage cheese. In the latter, by the way, you can add finely chopped fresh amaranth leaves.
Sandwich from amaranth bread or bread. Here it is important to make it as useful as possible and at the same time – low-calorie. One of the best options is a dense, not airy, amaranth bread, a thin slice of boiled beef and any greens – lettuce, amaranth, parsley or cilantro, etc.
Bar of amaranth bran, seeds, nuts, dried apricots and raisins. The danger of this option is that such bars, due to their density, are very high in calories, but at the same time they look small. Therefore, it is important to manage to do a small piece.
Amaranth flour diet pancakes with fruit.
Light vegetable soups with amaranth leaves. It is important that the vegetables in such a soup be no more than three.
But what products from amaranth are categorically not recommended as snacking even for people of normal weight:

  • “Dense” – heavy by weight – amaranth cookies;
  • amaranth cupcakes;
  • sweet amaranth cakes;
  • amaranth cereals;
  • meat soups with amaranth;
  • amaranth soups and cereals, including amaranth.

And also any food that is digested longer than half an hour.

The right time – for the right snack
In conclusion – a few words about when to have a snack. Nutritional articles tell us: eat less, but more often. Some slimming people interpret this recommendation too straightforward and eat continuously – in the literal sense. The frequency referred to in this council does not at all imply that half an hour after a snack you can take on the next one. It does not just guarantee extra kilos – it is harmful, because the stomach is forced to work continuously, its walls are constantly strained, are irritated, losing strength, and eventually inflammation occurs. Sometimes it can make itself felt in the form of light pain that a person does not notice, and sometimes the result is a complete stomach upset, which knocks the diet for several days and then requires additional forces to restore it. Therefore, eat more often, but less – but moderately!

The best time for snacking is 11-12 hours of the day and 5 pm for those who get up early. A “owls” is better to avoid snacking at all, about the reasons for which we wrote in the article “Amaranth dietology for” owls. ”

But if the habit takes precedence (this applies to people with any mode of the day), try to grab food from the table not earlier than 1.5 hours after the previous meal, and no later than half an hour before the next one. This will dull the feeling of hunger or satisfy the illusory hunger, but it does not overload the stomach and intestines.

And always remember that your body and your health are more important than the desire to “please” yourself with food: the joy will go away in a few minutes, and your body will cope with the consequences for much longer.

Snack on right and be healthy with amaranth!

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