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Amaranth-based products are recommended for the most complex skin diseases. This is due to a number of substances that neutralize pathogens, work on cell repair, strengthen local and general immunity. In the process of practice, it has been proved that treatment using amaranth-based products becomes more effective, and the result lasts a very long time. You can quickly verify this.

Components of effective effects on the skin
The composition of amaranth contains almost all the substances necessary for healthy skin. It:
• unsaturated fatty acids;
• phytosterols;
• carotenoids;
• vitamin E;
• magnesium;
• squalene.
These and other beneficial substances contained in amaranth have antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral effects on the skin, relieve inflammation, accelerate wound healing.

Thus, unsaturated fatty acids help to reduce inflammation, help restore the epidermis, and maintain an optimal water balance of the skin. Phytosterols support the plasticity of cell membranes and have a positive effect on tissue regeneration, and they are needed to restore the body in many other diseases: hepatitis, cardiac ischemia, and others. Carotenoids perform antioxidant and immunostimulating functions, and work in all layers of the skin. Vitamin E contributes to the elimination of toxins, improves the nutrition of cells, and not only the skin. By the way, it is believed that without this vitamin it is impossible to permanently get rid of acne, age spots, stretch marks and scars.

It makes sense to focus on the role of magnesium. It helps to improve the skin from the inside, positively affects all organs and systems of the body. So, magnesium increases the immune system and the body’s ability to resist infections, normalizes blood clotting, balances the work of nerve and muscle fibers, increases stress resistance. Without this element, the normal development of bone tissue and the healthy state of the cardiovascular system are impossible. In addition, magnesium increases the level of “good” cholesterol and reduces the amount of “harmful”. By its importance in the work of the whole organism, this element can be compared with oxygen. It should be remembered that magnesium is not produced by the body, and the reserves must be replenished all the time.

Active oxygen supply is impossible without squalene. In addition, squalene promotes oxygen saturation of the body, it is a powerful antioxidant, has a strong antibacterial and protective effect, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing and skin repair. Thanks to squalene and other substances found in amaranth, products based on this plant are used not only to treat the skin, but also to prevent many diseases.

We treat the skin from the inside: oil and self-made means

It is known that the cause of the skin disease is often located inside the body, and the state of the skin is affected by the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys, the state of metabolic processes, stress, the level of immunity. Therefore, it is recommended to influence the problem from the inside, and here one of the best remedies is amaranth oil. This product has long been recognized as one of the best natural regenerating agents. Its effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of such diseases as:
• psoriasis;
• dry eczema;
• trophic ulcer;
• neurodermatitis;
• atopic dermatitis;
• herpes;
• mycosis;
• acne;
• deprive.
For these diseases and to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to use amaranth oil 1 tablespoon before meals (half an hour or an hour) 3 times a day or during meals (2 times a day 1 tablespoon). For the prevention of his take 1 teaspoon in the afternoon and evening with meals.

A positive effect on the body and decoction based on two tablespoons of dry leaves, flowers or amaranth roots. They are poured over 500 ml of boiling water and boiled over low heat for 15 minutes, and then cooled and filtered. Broth take 1/2 cup half an hour before meals.

The treatment includes an infusion for which the roots, stems, inflorescences, amaranth seeds are suitable. It is necessary to take 15 g of crushed dry raw materials, pour 250 ml of boiling water and incubate in a water bath for 15 minutes, and then let it stand (until cooling). Since the infusion is sweet and slightly astringent, you can add honey and lemon juice. Take this tool is recommended 50 ml for half an hour before a meal course of 14 days.

Very useful vodka tincture on the basis of seeds and leaves of amaranth. For its preparation, you need to take 20 grams of dry raw materials, add 200 ml of vodka and let it brew for one week. The resulting tincture of 10 drops is added to tea, coffee and other beverages.

To strengthen the immune system, you can use healing tea. To do this, use the leaves of the variety “Valentine” with a red color – 1 tablespoon of raw materials is poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to infuse for 20 minutes.

External use of amaranth

In case of dermatological diseases, treatment is recommended with the use of means from amaranth externally. Here, oil is also leading in efficiency. It is applied and allowed to absorb, and after 15-20 minutes, residues are removed with a cosmetic tissue. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day.

Amaranth bath helps to speed up skin regeneration. You need 500 g of dried leaves, twigs and inflorescences to pour 2 liters of boiling water and leave to cool. The duration of the procedure itself is 20 minutes.

For the bath, you can prepare a tool for another recipe. In this case, 400 grams of inflorescences and leaves pour 2 liters of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes under a tightly lidded lid. After this, the decoction can be added to the bath water.

Also known recipe for infusion for external use. To do this, 1/2 cup of dried, crushed amaranth leaves is poured over 1 liter of boiling water and allowed to stand for a day. The resulting product is treated with the affected skin.

Another infusion is prepared on the basis of 2 teaspoons of amaranth seeds and 3 cups of boiling water. Seeds boiled over with water are infused for 20 minutes, and then the resulting product is used for compresses and lotions. This infusion is particularly well proven in eczema, psoriasis and urticaria.

What you need to know about the use of amaranth?
Since amaranth oil is most often recommended for skin diseases, you should be aware that this is a truly unique remedy. Among base oils, it is the only source of squalene, which saturates cells and tissues with oxygen at the molecular level.

One of the main features of amaranth-based products is the rapid soothing, healing and regenerating effect. Moreover, the analgesic effect becomes noticeable immediately after application to the skin, and the remaining processes are accelerated several times. If oil is used, then, despite the fact that it leaves visible fat traces on the skin, the sebaceous glands are not clogged, contamination is excluded.

You should also be aware that applications and fabric dressings soaked in amaranth oil are used without any additives (base or essential oils). Inflicting oil on the affected area, after 20 minutes, the remains are removed, and for this it is better to use natural thin fabric or gauze.

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