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Amaranth flour is almost an ideal product that allows you to cook tasty and healthy pastries. On the Ukrainian shelves, it appears more often. In some cities, even began to produce amaranth bread for a wide range of buyers.

We bring to your attention an article published on one of the foreign sites, which describes in detail the advantages of amaranth flour.

Fragrant and healthy flour

Amaranth flour is a high-protein gluten-free flour, widely used in antiquity by the civilizations of the Aztecs and Incas in pre-Columbian America.

To obtain amaranth flour grind grains into powder. Although technically amaranth can not be considered grain. Amaranth allows you to get nutmeg, granular flour, which is also described as nutty, earthy and grassy.

Amaranth flour protein is a high-quality product due to the large amount of amino acids such as lysine and methionine.

Little about amaranth
The name amaranth comes from the Greek word “immortal” or “eternal.” Despite numerous health benefits, amaranth does not pretend to endow its users with immortality. But its name is due to the fact that its seeds are almost indestructible.

Amaranthus cereal varieties include Amaranthus caudatus, A. cruentus and A. hypochondriacus. Dense plants with thick stems reach a maximum height of 90 to 270 centimeters.

Seeds from which the amaranth flour is milled come in a variety of colors, including golden, brown, pink and white, depending on the type of amaranth grain used.

Nutritional characteristics
Considered pseudozero amaranth is not associated with wheat or other true cereals. Amaranth not only provides high-quality protein — about 17 percent by weight — but also contains many other beneficial nutrients.

A high level of lysine amino acids helps your body absorb calcium from the digestive tract. For those who are interested in increasing calcium intake, amaranth flour also contains twice as much calcium as cow’s milk.

Amaranth flour is also rich in fatty acids and contains tocotrienol, which is a powerful form of vitamin E. Amaranth flour is about five times more iron and three times more fiber than wheat flour. It is also rich in other trace elements, including potassium, phosphorus and vitamins A, C.

Help for people with gluten intolerance
People who experience allergic reactions to products containing gluten can avoid or minimize these unpleasant symptoms by using amaranth flour in combination with other types of flour that do not contain gluten or have an extremely low gluten content.

Gluten is a protein composite that is found in many foods made from wheat and some other cereals.Susan O’Brien, author of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Cooking, recommends using amaranth flour alone to thicken sauces or breading. As for baking, she suggests using amaranth flour – 25 percent of the total flour content in recipes, combining it with other gluten free flour, such as flour from quinoa and brown rice.

Strong antioxidant properties
A team of Brazilian scientists conducted laboratory studies, including on animals, to evaluate the antioxidant properties of Amaranthus hypochondriacus, one of the main species used to produce amaranth flour.

In vitro tests showed that amaranth seed extract contained adequate levels of the total amount of phenols — natural plant compounds — and demonstrated enhanced antioxidant activity.

In a study on laboratory rats, animal print was exposed to ethanol. In rats, which were then fed with amaranth extract, there was less damage to the liver than in control groups that received alternative food.

In an article in the journal “Plant Food for Human Nutrition” in the 2009 issue, researchers say their results confirm that amaranth seeds are a good source of phenols, which have a protective effect on the blood and liver of rats exposed to ethanol.

Amaranth flour is an ideal product that allows you to cook tasty, healthy pastries. Flour is becoming increasingly popular, in demand. It can be purchased not only in dietary shops, but also in ordinary supermarkets.

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