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Cold and sore throats – the eternal companions of winter. In the fall, a person living in our latitudes naturally reduces the amount of vitamins consumed. And even kilograms of oranges do not save. Alas, citrus fruits do not contain the whole complex of nutrients necessary for supporting immunity, but only some useful elements. So, lemons, tangerines and oranges will satisfy only the daily need of the body for vitamin C, if you eat about 200 grams of pulp. The rest was not enough in October, so it is not enough in December, and add cold, damp and lack of sunshine – and hello, illnesses, have not been seen since last spring.

Advertising advises from all sides: “Eat even more vitamins!” We eat, eat – and continue to get sick. Why? Because it is not one vitamins alive immunity.

To a series of December cold did not catch up with time after time, it takes two things:

Maintain immunity not only with vitamins A and C, which are now advertised as the best immunostimulants (in part they really support the immune system, but far from the promised 100%), and not only with the help of vitamins in general. No less needed, and other substances about which advertising is silent.
Observe antiviral and anti-infective hygiene, that is, keep the mucous membranes and lymph nodes of the nasopharynx, face and hands skin clean. A strong organism will cope with an accidental infection. But when the mouth and nose are attacked by viruses from all sides (and there are especially many sources of infection in the winter), even a good immunity will not give a fitting rebuff.
And here amaranth will help.

Block the way to viruses
Amaranth contains a kind of basis, the necessary minimum of substances that support the immune system. Here you need to return to school biology lessons and remember that the support of immunity is due to the interaction, the synthesis of various substances, and not just their presence in the body. Reception of one of them to the detriment of others will not bring tangible benefits, as he, roughly speaking, has nothing to react with. Namely, the result of the “reaction” strengthens the immune system. You can make an enzimy-kak-katalizator analogy with chemical experience: there are all the necessary substances and conditions for conducting the experiment at hand, but until you put the substances in the right proportions in the required conditions, nothing will happen. With immunity as well.

Therefore, taking only vitamin C or only vitamin A will not produce the effect. Receiving vitamin C with vitamin A (even if each of them will be less) will help more, since the two of them can be synthesized with other substances that are somehow present in some quantity in the body. The intake of vitamins C, A, essential fats and a couple of essential microelements will have an even more significant effect and so on.

The effectiveness of amaranth is due to the fact that it contains several substances that are required for the stable operation of the immune system. Once in the body, these substances can immediately begin to interact and provide what we need – strong immunity.

The substances in amaranth that strengthen the immune system
The necessary (for immunity) minimum of substances in amaranth is a few vitamins, fats and microelements. Their combination supports the immune system in a state in which it can promptly respond to external stimuli and provide the body with the necessary protection.

What are these substances?

Vitamin C
In combination with vitamin A, it provides leukocyte function. Here it is necessary to explain why leukocytes are important for immunity.

White blood cells are white blood cells, whose main function is to protect the body. They “live” in human blood, but can penetrate through the walls of blood vessels and go beyond them into the intercellular space. They are engaged in the fact that they absorb foreign bodies that have entered the body and disrupt its work. If there are too many foreign bodies and there is not enough “protection”, the leukocytes try to absorb more than they are capable of, and as a result they collapse in place, releasing the particles of the harmful bodies already absorbed. So there is mucus, swelling with a cold. An excessively large number of dead leukocytes manifests as pus.

In other words, the more leukocytes and the faster the immune system produces them in response to the irritant in return for the dead, the easier it is for the body to cope with this irritant.

Vitamin E
Kills free radicals – too active molecules. Their activity is caused by the fact that they do not grab one or several electrons, because of which they “select” an electron from full-fledged molecules. Some amount of free radicals in the body should be, but their excess leads to oxidation of the environment (because the work of free radicals triggers the oxidation reaction), and in an overly oxidized environment, the immunity does not work in principle: the body’s cells do not inhibit the action of stimuli cells.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids
Owing to the same oxidation reaction in the body, they turn into eicosanoids, substances that resemble hormones in their functions, but they are not. Eicosanoids work in the body as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, are involved in the destruction and elimination of toxic and pathogenic substances from the body.

Curious! It is thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids that amaranth is considered a good anti-inflammatory agent.

Participates in the production of lymphocytes – subgroups of leukocytes, which are responsible for the reaction of the immune system to an infection or virus and which are absorbed by the virus cells. Deficiency of zinc, respectively, leads to the fact that lymphocytes are produced less, the speed of their appearance lags behind the rate of reproduction of the virus. As a result, the virus in the “confrontation” with leukocytes wins, and a person has to take medical drugs that replace leukocytes.

An action similar to that which produces zinc.

Pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6
It activates the immune system’s reaction to the penetration of irritants into the body. Thanks to him, during inflammation, lymphocytes begin to be produced in larger quantities (provided that the proper amount of zinc and iron in the blood). Thanks to him, they get to the site of infection.

Participates in the anti-inflammatory reaction of the body caused by the spread of the virus or infection (that is, it works in those places where inflammation originates or progresses, sometimes visible and tangible, sometimes imperceptible to humans). In addition, it protects cells from free radicals, preventing excessive oxidation of the environment.

The daily dose that provides amaranth
Daily dose – the amount of a substance that must be consumed with food daily to maintain the full work of all organs, and in this case – the immune system. The correct diet is made on the basis of the amount of the desired substance in each product used. And some of the above substances can be consumed only as part of amaranth, without worrying that their shortage will occur.

So, 100 g of amaranth contains:

  • 42% of the required daily intake of iron;
  • 34% of the required daily dose of selenium;
  • 30% of the required daily dose of vitamin B6.

This means that the consumption of amaranth seeds and amaranth oil in an appropriate amount will provide the organism with iron, selenium and pyridoxine as a whole.

If you are a fan of amaranth cereals or salads with amaranth oil and use amaranth in large portions, then zinc (of which in amaranth is 24% of the desired daily dose) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (13%) will also be enough for you.

Thus, it will remain to supplement the diet with vitamins C and E (there are moderate amounts in amaranth – approximately 8% and 5% of the daily dose of an adult per 100 g of product) – and the immune system will be provided with everything necessary.

Note! Indicators of daily doses are given in accordance with the norms of physiological nutrient requirements for various groups of the population of the Russian Federation of December 18, 2008. If you have diseases, disorders or individual characteristics that require an increased intake of one of the listed substances, the diet should be calculated based on your own daily doses.

There is one funny rule: if you remember about immunity, then it must be strengthened; if you forget about the existence of an immune system, then it is healthy.

The second part of the material will be devoted to how to help the immune system, if it is faced with a large number of viruses and infections or with one potent strain. Still, when it comes to heavy flu viruses, sometimes even the strongest immunity fails. For now: bless you – with amaranth!

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