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Amaranth is considered an extremely valuable plant. The Aztecs and the Incas, who have made shiritsu the basis of their diet, have long noted this value. But today we will talk not about the nutritional value and usefulness of amaranth as a product, but about its use in cosmetology. Schiritsa is incredibly useful for skin and hair. Cosmetologists say that if you regularly use it in your daily care, it will significantly improve the appearance and condition of the face and hair.

This article will look at 5 products that definitely will appeal to all women who want their curls to always look perfect.

Shampoo intensively cleansing (manufacturer Sumo Technologies LLC – Russia) has a protective effect and optimally fits normal and greasy hair.

Ingredients: St. John’s wort, nettle, amaranth oil, wheat proteins, coconut oil and more. It is noteworthy that this shampoo contains 71% decoction of wild herbs, but it does not contain synthetic dyes and silicones.

Amaranth oil, which is part of the composition, ensures the penetration of all nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. St. John’s Wort – normalizes the separation of fat, provides the skin with nutrients (vitamin C and carotene), gives the curls vitality and shine.

Nettle in this shampoo acts as a gentle care for oily hair. In addition, it reduces the loss and stimulates growth. The herbs in this tool have a magical effect, but the amino acids from wheat proteins that make it up only reinforce this magic.

How to use: apply shampoo to damp hair, massage well and rinse thoroughly with water. If there is such a need (and it will be with greasy hair) repeat the process. Best of all, this tool is used with balsam-conditioner line “Sonora”.

Shampoo-conditioner (manufacturer “Spring Health” – Russia) is ideal for those who need intensive care for the scalp and hair. As well as those who wish to restore the elasticity and structure of curls, strengthen the roots and stimulate growth.

Ingredients: extracts of amaranth, sage, juniper, wheat proteins, coconut diethanolamide and others.

The ROZ-Amaranth conditioner shampoo has several beneficial effects on hair at once:

  • gives them vitality;
  • provides nutrition of the hair follicles and skin cells;
  • accelerates growth;
  • provides greater smoothness and softness;
  • helps to restore the structure of curls during any negative impacts;
    revitalizes dormant hair follicles;
  • gives hair shine, smoothness and volume;
  • gently cleans and creates a thin protective layer on the surface of the curls.

Method of application: apply shampoo-conditioner to wet hair with light massaging movements, foam and rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat as necessary.

Sono balm conditioner (manufactured by Summa Technologies NPO LLC – Russia) – revitalizes and normalizes the condition of any hair type. In addition, this tool prevents the cross-section of the tips, does not allow color leaching too quickly, gives silkiness and smoothness. As often happens, balms, promising smoothness, only make the curls heavier and reduce such an expected volume. Balsam-conditioner “Sonora” does not, but it increases the shine, nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the hair along their entire length.

Ingredients: almond and amaranth oils, D-panthenol, wheat proteins and others.

Amaranth seed oil is aimed at stimulating metabolic processes in the scalp, and almond oil is aimed at restoring the natural elasticity of hair, which is lost over time due to regular use of hair dryer and irons.

The proteins from wheat seeds, which are part of the Sonor conditioner balsam, are capable of creating an ultrathin film on the surface of each individual hair, which returns natural radiance to the curls and smoothes them out.

D-panthenol, when penetrating the hair follicles and rods, strengthens them, significantly reducing hair loss and increasing the strength of the hair by 25-30%.

As a result of the application of this balm, you will see that the hair has become much more durable and shiny. They are easier to comb, both wet and dry. With the balsam “Sonora” do not have to spend money on additional funds that will deal with electrification, because he copes with this unpleasant state.

Method of application: Apply the product to wet only washed hair, massage for 3-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Balm for hair (producer “Health Spring” – Russia) intensively cares for the scalp and hair, restoring their elasticity and structure. In addition, thanks to this tool stimulates the growth of hair follicles and a significant strengthening of the roots.

Ingredients: hop extracts, amaranth, birch buds, sage, juniper, etc.

Those who have already tried to use hair balm from “Health Spring”, note such positive changes:

  • improvement of blood supply to the scalp and hairline;
  • rendering the recovering action on the damaged ringlets;
  • hair loss prevention;
  • giving them smoothness, shine and volume;
  • increased vitality weakened and lifeless hair.

How to use: start with the fact that you wash your hair with shampoo from “Health Spring”. Then apply a balm on the entire surface of the curls, carefully rub it into the roots, trying not to exert too much effort in order not to harm. Leave the product for 10 minutes, after which thoroughly rinse everything with warm water.

Planet SPA Altai hair oil (manufacturer Planet SPA – Russia) is an ideal tool for those who suffer from excessive hair dryness.

Ingredients: amaranth oil, jojoba, argan, vitamin E, enotery extract, grape seed, almond, sunflower, and so on.

Due to its oils, Altai has several positive effects on the hair at once:

  • structure improvement;
  • smoothing damaged scales;
  • giving a dazzling shine;
  • strengthening and nourishing curls along the entire length;
  • providing thermal protection when using hot styling devices;
  • ensuring color protection when used on dyed hair;
  • improving the obedience and softness of the curls;
  • easier combing;
  • lack of weighting and fat content.

Immediately it should be noted that there is a lot of debate about how to properly use hair oils. Some people think that it is necessary to apply such products only after washing, others are absolutely sure that the oil works best when applied to dry hair.

We offer only one option, but if it does not suit you, look for ways that will give the best effect.

How to use: start with rubbing oil into the ends of the hair, then gradually move to their roots. Massage your scalp, trying to relax as much as possible. After that, arm yourself with a soft brush with natural bristles and comb your hair well. Leave the agent for 15-20 minutes, then wash your hair in the usual way.

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