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The healing properties of amaranth have long been known. And if at first the plant was used as a folk remedy, then over time they began to produce tools and preparations based on it, which were included in the complex treatment of a number of diseases, for prevention, as well as to slow down the aging process of the skin and the whole body. Some of these tools and preparations are considered universal, because they not only help solve the main health problem, but also positively affect other so-called pain points in the body.

Features of the composition of amaranth

Everything is interesting in amaranth! The results of many studies give reason to talk about the rich, unique composition of the plant. Thus, a high content of proteins in amaranth, the presence of vitamins A, C, D, E and group B, and minerals (up to 4%, which is more than that of cereals), was confirmed. Amaranth, due to its balanced protein composition, has the highest affinity for the theoretically calculated “ideal protein”. Therefore, it is called superfood!

Amaranth oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids:

  • linoleic;
  • palmitic;
  • stearic;
  • oleic;
  • linolenic.

All essential fatty acids are essential for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, they reduce inflammatory processes in the body, improve tissue nutrition. Such acids in amaranth are contained in large quantities – about 77%. Linoleic acid (50%) dominates in this composition. Moreover, it is 10 times more in human cell membranes than omega-3-unsaturated α-linolenic fatty acid, and this proves the enormous importance of linoleic acid and the entire class of omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids for the normal functioning of cell and subcellular membranes.

But squalene, which is actively involved in the oxygenation of all body tissues, is considered the most important in amaranth oil. It easily penetrates through the skin and mucous membranes inward, affecting the entire body. It is a powerful immunostimulant and an excellent antitumor agent that prevents the destructive effects of cancer cells. Amaranth oil contains a high level of squalene, and due to this, preparations based on this amaranth processing product are widely used, in turn, for the production of medical agents and preparations. They, in particular, are used to protect the body from the harmful effects of the environment, radiation, promote the resorption of malignant tumors. Amaranth oil itself has a good healing ability, and it is used in the treatment of severe burns, psoriasis, eczema and other diseases associated with damage to the skin and mucous membranes. The unique chemical composition of amaranth has identified great potential for its use as a therapeutic agent and raw material for the production of various drugs.

Snake Farm and products based on amaranth oil
The pharmaceutical company “Snake Farm” is already well known in the market of alternative drugs: its products are presented in many pharmacies in Ukraine. The only drug in Ukraine in the form of a suppository based on amaranth oil AMMATUI is produced here, and it has already gained popularity among people with problems in the field of urology, gynecology and proctology. In the course of practice, it was proved that this drug:

  • restores the mucous membrane of the pelvic organs;
  • It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect;
  • removes congestion in the pelvic organs;
  • helps strengthen immunity.

After treatment, the scheme of which includes candles from “Snake Farm”, a positive therapeutic effect is noted. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of grateful customers on the company’s website. We learn more about the company and its products from an interview with Yevgeny Yanitsky, the head of Snake Farm.
– The company was founded at the end of 2016. Since 2017, the company began to work actively. They mastered the production of candles based on amaranth oil “AMMATUI” and since 2018 – “AMAVAG” (with the addition of pumpkin oil). Indications for use of AMMATUI are gynecology (inflammatory diseases, recovery after various manipulations on the cervix, microtraumas, prevention of ruptures during childbirth and quick recovery after them), urology (prostatitis) and proctology (fissures and hemorrhoids of the rectum). “AMAVAG” eliminates the atrophic and dystrophic conditions of the vaginal mucosa at the pre- and postmenopausal age, as well as after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

– Who developed the composition of the candles, the technology for their production? And why on the basis of amaranth oil?
– I am the developer. I have the experience of a medical practitioner for 10 years and have worked in the pharmaceutical business for more than 15 years, starting with a regular medical representative and reaching the position of Deputy Commercial Director. Since 2013, I had a desire to do something of my own, and began to try. The first attempts were not successful. And then I noticed Amaranth – this is a plant with a capital letter! A lot of materials about amaranth were studied, which were in the public domain and in scientific libraries. Especially impressive was the fact that amaranth is growing in Ukraine. And there is even a Ukrainian amaranth association. I wanted to minimize the risks associated with the purchase and transportation of raw materials from other countries. It was decided to do something with him, so that it would be useful to people, as a means for treatment and prevention. I wanted to create exactly the Ukrainian product. At that time, I studied at a business school, and they tried to convey to us that it is important to be a professional, to be the first, and to work for the good of our / Ukrainian / product, to support our economy.

The idea was. Then there was the process of creating a candle – consultations with specialists in the field of pharmacy, the search for production with high quality standards.
– This applies to the composition. And the production technology?
– These are the so-called technical conditions, and we developed them precisely in the direction of the candles. Now there are a lot of candles on the market, and in 90% of cases they have a chemical composition and a water base (polyethylene glycol or PEG), which almost do not dissolve at the injection site, require preliminary wetting with boiled water, tend to leak and can cause irritation instead take it off.

In our candles, we use only cold-pressed oil, a patented fat base of German origin, due to which suppositories begin to dissolve at the injection site and are well absorbed by the mucous membrane, as there is a lipid (fat) membrane in the cells of the body that better absorbs fats, and not others water soluble substances.
– During the period of candle production had to modify the recipe?
– Only once had to be finalized. And this is not in order to increase efficiency, but to add evidence, so they added a little sea buckthorn.

Having opened the description of candles AMMATUI, you can pay attention that there are separate recommendations “For her” and “For him.” But at the same time, they have much in common, and here, in particular, they have an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthen blood vessels.
– Candles AMMATUI universal. They can be administered rectally and vaginally. Therefore, this form of release is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, if administered rectally, then the candles have an even better effect. All this – depending on the indications, so that the substance quickly gets to the site of inflammation. For women’s health, they can be administered vaginally before childbirth. This helps alleviate childbirth, as well as avoid gaps. It is also recommended to use candles to normalize women’s health after childbirth.
– Do you have other types of products?
– We are working on it, but so far only candles.
– You have a team of doctors, right?
– Yes. We work mainly with doctors.
– How do you feel about self-medication? Does a person have to be guided by the prescriptions of a doctor? Or is it possible, after reading reviews, to independently purchase and use?
– Speaking about our products, the client can purchase it himself – for one simple reason – they are safe. Our candles can be used by pregnant and lactating women. I can’t say anything about the products of other companies.
“I noticed on your site that you have many pharmacy partners.” Difficulties in making contacts? After all, not everyone happily accepts someone new …
– Of course they were. Pharmacies are large locomotives that have already gained their speed, and if you jump on the go, it is always difficult. We try to find a common language.

The difficulties were that even many doctors did not know what amaranth is. When we entered the market, only about 2% of doctors knew what amaranth is. The rest had a minimal idea of ​​this plant and its properties. We are the first who made such products, and so far remain the best!
– Any investment project requires investments. How quickly did your project begin to pay for itself?
– In a year.
“Now you are investing in development, right?”
– Yes, we invest, and are ready for investment, if necessary. We are moving, but if additional, necessary funds are introduced, the pace of movement will be even faster.
– Can you talk about the number of employees in your company? ..
– Up to 30 people. It is possible to freeze salaries for themselves and partners, but not for employees, since they do not receive any interest or dividends from the company. To freeze their salary is incorrect.

– Has your company used or is using the products of your company?
“Of course, all the time, only in a slightly different direction.” We understand the capabilities of our candles and we have ideas for non-standard applications, since the candle has a good shape and fat base, it is very good to lubricate small wounds, use it as the same hygienic lipstick, especially when chapped lips. Even if a burn is received, then you can take such a lipstick and grease. The condition improves and the pain process goes away, because pain is inflammation. Due to the fact that in one amaranth-based candle there is a large amount of squalene (20 mg of squalene per candle), it relieves inflammation very well. This is according to our research.
– Do you have a laboratory in the company?
– If I conduct such research in my laboratory, it will be incorrect. Research was conducted in an independent laboratory.
– Do you use amaranth or its processed products – oil, cereals?
– Of course. Cooking porridge …
– And your feelings from the use of amaranth … Have you analyzed the work of your body?
– You see, my body is healthy, and I can’t say that something has changed.
– How does your family react to seasonal diseases?
– With a positive mood.
– Do you take raw materials for your products through the Association?
– Partly so, partly directly from suppliers.
– Among the suppliers of raw materials are large enterprises or …
– Large. They must have quality certificates for the products. But then we check anyway. The microbiological purity of the raw material and how long it will retain its healing properties are important to us.
– If you compare production volumes in 2016 and now …
– On average, three times increased. Sales are in every region. Depending on where the doctors know about our products, about amaranth.
“Now is such a time – and a crisis, a pandemic, but some people are trying to start a business …”
– At the moment, these are opportunities. Perhaps, before that someone had misconducted his business strategy, and at the moment he is thinking either to finish everything or to invest crazy money. You must be able to be an expert in your field. A businessman must be able to calculate risks, understand when, where and how much is needed, and then make a decision. I myself am now in this position: I have just launched two projects … What would I do? I believe that it is necessary to develop. There were already crises – 2008, 2014 … and the current crisis is an opportunity.

The Ukrainian company Snake Farm seeks out development opportunities and implements them. Moreover, it uses exclusively domestic raw materials, and the funds received remain in the country and become part of our economy.

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