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You are in a hurry home from work and dream of a delicious dinner with your family. And in order to end your meal with a light dessert, you think for a long time what to brew today, because it is not recommended to drink black or green tea in the evening. You already know from experience that some of your relatives will not fall asleep quickly afterwards. You open the closet and look in the direction of the cocoa, but it also contains a small amount of caffeine. And the compote should still be infused, and the milk will provoke gurgling after fatty foods. And you dream of some kind of universal drink! So that it tastes of the same tea, but is only as healthy as possible. Such a drink has existed for a long time and it does not need to be insisted for a long time. Tea made from dry amaranth leaves is a godsend for everyone who takes care of themselves and their family members. And what can we say about its healing properties ?!

Amaranth tea for homemade pancakes with honey-amaranth paste
Amaranth tea tastes like classic black tea. For lovers of an invigorating drink, brew amaranth leaves in a richer version, which is about 2 teaspoons per 250 ml of boiling water. Color saturation and astringency are guaranteed. The characteristic amaranth shade is achieved by brewing brightly colored leaves. In particular, these include the varieties Valentina, Lera, Roter Dam and others. There is even such a thing as amaranth color (red-violet). Add sugar and honey to the finished tea to taste. We advise you to drink it with the popular Hohey Energy TM honey-amaranth paste – from the Ukrainian manufacturer of medicinal sweets. What a pleasure it is to put a spoonful of this delicious pasta on a homemade pancake and wash it down with hot amaranth tea! Such a delicious tandem will perfectly enrich your breakfast, as well as fill the beginning of the day with a positive and, more importantly, with essential substances that strengthen the immune system.

Amaranth tea has a whole range of useful components:

  • vitamins C, B, E, D, P, E;
  • carotene, flavonoids, squalene, protein;
  • minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese and others.

Amaranth tea relieves inflammation and prevents a large number of diseases. If Ukrainians from a young age drank only this tea, they would not have so many problems with hypertension, dehydration of internal organs, chronic fatigue from lack of sleep and deposits on the inner walls of blood vessels (in medicine, it is called fibrosis). And all this, including – a consequence of the systematic intake of coffee and tea in large quantities (more than 2 cups a day). According to the latest scientific studies, coffee reduces the amount of gray matter in the human brain – ardent coffee drinkers have changes in the right medial temporal lobe that control the memory process. If you replace coffee with water, compote and herbal infusion, the body is quickly renewed and comes to the indicators of the physiological norm.

Herbal medicine and a decoction of amaranth leaves.
In addition to a large number of positive changes in your well-being, it is this plant that can be prescribed as one of the components of complex therapy. Amaranth has practically no side effects, except for individual intolerance. With exacerbations of chronic diseases, some herbs help, while others can, on the contrary, add discomfort. Therefore, do not take a variety of herbal teas on your own without consulting a specialized doctor. But amaranth in most cases will not harm, because its task is to fill your body with useful substances. The amaranth drink acts mildly and stabilizes the condition of patients without disturbing the vital functions of other organs. This is especially important for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: with diarrhea, constipation, stomach ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas, biliary spasms (pancreatitis and cholecystitis). Amaranth infusion should also be used as a mild hepatoprotective agent, in the treatment of the genitourinary system in women and men, with dysbiosis and as a sedative. But most of all, amaranth is valued for its ability to excellently strengthen the immune system, thanks to its high content of squalene. Drink this unique tea and consume amaranth grain products. This will be an excellent form of prevention of colds.

The color of the amaranth drink is influenced by the original color of the leaves.
What phytotherapeutic agents should be combined with decoctions of amaranth leaves for medicinal purposes?

  • to relieve inflammation and improve bowel activity – brew amaranth with chamomile;
  • for the pancreas and bile, add corn silk and chopped burdock roots to the amaranth leaves. And if you put a few dry buds of marigolds, then such an infusion will also have a beneficial effect on your vision;
  • when stabilizing the intestines after diarrhea, combine amaranth tea with a decoction of raspberry leaves;
  • for the heart and blood vessels, add strawberry leaves, hawthorn fruits, or in small quantities – valerian and motherwort;
  • and sage, together with the amaranth healer, will work well on the health of your lungs and other organs of the respiratory system.

Amaranth leaves are one of the few products that can be used as a seasoning. Sprinkle small amounts into soups, gravies, borscht, or other hot dishes. And from fresh leaves, stews are prepared, following the example of cabbage or spinach.
The organoleptic properties of amaranth tea are a list of special components that act on the final raw material of their dry leaves. These include:

  • the time of collecting the leaves – it is necessary that raw materials are harvested for tea from plants that do not yet have seeds, which take on the maximum ratio of useful components;
  • lack of soil pollution by chemicals where amaranth is grown;
  • weather conditions under which the plant grew – the amount of precipitation and sun, the depth of the moisture that comes from underground sources of moisture;
  • the presence of chemically treated areas next to plantations – it is necessary to ensure organic purity not only to areas with amaranth, but also to crops that are sown nearby;
  • amaranth raw materials must be collected according to the principle of medicinal herbs – to pick off whole leaves without damage and dry in well-ventilated rooms, without direct sunlight.

In Ukraine, organic amaranth is mainly produced. Growing requirements are carefully checked by chemical analyzes carried out by exporting companies. Therefore, be sure that tea from this fantastically useful plant will be a real helper to your health and definitely, there will be no harm, which foreign producers of black or green tea sometimes keep silent about. But, if you still have a certain skepticism in this matter, you can buy amaranth seeds and plant it in your personal plot. To prepare amaranth raw materials for yourself for the whole year, one or two varieties with sowing in several rows will be enough for you.


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