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Among the many positive properties of the amaranth plant and the products derived from it, it is particularly worth highlighting its ability to fight cancer.

In a previous article, we described in detail the results of clinical studies conducted on patients with cancer treatment with amaranthimostric leukemia, which were treated with amaranth oil several times a day for three months. And the result exceeded all expectations – read more: “Amaranth oil and cancer treatment: results of research.”

In short, we note that amaranth has not only an excellent preventive effect, preventing the formation of cancerous tumors, but also perfectly fights against already formed tumors.

Note. You need to understand the following – treatment with amaranth oil is not such a quick process. Therefore, expect an instant result is not worth it. But to accelerate the impact, it is recommended to use 100% amaranth oil, not diluted with other oils.

Why is amaranth oil good for treating cancer?
This is primarily due to the high content of the most unique product, which is squalene. First, it was found in the fat, cartilage and other organs of the shark. And only recently the presence of squalene in amaranth has been established – but here it is about three times more than in shark “products”.

It is squalene that fights against tumors, and also does not allow their development, significantly increasing the body’s resistance to various infections. It also protects against radiation, in particular, it increases the protective properties of the body during chemotherapy, ensuring rapid recovery of the body.

Naturally, other components of amaranth and products derived from it also have a positive effect on the cancer patient:

  • fatty acids, both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated;
  • arachidonic acid;
  • phospholipids;
  • vitamins D, E;
  • bile acids;
  • many trace elements and minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, etc.

Features of the effect of amaranth oil in the treatment of cancer
The main feature of the positive effects of amaranth oil when administered during oncology treatment is that there is a restoration of blood. This helps patients to avoid the so-called internal catastrophe and increases their chances for recovery. Amaranth oil in the treatment of cancer

After all, as you know, the cause of death in oncology is, first of all, intoxication of the body, and not the tumor itself. Amaranth, or rather, squalene, not only destroys the tumors and prevents their reappearance, but also fights intoxication, restores blood, which we also told in the article: “Amaranth oil and cancer treatment: research results.”

How to take amaranth in the treatment of cancer
First of all, we note that the amaranth oil, taken orally, allows the body to recover from tedious chemotherapy.

It is recommended to treat skin areas in those parts of the body where the cancer is located. This will not only reduce the negative impact of chemotherapy, but also makes it possible to significantly increase the dose of radiation without fear of radiological burns.

Amaranth oil for oncology
As mentioned above, for greater efficiency, it is necessary to use 100% amaranth oil, without diluting it with other vegetable oils derived from medicinal herbs.

Properties of amaranth A complete course of treatment may require from one to seven liters of pure oil – it all depends on the degree of oncology, the organ that is afflicted with cancer cells.

One of the recommendations for ingestion of amaranth oil for cancer is as follows – you need to drink two large spoons of oil three times a day before eating.

If we are talking about cancer of the esophagus, the treatment of which involves irradiation, then in this case the recipe for taking amaranth oil is as follows:

  • a small spoonful of butter thrice a day;
  • oil should be taken throughout the course of treatment through irradiation;
  • to consolidate the result and prevention, it is recommended to drink the oil in the indicated amounts for another three weeks after the end of the course of treatment.

Note. Oncology has recently increasingly affected women, affecting purely female organs. To prevent ovarian cancer, it is necessary to take a tablespoon of amaranth oil once a day.

Amaranth Cocktail
A green shake obtained from amaranth will also be a good method to fight cancer. For its preparation it is necessary to collect the green leaves of the plant and squeeze one hundred grams of juice from them. To make the juice tastier, it is more pleasant to drink amaranth leaves in the treatment of cancer, it is necessary to add a little to it:

  • apple;
  • tangerine;
  • orange;
  • beetroot;
  • carrot;
  • pineapple;
  • tomato;
  • kiwi;
  • pear;
  • plum juice.

Note. Do not mix fruit and vegetable juices. Three, a maximum of four types of juice of various types will suffice to produce a mixture.

A mixture of juices should be drunk throughout the day, gradually increasing the volume taken.

Amaranth paste
In general, the juice is quite useful, but there is one major drawback. In the stomachs, the acid acts on it in such a way that chlorophyll disintegrates extremely rapidly.

Therefore, in order to increase efficiency, it is recommended to prepare a kind of pasta from the green leaves of amaranth – by twisting it, for example, in a meat grinder. As a result, it will allow the body to provide a variety of nutrients.

Amaranth in general and amaranth oil, as well as amaranth leaves can provide significant assistance in the treatment of oncological diseases, which often lead to deaths.

As studies have shown, squalene, which is part of amaranth and its products, really effectively fights against tumors and prevents their development and spread. In addition, the intake of amaranth products restores the composition of the blood, removes intoxication of the body. And it helps the body and organs recover after tedious chemotherapy courses.

However, when choosing amaranth for the treatment of oncological diseases, in no case should one refuse the prescription made by the doctor. After all, the ultimate success depends on the complex effects on the disease!

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