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Pumpkin is a national product in Ukraine, which has been cultivated here for more than one century, but in fact it came to us from North America. But it seems that the traditions of growing pumpkin are so ancient that for us it is already like a full-fledged relative. Following the example of pumpkin, amaranth also came to us from the other side of the world. And today it can become no less popular than all pumpkin seeds. There is nothing to think of a better tandem in the way of heat treatment and nutritional value! Both cultures are distinguished by a unique composition of useful components. Well, these two mouth-watering heroes are ready to give each other a green hand to enter the Ukrainian table festively and change their health for the better, enrich their diet and add a good mood.

Why is pumpkin pulp a winning pairing with amaranth?
Amaranth porridge is quite nutritious and is not inferior to meat or fish in satiety, while pumpkin, on the contrary, has a delicate consistency. For people who choose lighter food, this is a great option for preparing a wider variety of dishes.
Amaranth grain and pumpkin are in the forefront among other organic plants, have great prospects for growing without adding harmful agricultural chemistry.
Gluten Free – These cultures are popular with advocates of gluten free foods. And the rest of the people should eat less food with gluten, because in large quantities it is not the best option for the good functioning of our digestion.
A large number of options for cooking recipes. By combining different varieties of sun pumpkin and amaranth porridge, cereal or oil, you can significantly diversify your menu. Dishes with these products can be consumed at any time: in the morning, at lunch or at dinner.
For enrichment with vitamins, microelements and other useful components of baby food. Amaranth and pumpkin are very appropriate for children of different ages, they are very necessary for an actively growing organism. Amaranth-pumpkin dishes should be paid attention not only to parents, but also to educational institutions, which should offer balanced ingredients for cooking in kindergartens and school canteens. This is true for toddlers, for schoolchildren and gymnasiums, for university students. A healthy nation starts at our children’s plate.

Porridge with pumpkin can be cooked with amaranth cereals
Amaranth and pumpkin dishes
Amaranth flakes for pumpkin porridge.
It’s hard to decide what to try first to see if you like this combination? The easiest recipe is to make pumpkin porridge with amaranth flakes. Cook the pumpkin as you always do, but to keep it thinner. To do this, add to it the liquid in which the pumpkin was cooked or add ordinary boiling water. Add amaranth flakes to the hot mass, stir and cover. Eat to your health after 15-20 minutes.

Homemade bread with pumpkin and amaranth flour
Homemade bread and other pastries with amaranth flour and pumpkin.
Many housewives with their own bread maker are willing to experiment with various additions to the dough. It is recommended to select pumpkin varieties with bright orange pulp for bread, rolls, pies. There are many options for the composition of ingredients:

Mix wheat and amaranth flour in approximately equal proportions, and add the pumpkin slices when the dough is already laid out in the molds. You can add dried pumpkin slices or semi-boiled here, you can sprinkle pumpkin seeds on top.
If you have pumpkin flour, you can make pumpkin bread, popular in Europe. Combine amaranth flour and pumpkin flour in a ½ ratio, where 1 part is pumpkin and 2 parts are from amaranth.
You can also mix amaranth flour and fresh pumpkin puree when it gets cold. From this dough, you get muffins, a traditional charlotte or as a base for a berry pie.
American Pumpkin Pie is prepared without adding the pulp of this vegetable to the dough. First, a pie is formed with a depression in the center, the dough for which can be with amaranth, rye or wheat flour. Then the pumpkin mass with the addition of cottage cheese, butter and an ingredient that acts as a thickener (you can add 2 tablespoons of amaranth flour) is poured inside. Visually, such a pie resembles a sweet pizza.

American Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin-amaranth hot dishes.
Each of these products is great, both sweet and savory. For casseroles or sweet cereals, there are many corresponding pumpkin varieties – sweeter and more tender, which have a small percentage of sugars in their composition. Soups and mashed potatoes are prepared according to classic recipes, but amaranth grain acts as cereals, which is cooked in time in almost the same way as, for example, rice.

An omelet with pumpkin puree and amaranth flour turns out to be very tender and satisfying. Perfect for a quick breakfast.

Soups with the addition of amaranth and pumpkin cubes whet the appetite by their very appearance. Original in taste, they will be held in high esteem among many diet food lovers. Prepare soup with amaranth and pumpkin, both sweet and with the addition of various seasonings and other vegetables, which add spice and piquancy.
Milk pumpkin porridge – will become even more loved in your family if instead of rice or millet, you add amaranth cereal. Cook over low heat and remember that amaranth loves to cook slowly and absorbs a lot of liquid. The grain of this plant is extremely small and therefore it boils down gradually and uniformly – you will really like the consistency of the delicious porridge. Cook this dish for your little son or daughter and you will see a pleasant surprise on their face, and then you will also hear the magic phrase “Mom, I want more!”.
So, we have provided you with one more material on creating many interesting dishes in your home menu. We understand that every housewife has her own way of looking at cooking. One cooks and bakes, strictly adhering to the recipe, the other loves to “cook by eye”. We hope you take the above ideas to create your best recipes. The main thing is not what they will be called and the nuances of personal technology in your kitchen, but the unprecedented benefits for you and your family. We wish you that you choose your dishes wisely, because we deserve to have organic products, tasty and really reasonably healthy vegetables, fruits, cereals and other Ukrainian food – traditional or completely new – on our table.


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