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It sometimes seems to modern people that everything was different before, and of course, better. People lived longer, ate more varied and delicious food, the craftsmen were more talented, the girls were prettier, and the men were stronger. In some ways, this is so. But according to scientists, a hundred or two hundred years ago, in fact, everything was not so rosy. Both the peasants in the villages and the workers in the cities worked hard for wear and tear. Therefore, a priori, they could not live very long. To saturate their bodies, they had to eat very high-calorie and fatty foods, which allowed them to withstan daily physical stress.

People of our time are already suffering more from psychological problems: stress, emotional pressure, informational irritants. And also – poor quality food and a sedentary lifestyle. This means that in ancient times and now people do not live in ideal conditions. In the past, men and women had little choice but to find it difficult to work and raise families with many children. And today, contemporaries are faced with other reasons for poor health. Anything better? Yes – we have more freedom to choose a lifestyle, interesting work, type of physical activity, daily routine and healthy food. And those lucky people who have found their way to a long and happy life now amaze the scientific world. Such people look several decades younger and shine with health and youth. And don’t think that they live only in rich developed countries.

Each nation has its own recipes for longevity, but the principles for all mankind are the same, here are the main ones:

  • Eating organic foods with high nutritional value. We emphasize that these are products that have a very diverse composition of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and protein. That is, everything that supports the stable renewal of the body at the physical level.
  • An active lifestyle is a pleasure. Keep yourself in shape not with grueling exercises, but those that are suitable for a specific person, respectively, his physique, age, gender and type of character.
  • Psychological hygiene. This can be attributed to the fact that today’s people should not limit themselves to the necessary rest: vacation at least 2 times a year, sleep at least 8 hours (or, accordingly, an individual norm), exercise complexes for relaxation, a pleasant family atmosphere and success in marriage, friendly trusting relationships, a sense of self-worth.
  • Well, a special role is played by the fact that each of us should have our favorite business. The realization of the creative aspect of each person makes life more fulfilling and more perfect. Your business, sports hobby, arts and crafts, songs or any other favorite activity harmonizes everyone who finds time for their passion.

Simple ingredients for a successful and healthy life
In this material, we will dwell on the first point in more detail, since our company aims to provide Ukrainians with one of the most valuable and nutritious products for the human body. But everything is in order. The government of each country takes measures to provide citizens with organic products. In Africa and Japan it is sweet potato and seafood, in the Mediterranean countries it is olives, and in Scandinavia vegetable salads have become popular, which are perfectly grown in greenhouses throughout the year. Ukrainians, on the other hand, are inseparably on a “carbohydrate-sausage diet”. Only some of our compatriots decided to replace the lion’s share of their menu with nutraceuticals. This is the kind of food that provides maximum benefits to the body, which include amaranth. This is not just a universal food, amaranth is becoming a preventive and sometimes a remedy for many diseases of modern mankind.

The role of amaranth in the recovery of the body after various diseases:
Providing the body with high quality protein. During periods of stress and inflammation that accompany any type of disease, our body actively synthesizes protein, which is needed to restore the physiological norm of organs. Of course, at such a time, our body requires more food with a high protein content, and most of all – plant origin. Amaranth becomes the first on the list of protein foods for its fast replenishment.
Help in relieving spasms. Some diseases begin with spasms of the internal organs, which require magnesium to quickly relieve them. Doctors recommend in such cases to use mineral water with a natural content of this trace element. Magnesium is also present in amaranth grains – 55 mg per 100 gm. So, in order for your organs to work properly, in addition to special medications with Mg, you must include amaranth dishes in your food.
The presence of amino acids guarantees active recovery in various diseases accompanied by prolonged exhaustion. One of the amino acids called lysine plays a role in the production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. This is the prevention of complications of the endocrine system after viral infections.

The presence of amino acids guarantees active recovery in various diseases accompanied by prolonged exhaustion. One of the amino acids called lysine plays a role in the production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. This is the prevention of complications of the endocrine system after viral infections.
With intestinal diseases, severe liver diagnoses (cirrhosis, hepatitis), biliary pathologies and with various types of bleeding, the body’s need for vitamin K increases. Amaranth of this important substance has a record amount – up to 1140 μg 100 gm. Usually, vitamin K is synthesized in our intestines, but its level decreases with inflammation of internal organs or under the influence of antibiotics and other drugs that disrupt the microflora. Therefore, one should make up for lost time by using amaranth oil, cereals and soups from amaranth cereals.
The use of amaranth dishes is an excellent prevention of pancreatic diseases. When diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, it is recommended to use amaranth dishes. Attention – in the period of exacerbation of this ailment, a doctor’s consultation is required before use! Tea made from amaranth leaves acts more gently on the pancreas and you can drink it at any time of the day without unnecessary restrictions, if there is no individual intolerance. As you know, the pancreas in tandem with the gallbladder is responsible for the quality digestion of food. Add amaranth products to your menu to prevent the aggravation of unpleasant diagnoses with these organs. Of the entire amaranth product line, you should pay attention to amaranth oil, because it contains components (bile acids) that support digestion at a good level.
Chronic fatigue, apathy arises not only from improper work and sleep regimen, but also from long-term lack of nutrients in the body, primarily vitamins. This can lead to various health problems. Add amaranth healer therapy to good rest. The green tops of this plant contains a whole list of vitamins from the green pharmacy: A, B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K. A few leaves in your salad, a few teaspoons of amaranth oil with meals, 2- 3 times a week dishes from amaranth cereals and you will feel how your body is filled with strength, and your mood improves.
For people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and for those who risk falling into the category of potential patients of a therapist or cardiologist, there are also recommendations for adding amaranth to the diet. It is high in iron and prevents the development of anemia. The substance tryptophan has a positive effect on metabolic processes, and polyphenols and flavonoids (up to 16%) improve blood composition and prevent unwanted oxidative processes and inflammation in blood vessels. Amaranth oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 (up to 9%) useful for our blood.
Cancer prevention. One of the main components of amaranth is squalene, the level of which in oil reaches 10%, depending on the variety and different growing conditions. It is he who is a strong warrior, helps to neutralize cancer cells. Squalene also has a powerful regenerative and immunostimulating effect. Its use is relevant not only for taking amaranth oil inside, but also for treating skin problems.
Amaranth food – tasty and healthy
You can buy many types of amaranth products from us
Recommendations for the use of amaranth for children and adults with increased stress.
amaranth is useful for those who go in for sports – a great alternative to classic buckwheat and scrambled eggs, but it has a much varied chemical composition. We will not dissuade athletes from using these traditional products, but we recommend adding amaranth to your diet, taking into account at least the ratio of protein here – up to 20%. So, pay attention to it, as an analogue of high-quality sports nutrition, only at the best price and of natural origin;
for schoolchildren who have a daily schedule filled with participation in various sections and circles.
for all, without exception, people of working age who not only have varying degrees of workload, but also want to have the strength “for the second shift” when they come home and take care of children and all sorts of household chores.
Amaranth is a fully organic product that is offered for export and for sale in the domestic market

This crop has a high potential to become one of the most popular among other plants, the cereals of which are well known to us. The organic label is not just the words on the label of butter, cereals, amaranth flakes, flour or tea. It is known that when growing any grain, farmers use a large amount of artificial fertilizers, most of which enter our stomach with food. The cultivation of agricultural land is accompanied by various risks to the lives of people and the surrounding flora and fauna. But the amaranth family does not require such an amount of fertilizer. Because, firstly: amaranth itself is a green manure, that is, in the process of growth, it only improves the condition of the soil. Secondly: there is a standard of organic origin of products approved by the European Union. Please note that it is easier for farmers to grow this type of crop in general for those who live in Ukraine and for foreign consumers.

As you can see, you can achieve good success in maintaining your health in a complex way. Organic amaranth today is gaining more and more popularity not only in our country, but throughout the world and is able to significantly increase the number of centenarians. Each of us comes to this world to fulfill our mission, a life program that does not end with retirement. We deserve to feel great throughout our 100 years of life. Few people know, but today not only the economic level, but also the average duration in Ukraine is shorter than in any other developed countries of Europe. Amaranth, a gift to us by fate, so that we, using it, could live longer and manage to create all the good things that we planned before the appearance of grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren.

Let’s stay in good health and actively strive for amaranth-organic awareness!


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