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We invite you to participate in the national project for the popularization and development of Ukrainian Superfood – a variety of amaranth dishes. Every year our country is planting more and more of this incredibly useful and valuable crop. But, unfortunately, many more residents of our country have not heard about it. How many delicious and super-healthy things are offered by our producers, using cereals, germs from amaranth grains, leaves and amaranth oil! Today these products are actively conquering foreign markets. And we would very much like the amaranth to gain the greatest fame in Ukraine, because it is worth it. Therefore, the Amaranth Growers’ Association initiated the collection of original recipes from connoisseurs of organic food. All your cooking notes, posts on social networks, videos and photos about amaranth dishes that you send will be included in the national collection of recipes – the cookbook “Amaranth CookBook”

The Superfood is a nutritious food that is grown and processed with organic guidelines in mind. Amaranth in Ukraine is cultivated in compliance with the norms regarding the minimum content of chemical fertilizers during sowing and during the ripening of the crop. Therefore, amaranth products contain only a full set of components with fortifying, dietary substances that are ideally absorbed by the human. About the benefits of amaranth in solving health problems and increasing life expectancy, read our material by clicking on the link.

Samples for sending amaranth dishes by the participants of the competition

Why amaranth recipes?

Ukrainian consumers deserve to receive truthful information about dietary and healthy products of their own production. Amaranth is a crop that has received a second life in order to improve the health of the Ukrainian people and give them strength to fulfill their audacious dreams. And our centuries-old farming traditions allow us to produce healthy nutritious grains, oil and amaranth greens in volumes that can meet the growing demand in our country and abroad.


Our amaranth sponsors:

To bring this project to life, we have agreed with product manufacturers to provide samples to active project participants who will decide to cook original and delicious dishes. Among them is the NPK “Amarant” enterprise from Nikolaev, which provides amaranth groats and flakes. We are also ready to provide for the implementation of your ideas amaranth oil TM “Zhiva Kaplya”, red amaranth tea from the leaves of the “Lera” brand from the same manufacturer, flour of TM “Amarant Ukraine”, cream honey of TM “Honey Energy” and other products from amaranth .

What do you need to take part in the Amaranth CookBook project?

  1. Send us any of your recipes that you have implemented and published in the public domain on the Internet.
  2. After agreeing on your candidacy, please provide contact information for sending you samples from which you want to prepare a new dish. You can decide before sending what exactly interests you to create your unique recipe. But we can also send almost the entire list of amaranth samples.
  3. Based on your delicious experiments, you need to shoot a video of the process or a photo. To this add your text description, which will indicate the cooking technology and all the components of the recipe.
  4. Send us these materials, which will also indicate: a) the full name of the author of the recipe, b) the name of the dish, c) your social media account or other version of contact information, d) your impressions of using amaranth.
  5. If you provide more than one recipe, we are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation with you on a commercial basis.

Lets to create an amaranth culinary book together

Who can take part in the collective creation of a folk cookbook with amaranth recipes?

Yes, almost anyone. It doesn’t matter to us how old you are and whether you have a lot of experience in cooking. First of all, we pay attention to your passion for cooking. And it doesn’t matter where you live and what profession you have. The main thing is that it is achievable for us to give you product samples for the implementation of your culinary ideas. We will gladly accept eminent culinary masters into the ranks of amaranth fans and will gladly consider creating a new dish from newcomers to the kitchen. If the material is presented clearly, with illustration, or even better with video, it will definitely be included in the Amaranth Cookbook project. We also have a request: if you have information about equipped culinary studios for recording in Dnipro and Kiev so please write to us in Messenger:

Will it be possible to view the virtual version of the book in other languages?

Of course! We decided that it is very important to translate the text of the video recipes into English using subtitles so that as many people in the world as possible know about our Ukrainian amaranth recipes. This is also an opportunity for you to get more views about your appetizing hobby or profession, if your work is related to cooking, confectionery or the development of technologies in the food industry.

Join us on the «Amaranth CookBook» YouTube channel and Facebook group.

We are waiting for your bright and tasty suggestions.

Everything will be #amaranth!

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