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Is amaranth grown in France? Of course, there are also many different varieties – with abundant foliage and good grain yield. And French chefs have joined the marketing business to promote this unique nutritious plant. Because this is the shortest path of amaranth treasure to our body. And it’s not just about what delicious dishes are obtained with the addition of amaranth flour, grains of sunny or black color, leaves – in general, all that this wonderful treasure trove of benefits and health gives us. And also because recipes with amaranth in French sound like an invitation to a date or a confession of a secret passion. And we do not want to keep secret all the knowledge about the healing properties and taste of amaranth and we invite you to make homemade amaranth cookies.

French chef Julie Gri invites you to try this recipe. Madame Gris is a popular blogger and author of several books on delicious vegetarian recipes. Her titles include Vegetarian Aperitif and Daily Vegetarian Recipes, which are available online in her native language. Note that Julie’s pages on social networks are gaining more and more likes and comments every day, thanks to an interesting combination of organic ingredients of dishes and bright, mouth-watering photo illustrations. The master shoots and posts new ideas for vegan dishes. They sound like real French poetry. For example, “Ricotta and spinach pasta – there is nothing better than a small casserole of conglioni pasta with hot sauce and baked with mozzarella.” Even after reading the title, are you drooling? Go quickly to the kitchen to grab something tasty and then read to the end how this fragile but culinary savvy girl makes delicate cookies from amaranth popcorn.

Julie Gray with her book “Vegetarian Aperitif”
Here is how Madame Gris herself presents the recipe for amaranth biscuits (biscuits is read in French): “I really love to create new dishes and improvise in the kitchen, so that later you will be happy to offer you delicious concepts that are prepared quickly. Today I am offering you a recipe that only requires 2 ingredients. Amaranth biscuits do not require an oven and will be ready in just 5 minutes. Nourish your little appetite, then lash out at this yummy frenzy! The dessert on offer is great for a surprise visit. Tell them this fantastic cookie is made from a wild relative of the garden beetle. And you will see how surprised your friends will be! Well, let them crunch nicely and think well about what exactly goes there. After all, amaranth is rich in lysine, high-quality protein, squalene, as well as iron, magnesium, potassium and even zinc. ”

Amaranth cookie recipe

  • 75 grams of dark chocolate
  • 25 grams of amaranth popcorn

First you need to melt the chocolate – in the microwave or in a water bath. Then take amaranth popcorn, which in France is called “soufflé amaranth”, and pour it into the liquid chocolate mass. Whilst still warm, stir quickly so that the amaranth balls are evenly chocolatey. For those who love salty, add a pinch of salt to the melted chocolate – it will taste quite spicy.

Place the formed circles separately on parchment paper. But the shape of the cookie can be arbitrary – round, elongated, or some kind of compact rhombuses – just the way you like. To make the cookies look neater, flatten them with the back of a spoon. By the way, if you are an incorrigible perfectionist, use special silicone molds to achieve an exquisite look. After the cookies are formed, you can decorate with a few nuts – just press them in the center of the product. But this is optional.

Amaranth cookies – serving
Now it’s up to the temperature, which will bring the amaranth delicacies to readiness and complete this sweet event. Once the cookies have cooled down noticeably, place them in the refrigerator. When the chocolate hardens, it will hold the amaranth balls together well. And then take it out after a few minutes and serve it with tea or coffee.
As you can see, even without much experience as a pastry chef, you can create an original vegetarian surprise for yourself and for those you are expecting to visit. Cookies with amaranth popcorn are crispy, not sugary and very healthy. Good appetite! Bon appétit!

Cookies with amaranth popcorn ready
Rest assured that this is a real and tried and tested cooking description, tested in French cuisine. Many recipes have already been reproduced by fans of Mrs. Julie’s skill in different countries. Yes, she herself left an important mark for her subscribers “All vegetarian / every recipe checked.” In addition to sweets and pastries, the hostess of her kitchen creates incredible combinations of other organic products. And everything that she offers to cook has practically no meat, but differs with balance of nutrients and special benefits for the body. If you browse through her recipes, you will realize that vegans are fortunate enough to have such a selection of original recipes. And what can we say about how the chef presents them in the photo!

Perhaps even people who don’t take the meat off the beaten track seriously will want to cook and try these vegan novelties. Even exotic ingredients of these dishes can be purchased in our supermarkets – cook and dare for your loved ones. And do not forget about the necessary guest on the Ukrainian table – that very golden amaranth. You will add to the list of your favorite dishes: tender and hearty amaranth porridge with cereals, salads and soups from amaranth leaves, bread and rolls, snacks, cookies and other confectionery with the addition of amaranth flour and many, many other tasty and healthy things!


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