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This is a story about increasing the bioavailability of plant products for the human body and their compliance with organic origin. Vegetable cream made from cereals or legumes can already be bought in any supermarket in Ukraine. But, those consumers who carefully read the labels are not in a hurry to buy them often. Because for them the word “cream”, combined with the concept of “vegetable”, is laid out in their minds like this: thick creamy consistency; milk-like taste; no artificial impurities; obligatory mark of organic origin; gluten free and, as a result, the ability to use instead of cow’s milk for a long time. And the ingredients of plant-based milk available in stores sometimes disappoint in the composition. And it is not surprising that such doubts of buyers after a while should have appeared something useful in all respects. But, produced according to a technology that ideally reveals a wonderful bouquet of useful components.

The Osipenko spouses, who live and work in the Kherson region, have been dealing with the problems of increasing the bioavailability of berries, nuts, cereals and other edible crops for several years. And today they have achieved certain success and, for lovers of healthy food, they are selling products with 100 percent digestibility, which, moreover, are made on the basis of truly organic raw materials.

Osipenko Sergey Borisovich – inventor, academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences, candidate of technical sciences, author of more than 5 dozen scientific developments approached this topic very responsibly. Together with other scientists, he developed equipment based on the cavitation principle of grinding. HTD-technology ® is a patented method of processing the grown crop to the cellular level. The berries enter a closed container, where, under the hydrothermodynamic action, they are ground until they become a set of useful chemical compounds. In other words, the process of friction or cavitation occurs at high speed, and transfers the product into a homogenized state. The most amazing thing about this technology is that the amount and variety of nutrients in the final mixture increases. By what means? The fact is that not only the pulp of berries is ground, but also small bones and skins, which are not digested by our intestines. Vitamin complexes, phytohormones, trace elements, polyunsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols, pectin and other substances that are so necessary for an adult body are released from seeds and shells.

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Osipenko, a nutritionist and head of a company that has established the production of a large range of products created using the HTD-technology ® technology, was convinced by her own example that pastes, cream and milk become so much more useful. The company is responsible for the purchase of raw materials and takes on the creation of new delicacies with creative passion. The main parameter is organicness, which must be confirmed by certificates of origin and lack of use when growing any chemical fertilizers. It is this factor that will provide consumers with not just a jar of delicious berry paste, but an additional natural source of nutrients. It should be noted that ordinary berries are absorbed by our digestive system up to about 40%, and nuts – by 20%. Everything else is not broken down by the body. And, unfortunately, we do not receive what each of our cells requires. And her nutrition and timely regeneration is at an insufficient level. But the products from the online store “Liquid Fruits” have already reached the digestibility of up to one hundred percent. Of course, such pastes, emulsions or creams become more a biologically active addition to the diet, and not a fleeting response to the whim of eating something tasty. Thanks to the invention of this processing, the full bioavailability of what grows in the fields and in the garden is revealed. And for further preservation in a container, it is not required to use preservatives or artificial impurities.

Today the range of the company includes up to 80 types of products, which are based on nuts, soybeans, fruits of fruit trees and shrubs, grain, pumpkin seeds, etc. And recently a new product has appeared – this is amaranth cream. And, what is important, except for amaranth grains and water, nothing is added to the bottle. Amaranth is ground to a finely dispersed form, that is, it is transformed in the process of “nano-grinding”. Plus – it happens in conditions without oxygen or interaction with metals, as is the case with other types of grinding. And then artesian pure water is added. This vegetable cream can also be called “liquid amaranth”.

Can amaranth cream be added to coffee or cocoa?

Sure you may. But once again, we recall that in such a liquid form, amaranth is best used separately as a nutritional mixture. It is valuable because amaranth has the richest chemical composition. With HTD-technology ® amaranth seeds are transformed into a balanced oral serum. More than 10 microelements of amaranth pass into a chelated form, more precisely, one that promotes better and faster absorption of a useful mixture by the body. Let us separately recall squalene in amaranth, which has the highest ratio among the known food products.

So, amaranth can be used in quite a variety of ways: cook porridge – from refined or unrefined grain; take a few teaspoons of healing amaranth oil – as a more concentrated source of squalene; bake baked goods with amaranth flour; add to salads or hot dishes from amaranth leaves or make a rich herbal tea from already dried; you can fry pop amaranth and add grain to homemade pastries; even – to have breakfast with amaranth cereal porridge, just pouring boiling water over them. And now you will also know about this variant of the use of amaranth, the nutritious culture of the 21st century.

What is the taste of delicate amaranth cream? It looks like the milk of young corn. Unexpected, right? Everything is so in nature – interesting, unexpected and very useful. And not everyone she trusts to reveal her secrets. Anyone can take advantage of these achievements. You just need to be more inquisitive and be smart about maintaining your own health.
So far, vegetable amaranth cream can only be bought on the company’s website. The product is a niche one and we are not talking about industrial production on a large scale yet.

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