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Amaranth is diverse: they cook first, second, side dishes, breakfasts, dinners, desserts and drinks. It is suitable for light snacks, but with it you can cook a full meal. Amaranth dishes are used for weight loss, with them make up detailed diets for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or the endocrine system. Individual products help with other disorders, for example – in the urinary or nervous systems. Depending on the purpose of consumption, the nutritionist makes up a certain diet in which amaranth is given a specific place. But there are a few general guidelines for eating amaranth.

Need food at the right time
Different amaranth products do not contain the same substances. Seeds, naturally, differ in composition from leaves, and amaranth oil combines the properties of both, but it also contains devushka-est-salat-1076 fat and squalene, which are practically absent in the leaves and which are contained in small doses in seeds. . All substances, be they in amaranth or in any other product, if used properly, can help a person; if illiterate, they can help or harm.

Proper use implies not only drawing up a daily ration in such a way that the products are harmoniously combined with each other and do not exceed energy costs in terms of the total number of calories. You still need to be able to distribute food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on the mode of the day. What suits an office employee who works from 9 to 18 and goes to bed no later than 23 hours will not suit a person with a floating schedule, who periodically can get up during the day, and go to sleep after 3 nights. At different times of day at different energy consumption, the digestibility of the product is also different. And if a person’s regime is shot down, he is unlikely to be able to lose weight, regardless of whether amaranth infusions are drunk or not.

Note! General recommendations should be considered in the absence of serious diseases that require complex treatment. These tips are suitable for people who want to lose weight, occasionally suffer from minor indigestion caused by unhealthy diets (not diseases). Basically, a list of recommendations is provided for those who want to make the right diet.

If you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, etc.), the endocrine system (including diabetes), kidney, liver, etc., spontaneous inclusion of amaranth as a drug is undesirable. Ask your doctor how to best fit this plant in the treatment complex.

We have already talked about how to insert amaranth in the diet of those people who get up early and go to bed early: read about this in the article “Amaranth Diet for Those Who Get Up Early”. Recommendations from today’s article are suitable for people who wake up after 10 am, and go to bed in the middle of the night.

Introduction of amaranth in the diet
The preparation of the diet must begin, of course, with counting calories. An adult man working in the intellectual sphere will need from 2500 calories per day, and a man whose work is connected with physical exertion will need from 3500 calories per day. A woman, depending on her work, body composition, some hereditary factors, etc., will need 1500 calories per day. Repeating in the preparation of the diet should also be on the nutritional value of products (components of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, as well as the presence and amount of vitamins and minerals in each considered product). It is important to make a diet so that it includes those components of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that are beneficial to the body, as well as take into account the daily doses of each component. You can see the components of fats, proteins and carbohydrates contained in different foods in specialized information databases. On the nutritional value and nutrients in amaranth we wrote:

  • in the material about cereals – about the nutritional value of amaranth cereals;
  • in the material on amaranth leaves – fresh and boiled;
  • in the comparative characteristics of oils – amaranth, olive and sunflower (emphasis is on amaranth).

So, if you are an “owl” lifestyle and if you decide to lose weight or simply normalize your diet with amaranth, you need to take two steps:

Calculate, guided by the above materials, how much amaranth per day and in what form you need to eat.
Choose when and with what dishes to use it.
The second paragraph will be devoted to the further part of this material. Please note that you do not need to cook all the following dishes with amaranth – choose those that fit into your diet and match your taste more than others.

Amaranth dishes in the diet for “owls”

Amaranth is good because it can be added to almost any dish. Amaranth seeds make porridges, casseroles, soups, and multi-component side dishes. Amaranth flour is the basis of amaranth bread, savory pies, pancakes and a variety of pastries. From amaranth pasta you can make breakfasts and dinners. Amaranth oil can be added to salads, on the basis of which many dietary meals are made, involving roasting products. Finally, amaranth leaves are an almost universal product that combines with first courses, with meat, fish, vegetables, even with confectionery. Amaranth leaves and flowers also make useful teas and other beverages.

The difficulty on the background of such a variety is only one: choose the right dish.

Late people get up better to start their day with something light, at the same time satisfying, but at the same time the dish should not saturate for a long time. Otherwise, the diet will get off very quickly, the person will start to eat much later than the required time, that is, in the evening, the dinner will “move” on a deep night, and eating food 60_ in the middle of the night overloads the body regardless of the diet and the whole day. Therefore, the standard for “larks” amaranth porridge “owls” will not work – it is better to leave them for dinner. And for breakfast, it is advisable to choose either “vitamin” dishes, or protein. As an option – dairy. In the extreme case, a sandwich with vegetables and amaranth leaves is also suitable, but its nutritional value is doubtful: the amount of carbohydrates that will be needed for saturation will be too large and most likely disproportionately to the amount of vitamins that it is desirable to eat with such doses of carbohydrates.

If you decide that you want to eat amaranth in the form of leaves, then it makes sense to introduce this product at the first meal. Fresh amaranth leaves can be consumed with the following breakfast items:

Salad. The main vitamin dish, perfect for breakfast for a man who woke up around noon. Amaranth leaves are better to take fresh, you can chop or simply break into almost any vegetable salad: they do not have too specific taste or smell and fit almost all vegetables.
Dietary meat broth. Most often, chicken broth is chosen as the diet, with which amaranth combines better than others. Both dried leaves (remember that there are fewer nutrients than fresh ones) and fresh ones will do. In the second case, the amaranth is best to very finely chop and fall asleep in the already cooked and slightly cooled broth, you can right in the plate: this way the product will save all the vitamins. However, amaranth leaves can be put into the broth in the process of cooking at the very end: there will be slightly less vitamins in them, but the broth will acquire a pleasant light amaranth flavor.
Scrambled eggs. Fresh amaranth leaves are suitable both in finely chopped form, and uncut in general: then they are eaten on a bit of sugar.
Cottage cheese, cottage cheese with sour cream, curd mass. It is best to make it unsweetened: and less carbohydrates, which means that you can eat sweets a little later with tea, and greens will fit better. In addition to amaranth, cottage cheese can be finely chopped and other herbs, it is best to choose fragrant, such as basil, you can mix them.
Amaranth tea has a calming effect, so it is worth it for breakfast only if it is not supposed to be active in physical or intellectual activity in the near future. The same applies to the amaranth balm, which is quite possible to drink after quite a hearty breakfast, but which can produce a relaxing effect.

If early rising people are best served in the morning to get the necessary portion of carbohydrates with cereals that will not eat anything for 5-6 hours before lunch, then late people who are up can afford carbohydrates that digest and create a feeling of hunger faster than 17-ny -ideas food fibers, which make up the majority of cereals. In other words, breakfast of scrambled eggs, salad or broth can be supplemented with toast of amaranth bread or amaranth biscuits. Both options are quite dietary, but are able to provide a feeling of satiety. This is if the amaranth you decide to use is not in the form of leaves, although one in this case does not interfere.

Amaranth oil, if you stopped on it, can be poured into a salad – the way is obvious and the most useful, because in this form it is best absorbed. But in this case it is better to confine one salad and tea, and to eat toast or cookies in two hours, when breakfast is completely digested and there will be a distinct feeling of hunger. The fact is that amaranth oil is best absorbed from food in which at least carbohydrates.


Lunch “owls” should contain 80% of the necessary nutrients that have not been eaten for breakfast. In this case, calories should be provided by proteins and most of the daily intake of fats, and 1418394571_lnyanoe-maslo-carbohydrates should be left for dinner (which will consist almost entirely of them, or more precisely, of dietary fiber). In other words, lunch can be quite fatty (and fats should be saturated and – to ensure satiety, and unsaturated – because the body needs unsaturated ones), it can contain a lot of meat or other proteins, and it should also contain many vitamins and minerals . How to introduce amaranth in such a dinner?

Amaranth oil, if vegetables with it were not eaten for breakfast or it was not consumed before breakfast on an empty stomach, will be suitable here. What to use the usual sunflower oil, in which there is no healthy fat, take a teaspoon of amaranth – and almost any meat dish will get a pleasant taste, and the body will get the fats it needs. Here it is appropriate to combine different types of oils, for example, amaranth with flaxseed (about why it is useful to combine them, we wrote in this material). But, of course, it is most useful to add it to a small vegetable salad, which will be a snack or a kind of side dish. In the same salad do not forget to add the remaining vitamins, which suggests your daily diet.

Amaranth bread is also appropriate for lunch, which, according to standard time, turns out not to be quite a lunch — 3-6 pm. This also includes other amaranth pastries, for example, puffs, pancakes or cookies. The main thing is that it is relatively dietary, although amaranth flour is mainly used in sufficient dietary recipes.

Amaranth leaves allow the most options for use in the dining meal. They can be added:

In soup or in soup.
Interesting! The ration of “owls” is good because it allows almost any borscht, including quite fatty ones. Although, of course, if your goal is to lose weight, it is better to limit meat fats.

Dried amaranth leaves are more suitable for borscht. They need to grind, but not washed into powder. Perfectly they are combined with black pepper. You can put both dry and fresh leaves in soups, but fresh ones should be put in advance so that they boil down. If in the broth the taste of fresh amaranth leaves does not “score” anything, since there is nothing else there, then in soups an abundance of vegetables can make fresh uncooked amaranth completely invisible.

In meat dishes. Fresh amaranth is not used with pork and beef – it is used as a spice. The dried leaves of amaranth must be rubbed between the fingers and added to the meat shortly before it is ready. But fresh, finely chopped amaranth leaves are very suitable for chicken.
In fish dishes. Unlike meat products, dried amaranth is almost never added to fish. Basically, it is common for fish to serve whole amaranth leaves, which are eaten with fish while holding it.
In vegetable dishes. Depending on the vegetables and type of preparation, amaranth leaves are added to such dishes in different ways. For example, dried amaranth is very rarely added to potatoes – usually chopped fresh or whole leaf (in the case of mashed potatoes). Heat-treated amaranth is suitable for stewed vegetables. It is usually cut into longitudinal strips and added together with the last vegetable before stewing. But boiled vegetables are combined with dry amaranth.
In vitamin desserts. Amaranth smoothes the taste of sugary desserts, so it is added to various sweets with a bright taste, even in ice cream, which we wrote about repeatedly. It also combines with desserts, the components of which are sweet fruits, especially exotic ones – pineapple, mango, sweet oranges, etc.
And of course, you can brew amaranth tea. By the way, remember that you can add fruit to it, and you can add various vitamin supplements, for example, currant or raspberry jam. This tea will also have a relaxing effect, but after a rich lunch, relaxation will somehow come, so amaranth tea is appropriate in this case.

The only meal for people who have the habit of going to bed after midnight, in which you can enter amaranth (and any other) porridge. The optimal time for dinner in this case is 10-11 pm. In any case, it is advisable to eat the last time before midnight and be sure not later than 3, and preferably 4 hours before sleep. You can have dinner even 5 hours before bedtime. The main thing is to calculate the portion so that it is enough for these 5 amaranthpudding hours and so that you don’t want to eat anything else. That is why cereals are one of the best options: they will keep a feeling of satiety for a long time, and if you add them with vegetables, fruits or nuts, the body will not “demand” anything more.

Amaranth porridge for dinner does not go well with dried fruit, jam and similar sweets, which are often added to the morning porridge in the “standard” rations. But in it you can put fresh fruit, such as banana, apple, any summer fruits and berries, kiwi and others. Chopped nuts fit. By the way, chopped greens (both amaranth and the other) are also suitable for evening cereals, only in this case the cereal should be savory and moderately fat. You can add a little butter in it, and you can even fill it with vegetable oil if you want to make dinner more useful. In the latter case, it is useless to use sunflower oil – you need olive, amaranth, linseed or rapeseed.

Please note that for cereals should not add a large number of other carbohydrates – bread, cookies and any other.

Dinner is also the best time for drinks with amaranth. By the way, you can drink them after dinner, the main thing is not to add sugar, honey or other sweeteners that contain a lot of carbohydrates (that is, almost everything).

Everyone has a situation where a full meal has to be postponed indefinitely and quickly “catch” something on the go. Amaranth is suitable in this case. However, there are also differences that vary depending on the logo mode, and those snacks that are suitable for “larks” can harm “owls”.

What is the matter? The period in which food is best absorbed is much less for owls than for larks. If for those who get up early, the body starts its activity too early and ends when the person lies down, then for those who get up late, the body starts working too late and ends early. Of course, the night mode may be more favorable for intellectual work, but here the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys and the liver prefer to rest at night, regardless of how busy the person is. That is, if the “lark” can calmly have a bite for an hour and a half before bedtime without harm to the body, then the “owl” does not have this privilege: she needs time before midnight, otherwise the internal organs will be unnecessarily overloaded.

Interesting! That is why people who are awake at night, more often look thinner: they really eat less (if they follow the diet, of course). True, an overload of the nervous system is added here, so thinness is often accompanied by emaciation, unhealthy skin color, etc. But this is another question.

All this leads to the fact that the intervals between meals at the “owls” are reduced. And this entails the aforementioned difference: if large gaps can be filled with carbohydrates painlessly, then small gaps cannot be filled with carbohydrates or large quantities of fats, otherwise the acid balance in the stomach will be disturbed (the stomach will not have enough time to release enough gastric juice for the next meal, it is worse to digest, more calories will go to the “stock”).

Therefore, “lark” snacks in the form of sandwiches with butter and amaranth “owls” will not work. And the following options will do:

  • Dietary amaranth bread. (They should dry well.)
  • One vegetable (for example, a tomato) + greens (amaranth leaves) + cheese or cheese.
  • Boiled egg with greens (fresh amaranth leaves).
  • Smoothie with amaranth.
  • A small casserole or a piece of amaranth seeds.
  • Salads from their 2 main vegetables + one additional vegetable + fresh amaranth leaves. Can be filled with a very small amount of amaranth or olive oil.

And of course, you need to remember that, depending on the snack, you need to modify the next meal. You also need to ensure that the meal schedule does not shift too much. If, for example, I had to skip lunch and have a snack instead, and it turns out to have dinner only by 8-9 o’clock in the evening, then it is better to have dinner, and then, at usual dinner time, to snack again with something relatively hearty.

But a downed diet is the same as a downed day regimen: stress for an organism that is used to getting certain foods at a certain time. And stress is always accompanied by poor digestibility and, as a result, the postponement of calories. Therefore, for the sake of a healthy body and slim figure, try not to disturb the diet.

And be healthy – with amaranth!

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