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Amaranth is used in many sports, both as a medical drug and as an element of nutrition. It is used by both professional athletes and amateurs, and in recent years there have been recommendations to include amaranth oil in the diet of professional athletes from the very beginning of their careers. And amaranth oil in capsules was originally started to be made specifically for people whose body was subjected to serious physical exertion and demanded special treatment and accuracy in food. It was especially popular with athletes who constantly performed in different cities: it is much easier to take the packaging of capsules with you than a bottle of oil, the right amount of which should be measured every time.


Gradually, capsular amaranth oil as a dietary supplement for athletes spread to many sports and eventually reached mountaineering. Phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acids contained in amaranth oil are an essential component of a climbing diet. Nevertheless, it was not they who made amaranth so popular with the conquerors of the mountains, but squalane, about the properties of which we have repeatedly written.


Squalene, getting into the human body, nourishes almost all organs with oxygen. It was first found in sharks, which adapted to live at great depths, where there is very little oxygen. One of the stages of adaptation was the production of squalene by the liver of these animals. The shark’s body needed oxygen, regardless of the environment, so he had to learn how to synthesize a substance that was designed to increase the saturation of the shark’s body with oxygen.


In mountaineering, the picture is very similar, though mirrored: if sharks live below the level where there is enough oxygen for the majority of our planet, then mountaineers and mountain amateur tourists climb above this level.


Amaranth in mountain tourism
At an altitude of 5,000 meters, an average healthy person begins oxygen deprivation, which is fraught with the development of altitude sickness — fatal for a person if one does not pull him down in time and / or sate with oxygen. In people with a weaker cardiovascular system, oxygen starvation can also begin at the level of 3000-4000 meters, and there are cases when a person lacked oxygen even on the mountains with a height of 2000 meters. However, whatever height a person is subject to — 2000 meters or 5000, squalene does its work in any organism. He will continue to feed all tissues with oxygen when a person rises to that height, which is his personal limit, and such a person will feel oxygen hunger a little later.


Of course, you should not rely on squalane alone and hope that, if you used to start up 4000m head heavy, ache and spin, then a couple of tablespoons of amaranth oil before the climb will make you feel vigorous at 4,500 meters. Here, the totality of such indicators as the health of the cardiovascular system, general physical training, and the state of the body at the moment of ascent will play a role.


Amaranth oil and squalene contained in it, in particular, affect these indicators and increase the Mountain-Trekking readiness of the body for a small oxygen starvation. Mountain amateur tourists with years of experience have noticed that about a month of regular consumption of amaranth oil in the aggregate in daily light workouts (jogging plus a total warm-up) and more or less healthy food improves a person’s condition to the extent that he can rise additional 300-500 meters compared to the previous maximum point. Unfortunately, two months will not lead the body to readiness to rise to 5000 meters, if earlier a person felt unwell on 4000 meters. But half a year and more of amaranth oil intake, combined with light workouts, will allow an unprepared tourist, who was starting to feel bad for 2000 meters, to climb 3000 meters.


Of course, this is a very rough statistics. Much when climbing depends even on weather conditions. The height, which in one weather was overcome easily, in another weather may seem very heavy. And this is not to mention the fact that the state of each person is determined not only by the health of the heart and blood vessels and muscle strength, but also by dozens of other factors. However, it can be argued that regular correct intake of oil, coupled with appropriate physical fitness, will undoubtedly alleviate the condition of the tourist at the same height at which a slight indisposition was felt before.

Note! Under slight indisposition, it means not severe headaches and the inability to go further, but slight drowsiness, unusual minor fatigue. They are a signal that a person is at the maximum height for himself. And headaches, dizziness, apathy, etc., are symptoms of altitude sickness and an indication that a person has gone further than he should have. And the only correct solution to the problem will be the descent or immediate use of an oxygen cylinder.


Amaranth in professional mountaineering
After years of training, professional mountaineers are able, as a rule, to rise to 6000 without oxygen, many of them go up to 7000 without cylinders, and some made an oxygen-free ascent to the highest peaks of the world – Everest and others that exceed 8000 meters and stay above half an hour without oxygen is fatal to any person, regardless of the degree of his endurance. Such on the extensive list of all climbers of the world in the past and the present – units.


Climbing life mode, designed to increase endurance, implies both special physical activities – for example, jogging at high altitudes, jogging in winter at 220px-Eisklettern_kl_engstligenfallgora, etc., and special food according to a special routine. Uncontrolled ingestion of amaranth oil and swallowing it to the spoon once a day, regardless of other components of the diet, will no longer work here. Before drawing up a diet, an athlete passes a series of tests, the results of which determine:


a) how his body absorbs the necessary substances;

b) what deviations from the ideal norm in the field of the digestibility of the necessary elements exist for him (and such deviations exist in all, in healthy people they fluctuate within the non-ideal norm, and in patients go beyond it);

c) at the expense of what it is possible to balance the power and bring the absorption of all the required elements to the ideal.


After determining all of the above, a nutritionist is included in the work. According to the rest of the diet components, the amount of squalene, which the athlete needs to use daily, is determined. Amaranth oil, as a rule, becomes the source of squalene, since squalene is absorbed from it better than from squalene food additives.


A separate diet is composed by a nutritionist in conjunction with a sports doctor for mountaineering expeditions and climbing. Of course, this diet is significantly different from the usual. It is here that capsular amaranth oil and capsular squalene are most commonly used. The transition from the usual ration of a professional mountaineer to a “mountain” is interesting. To increase endurance in conditions of rarefied air and high altitudes, that is, when it is planned to climb more than 6000 meters, squalene in a larger volume is included in the diet for a half or two months to climb. When planning to climb mountains below 6000 meters, 3-4 weeks are enough. But the best results, according to the observations of the athletes themselves for their bodies, they achieve, if they use the oil regularly, without any interruptions at all, even when they are at home for six months or more.


The need to use squalene is mentioned in many reports and interviews of climbers, expedition leaders and people associated with mountaineering. When planning professional ascents to the world peaks – Everest and others – often within a few months the largest quantities of capsular amaranth oil and squalene are ordered.


The body and squalene: when interaction is most effective
The body must get used to food in order to fully absorb it.


Squalene is an atypical, to put it mildly, substance that is rarely found in the standard grocery basket of an ordinary customer. When a person is just starting to use amaranth oil or squalene caecapsula, an organism that has never encountered squalene in that volume has no idea what to do with it. Because of this, there is a low digestibility of squalene in the first weeks of taking amaranth oil or a pure substance.


Partially, of course, it is assimilated, because it is not a substance completely unfamiliar to the body (the human liver produces it in a minute amount). Moreover, squalene molecules have quite definite properties and “work” regardless of the “lack of understanding” of the organism. In other words, squalane, getting into the blood of even a person unprepared for it, simply behaves as it should in a particular chemical environment, which is the human body.

Gradually, the body becomes accustomed to increased oxygen saturation, which provides regular incoming squalene, and begins, roughly speaking, to extract from this maximum benefit. The tissues are strengthened, the metabolism improves, other organs adapt to the changed conditions and begin to function in accordance with them, in this case it is better, because they receive additional nourishment – oxygen “works”.


This is all called restructuring of the body when changing the diet. If the menu is changed too dramatically, then the reaction of the organism, which is used to constantly entering substances, even if harmful, can be unpredictable. It is the same as a person who has lived in dungeons all his life abruptly brought to the bright sun: the body will be disoriented, perhaps even the negative effects of light, for example, on the retina of eyes that are accustomed to darkness in dungeons. Therefore, switching to proper nutrition with amaranth and squalene is more or less gradual, especially if saturated fats and “fast” carbohydrates — sweets, convenience foods, starch, and so on — prevailed in the diet.


In other words, if you are going on a hike, it is completely senseless and even harmful five days before departure, suddenly change the diet and begin to absorb a large amount of amaranth oil and squalene. It is better to buy capsular amaranth oil and moderately use it directly during the hike. And then – do not stop taking it, but no longer in capsule form.


But if the trip is planned in advance and there is time to prepare for it, then it is worth making a plan for physical training and a diet in which the amount of amaranth oil and, accordingly, squalene will gradually increase. Better to start with no more than a teaspoon of oil a day. Ultimately, with ccfd1a4fb6119d5de1b34f6c9f1803f3, planning a long and rather complicated trip should increase its use to one and a half to two and a half tablespoons per day for an adult (a small woman will need one and a half tablespoons, and a man with a substantial muscle mass will need two more tablespoons, a small woman will need one and a half tablespoons, and a man with a substantial muscular mass will need two more spoonfuls a day, and a person with a half tablespoons will need two tablespoons, and you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, and you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, and you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, and you will have to use a whole body of clods, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, you will need two clocks, and you will need two clocks. Also amaranth oil is recommended to use in this case or in pure form, or with a small amount of either proteins (without other fats), or vegetables and fruits (also without fats and additional carbohydrates). Physical activity is recommended an hour and a half after ingestion of amaranth oil, depending on how quickly what has been eaten with it is digested. If the oil was used in its pure form, it is enough to wait half an hour – and you can train. The optimal period of preparation of the body is two to three months. But, of course, the sooner you start, the better you can achieve – this law works everywhere.


And it is only natural that amaranth oil will bring much more benefit when the body is already rebuilt, that is, it will be accustomed to squalene.


Now amaranth oil is used by tourists not only in mountain hikes, but in any other. It is worth remembering that, in addition to squalene, amaranth fats contain rare fatty acids. And capsular amaranth oil is in itself a very nutrient, useful, light, does not take up much space and can be stored, if not for months in any conditions, but long enough to fill a group of tourists with essential substances in almost any location.


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