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Pregnancy – the happiest time! The whole world stops waiting for a miracle!

However, there are factors that can spoil all the beautiful moments associated with this wonderful period of life – the expectation of the person you love. One of them is the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen and chest.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Stretch marks are a special type of cosmetic defect that occurs as a result of numerous breaks in collagen fibers during intensive growth of the abdomen and enlarged breasts, and, as a result, their replacement with connective tissue (a sort of “scarring process”).

How to suspect the formation of stretch marks?

Often in the place of occurrence there is a feeling of itching, tension of the tissue, irritation.

If you experience these symptoms, you should contact your doctor. Remember that self-medication can be dangerous, both for you and for the child.

What are the preventive measures?

Despite the huge number of recommendations and advice the main measure of prevention is skin care of the abdomen and chest.

It should be noted that most creams and lotions contain so-called parabens and fragrances, which are dangerous for an unborn child, therefore, the use of vegetable oils is recommended for the prevention.

Amaranth oil, having a number of advantages, stands out among the rest. It does not have a high viscosity and does not form a so hated greasy film. At the same time due to fluidity easily absorbed into the skin. It has a light and unobtrusive nutty flavor.

The composition of amaranth oil includes vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that stimulates the regenerative processes in the tissues of the body, the use of which is recommended during pregnancy. The presence of squalene and phospholipids reduces the number of micro-breaks in collagen fibers by increasing their elasticity and stops the growth of connective tissue in the compromised areas. Omega-3 fatty acid complex, which has an antioxidant effect in combination with squalene, is involved in the synthesis of vitamin D3. The balanced composition of microelements contained in amaranth oil makes the skin soft and supple.

It is important to remember that despite the fact that amaranth oil is hypoallergenic, it is still necessary to check the reaction of your body. Apply a couple of drops of oil to the inner surface of your wrist and watch for 24 hours. In the absence of any pathological reactions feel free to use for its intended purpose.

Apply amaranth oil should be on clean, slightly moist skin (preferably after a shower). Apply a small amount of oil to the skin. in the abdomen and breasts, wait 2-3 minutes for it to be absorbed. Remove excess oil with a dry cloth or cotton towel. It is recommended to perform this procedure at least three times a day to achieve the desired effect.

If stretch marks have already appeared, it is not only possible but also necessary to use amaranth oil. Its action in this case is aimed at stabilizing the existing defects and preventing the formation of new micro-gaps.

There are too many reasons for nerves during pregnancy. Be happy, and amaranth oil will take care of the prevention of stretch marks!

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