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In some articles on our portal tells about the use of amaranth and products derived from it in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

We also cited scientific studies that established the effectiveness of amaranth in the treatment of cancer. (For more, read the article: “Amaranth oil and cancer treatment: research results”).

It was told about the ability of amaranth to significantly improve the human microflora. (For more, see the article “Effect of amaranth oil on the human microflora”).

Today I would like to talk in more detail about the pharmacological properties of amaranth and its use in traditional medicine.

Pharmacological properties of amaranth and products derived from it
During numerous studies, it was found that amaranth has an anabolic effect. In particular, in order to reveal this property of the plant, numerous experiments were conducted in which the animals participated.

For example, a little green, fresh amaranth leaves were added to the daily ration of young rabbits and nutria. Leaves were also introduced into the fattening ration of animals – about a quarter of all food. As a result, the daily weight gain of rabbits and nutria increased at least one and a half times! In addition, the animals became more resistant to various ailments, got rid of already existing diseases.

Note. The husks of amaranth seeds, mixed with the remnants of the grains, were given to chickens suffering from rickets. And two days later they got rid of the disease. The same effect was observed in young swine, but not after two, but after four days.

Pharmacological properties of amaranth oil
Amaranth oil is characterized by a high content of such incredibly useful substances as:

  • carotene;
  • vitamin C;
  • folates;
  • tocopherol.

They provide the effect of antioxidant. This can explain his wound healing, antitumor and radioprotective effects, identified as a result of clinical and laboratory studies conducted by scientists. The study of the pharmacological properties of amaranth

The main fatty acids contained in amaranth oil are: palmitic (percentage of total fatty acids – 19.1-23.4%), oleic (percentage of total fatty acids – 18.7-38.9% ) and linoleic (percentage of total fatty acids – 36.7-55.9%).

Thus, the use of amaranth oil under conditions when the human body is adversely affected by small amounts of ionizing radiation or by fluoride intoxication of the body, helps to normalize certain processes that occur in the heart and liver. In addition, in this situation, amaranth oil has a stabilizing effect on erythrocyte membranes.

Some researchers have studied how amaranth oil affects the activity of tissue thromboplastin. Thus, the data obtained indicated that amaranth oil, used on an outpatient basis, is an excellent prophylactic agent for the formation of blood clots in people suffering from various ailments of the cardiovascular system.

We add that in the clinical setting such data could not be obtained, since it is not possible to reveal the true activity of thromboplastin. However, if we analyze the data of outpatient use and the experiments performed, it turns out that the positive effect of amaranth oil will be in a clinical setting.

Although, of course, this direction requires more detailed research in order to get specific indicators of the true effect of amaranth oil on tissue thromboplastin itself, as well as on other tissue clotting factors, other indicators. Use of amaranth in medicine

Such studies will determine and justify the use of amaranth oil in therapy in combination with other drugs.

Note that some researchers who have studied this issue more closely, argue that amaranth oil in its performance significantly exceeds sea buckthorn oil.

Use in medicine
Now let’s talk more about how amaranth is used in medicine. For example, its seeds have long been used in traditional medicine in several Asian countries. But in the UK they are officially recommended for oral administration, as a diuretic and astringent.

Body rejuvenation
An excellent effect is observed in the rejuvenation of the body, as well as in ridding it of a number of harmful substances, including heavy metal salts, pesticides, and many others, if we use the following decoction prepared from mixed in equal proportions of herbs:

  • amaranth;
  • Hypericum;
  • chamomile inflorescences;
  • birch buds.

On a liter of boiling water you need three large spoons of the mixture and protomit in a water bath for another ten minutes. It is necessary to drink the broth for half an hour before meals throughout the day.

By the way. Amaranth oil has long been used in alternative medicine. Today, it is increasingly used in traditional medicine, the perfume industry and pharmacology. Some researchers argue that amaranth oil is an excellent tool with which you can get rid of skin lesions that occur on the background of autoimmune ailments.

Reducing cholesterol and not only
With regular use of amaranth oil as a therapeutic product, it is possible to significantly lower cholesterol levels. Amaranth oil

Also, the effect of amaranth oil on the state of human health, his general well-being was conducted among patients suffering from coronary heart disease. A total of 125 patients took part in the studies, divided into several groups, for each of which a diet with different levels of squalene was selected:

  • 100 milligrams per day;
  • 200 milligrams per day;
  • and so on – up to 600 milligrams per day.

According to the results of research, it was found that the best results, ideal indicators of the effects on the immune system and human well-being are observed when using 600 milligrams of squalene per day. But a significant antioxidant effect was observed when using from 200 to 400 milligrams of squalene per day.

Note. The content in amaranth oil squalene and tocopherol explain its wound healing and antitumor effect. Amaranth oil has another incredible positive feature: it provides stabilization of red blood cell membranes. Therefore, it is used as the basis for the production of drugs such as askorutin, troxevazine, quersalol, flacarbin.

To enhance the growth of children
Some herbalists, including E. Gapon, recommend bathing the following herbs to enhance the growth of children every other day:

  • amaranth (white schichrita) – 200 g;
  • Oregano ordinary – 500 g;
  • mullein – 500 g

The mixture is brewed in 3 liters of water, poured into a bath with 10-20 liters of warm water and poured over the baby’s head for 15-30 minutes with tincture.

Ideal properties of amaranth tea
We have already written about amaranth tea in the article “Tea and decoction of amaranth: tasty, healthy, effective”, but still briefly recall its properties. In particular, amaranth tea:

  • relieves fatigue;
  • removes headaches;
  • raises a tone;
  • raises immunity;
  • struggling with gray hair, returning the natural color to hair;
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the body;
  • helps in the treatment of impotence and frigidity;
  • and simply acts as an excellent prophylactic against many diseases.

As you can see, amaranth is an ideal product, which is valuable, both medicinal and just a food plant, capable of fighting many ailments, acting as a prophylactic against many ailments.

Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the warnings and contraindications of amaranth and its products – read more in the article: “Amaranth oil: contraindications and warnings.”

If you are interested in products from amaranth, you can buy it on the site “Amaranth – health, beauty, longevity”

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