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The menu of Ukrainians has a large list of products that are simply and easily provided with important amino acids. And most importantly, when using them, there is no need to look for an alternative in a synthetic form. The amino slot deficiency is best replenished through the consumption of organic and fresh food. And among a wide variety of dishes with proteins of animal or vegetable origin, all kinds of dishes from amaranth, which contains 18 super important chemical compounds, stand in a worthy place. Some of these amino acids are essential. Polished or whole amaranth grain, cold-pressed amaranth oil, fresh or dried leaves – the entire list from the amaranth family is a valuable aid in the full functioning of the systems of the human body.

1. Tryptophan
Amino acid of good mood and excellent tone of blood vessels and muscles. Tryptophan is a constituent of many dietary proteins, which is why it is so important for people of all ages. The daily norm for a weight of 70 kg is 245 grams of this amino acid. Tryptophan is found in legumes, lentils, nuts, cheeses, and of course amaranth. It is enough to eat 150 grams of amaranth porridge daily to replenish the supply of the “happy” amino acid. It is irreplaceable and has two pathways of conversion – serotonin and kynurenine. Serotonin is responsible for the regulation of heat exchange and pressure, has a vasoconstrictor function, and serves as an antidepressant. It also turns into melatonin, which is responsible for the body’s adaptation to weather and seasonal fluctuations, and improves reproductive qualities in men and women. This is where the thesis comes from that when eating foods high in plant proteins, manhood is strengthened and married couples are more likely to become parents.

2. Threonine
Treoroteinogenic essential acid, that is, one that is not synthesized in the human body. Its level is not too high in amaranth (0.558 mg) and is almost the same as in walnut. But 100 grams of amaranth grits will be enough to provide 100% of the daily value of threonine for humans. The substance plays a significant role in the restoration of the gastrointestinal tract after intestinal disorders, the restoration of tooth enamel, the production of collagen and elastin. In total, all products with a high threonine content help to maintain youthful skin. Also, this chemical compound is important for the liver, in particular when establishing carbohydrate metabolism, which is important in the prevention of diabetes. There is information that the level of trionin increases during difficult periods for the human body – after burns and surgical interventions. Therefore, the amino acid promotes better healing of external and internal tissues.

3. Isoleucine
It also refers to the essential amino acids that our body receives from the outside. It is very important that from childhood the supply of this substance is at a good level. Babies who, for some reason, were weaned early from their mother’s breast, may have an isoleucine deficiency, which affects the physical and intellectual level. The amino acid takes part in the restoration of muscle tissue, therefore it is very useful for athletes and people with increased physical stress. Isoleucine affects the regulation of some hormones, including the growth hormone somatotropin and insulin, which is responsible for the absorption of glucose. The amino acid is relevant in the daily menu of people adhering to any diet, even without meat or fish. And the good news for vegans is that isoleucine is found in many plant foods – quinoa, nuts, rye, and legumes (most soy and lentils). By consuming amaranth meals on a regular basis, you will also receive this important amino acid in a highly absorbable form.

4. Leucine
The aliphatic amino acid is loved by athletes and people with an active lifestyle. And they must sincerely love it and use it constantly in order to withstand difficult loads and build muscle mass. Leucine is involved in protein synthesis, which is why it is so necessary for those who constantly visit the gym or work, for example, on their personal plot. This amino acid triggers protein synthesis, therefore it helps to increase endurance and strength. The substance works wonders for the elderly as well – it helps them maintain muscles in good condition, and not swim with excess fat. Leucine today can be taken separately as a dietary supplement. But nothing beats naturally occurring leucine. Amaranth also contains an essential leucine ingredient and should be included in the menu of a modern person in order to keep the muscular system in proper condition.

5. Aspartic acid
One of the 20 known proteinogenic amino acids can enter the human body along with food, and also, under certain biological circumstances, can be formed independently. It is one of the most important amino acids responsible for the activity of the endocrine and nervous systems. The chemical compound improves the mental state, which is important in depressive conditions, improves memory, regulates the nervous state in healthy people and prevents diseases of the cardiovascular system. An important component in men’s health, because it participates in the synthesis of testosterone. Products containing aspartic acid are mandatory in men over 40. This amino acid is an integral component in the fight against hypertension and with a tendency to atherosclerosis. Since it helps in the synthesis of immunoglobulins, it contributes to the protection of the body and better recovery during periods of seasonal viral diseases. Doctors recommend not to abuse the artificial version of aspartic acid, but to get it from available food sources. The daily intake of this substance is 240 grams of amaranth. Aspartic acid is found in many plant foods: amaranth, soy, oatmeal, beans, nuts, sprouted seeds, lentils, potatoes, and others. You have the opportunity to get it in the right amount, using any of this range of products.

6. Glycine
This is an amino acid known to many with a nootropic effect, that is, a calming one. Glycine is also found in amaranth grits, fresh leaves and amaranth squeezed oil. Perhaps this is one of the most famous drugs used to improve mental performance in adolescents and adults. But we know that amino acids and other biological substances are better absorbed without harm to the body if they enter the stomach as part of a delicious meal. If glycine could speak, he would tell us: “take your time, enjoy life.” On the one hand, this amino acid adjusts the nervous system not to pay attention to stress, and on the other hand, it helps us to solve intellectual problems faster in critical situations. The nervous system calms down – the brain works stably and efficiently. Therefore, the use of amaranth products containing glycine (one and a half daily allowance per 100 grams) is a meditative and informational-cognitive process in the literal and figurative sense.

Having amaranth delicacies in your menu, you will get pleasure and exceptional benefits for all organs of your body. Intelligence, energy, strength, poise and stable renewal – that’s what these amino acids give you and me. The chemical composition of amaranth is incredibly rich in other substances, in addition to these vital components. This is the product about which one can say 100 percent “our food should be our medicine”. Read more about other amino acids in amaranth products in the following article.


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