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Amaranth – food for eternal health! Do not believe, then we will convince you of this. And we will focus on recent articles published on sites in the United States. Laconic, reasonable and intelligible – why amaranth should be in the diet of all people.

Today, there is almost a full-fledged revolution in the field of health care in the world – new super-products are constantly appearing, and the best scientists are working on studying them. The goal of the research is to get specific information about the health benefits of amaranth seeds.

Some foods that were once actively used in the diet in certain regions have unexpectedly acquired great importance, since research has shown their nutritional value.

One of these products is amaranth seeds. At the mention of them, some nutritionists still raise eyebrows in surprise, but there are less and less of these! And today it is safe to say that amaranth is the best food for eternal health.

And is it any wonder if the plant could stand up under the mass extermination of the Spaniards-colonialists, go through a period of oblivion and return triumphantly to the tables of fans of healthy eating?

Amaranth: multiple, but informative
Studies have shown that it is the only amaranth grain on the planet that contains vitamin C. It is rich in minerals, including:

  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • iron;
  • calcium.

Amaranth is a “native” of modern Peru – it was there that it grew in antiquity, but today it is grown in different parts of the world. Crops are cultivated in countries such as China, India, Russia, as well as in many countries in Africa, North and South America.

White and rich in calcium grain is the main product in many regions of the world. Wide availability and excellent nutritional value make amaranth a fabulous food for eternal health.

The benefits of amaranth: why do you have to include it in your diet
And now a few indisputable reasons why amaranth is such an incredible product. The seeds of this plant have a lot of positive properties and guarantee the body good nutrition, support of the vital forces and functions of the body.

High protein
Amaranth is full of protein. About one cup of cooked amaranth will provide nine grams of protein, which is unusually large.

Protein is very important for cell regeneration, neurological functions, building muscle and for the efficient operation of the entire organ system.

Those who expose the body to high physical exertion are simply obliged to include amaranth in their diet. Because protein is extremely important for muscles.

Does not contain gluten 
Nowadays, gluten-free dishes are becoming increasingly popular. Amaranth, which is not really grain, is a gluten-free substitute for many grains and flour.

Amaranth flour can be added to regular wheat flour to enhance the nutritional value of pastries. But in itself amaranth flour does not allow making dough due to the absence of gluten in it.

You can also use amaranth flour in soups to get a thicker consistency. Or grains in cereals, pancakes and bread to enhance the nutritional value of foods.

Healthy bones
This wonder grain is quite rich in calcium. It contains about three times more calcium than is usually found in grains.

Calcium deficiency can lead to various health problems such as osteoporosis, fractures and deterioration of the bones. The inclusion of amaranth in the daily diet is one of the most effective ways to increase the level of calcium in the body and prevent bone diseases.

Fights hypertension
In addition to the richness of calcium, protein and minerals, this grain is also filled with phytonutrients and fibers that control blood pressure. An anti-hypertension agent

A higher potassium content in amaranth grain effectively reduces the sodium effect and, therefore, controls blood pressure.

Include this super-food in breakfast to get the most out of your first meal. Amaranth will monitor your blood pressure throughout the day and keep your body active.

Contains lysine
Lysine is a rare amino acid that helps calcium absorption. Most of the grains and vegetables do not contain lysine in good quantity, but amaranth has enough of this amino acid. By the way, it also helps in building muscles.

Lowers cholesterol
The fiber in amaranth binds cholesterol, which is then excreted from the body. Fiber-rich amaranth removes cholesterol from the body, producing more bile for digestion. Increased bile production may mean more active cholesterol removal.

A study conducted in 1996 by Russian scientists made it possible to understand the effect of amaranth on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. According to the research results, a noticeable decrease in the levels of LDL and triglycerides was observed after the inclusion of amaranth in the daily diet.

Anti-inflammatory properties
Amaranth contains oils and peptides with anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and pain.

It is important for the prevention of dangerous diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Studies have shown that peptides and antioxidants present in amaranth are also effective in preventing damage to cells that can eventually lead to cancer. That is, amaranth also performs anticancer prophylaxis.

Protection against varicose veins
Flavonoids like rutin present in amaranth increase capillary walls, while vitamin C increases collagen production, leading to the strengthening of blood vessel walls.

This will help in treating the symptoms of varicose veins, as well as prevent this unsightly problem associated with aging.

Healthy development fetus pregnancy and amaranth
Folate (folic acid), an important nutrient for the growth of the fetus, is contained in sufficient amounts in amaranth.

Expectant mothers can protect babies from birth defects by consuming amaranth during pregnancy.

Amaranth seeds are a source of vitamins, minerals and proteins that the body needs to grow and function efficiently. They can be used in various recipes, such as the preparation of cereals, risotto, bread and pastries, energy drinks and pancakes. And all this is due to the high versatility of the seeds!

And you already use all the incredible opportunities to strengthen and improve the body, which provides amaranth?

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