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We continue to collect relevant and interesting news about amaranth. Today – the next collection, for the last week of October and the first three days of November. We will talk about the peculiarities of the processing of amaranth in Ukraine, as well as the peculiarities of the use of processed products in cosmetology and cooking.

Our article will not only be interesting, but also useful – you will learn how to ensure the youthfulness and freshness of your skin, as well as maintain the vigor of the body.

Amaranth processing payback – no more than 30 months
In recent years, the number of farmers specializing in the cultivation of amaranth has increased significantly. The once exotic plant is becoming more familiar. Although, of course, it’s still far from traditional crops. Harvesting amaranth

The popularity of amaranth among Ukrainian farmers is due to the demand for processed products on the world market. After all, amaranth is characterized by a balanced composition:

  • trace elements and minerals;
  • vitamins;
  • amino acids.

In addition, there is a large amount of high-quality vegetable protein. According to these parameters, amaranth surpasses other cereals and cereals.

According to experts, in general, amaranth is not fastidious to climatic conditions. It grows well in the conditions of Ukraine. Estimated average yield – about 2 tons per hectare of sown area. The cost of one ton of seeds starts from 1000 dollars. But the final price depends on the quality and characteristics of growing – that is, it can be much higher.

Note! The yield of 2 tons per hectare is not the limit. It is noted that in the conditions of Ukraine it is realistic to receive up to 5 tons per hectare.

It is noteworthy that the cultivation of amaranth is good because it allows you to earn income from virtually every part of the plant. For example, flour, vegetable oil, and mixed feed are produced from the same seeds. From the green mass – feed, etc ..

Financial analysts specializing in agriculture conducted research and created a business plan for the organization of the processing enterprise. According to the “legend” – the level of loading of the enterprise amounts to 3,000 tons of seeds. Investments in the project – 4 million euros, of which the bulk of funds will be spent on the purchase of raw materials and equipment necessary for processing.

Earnings are planned to receive through the sale of finished products:

  • granulated animal feed;
  • flour;
  • vegetable oil.

Pledged profitability – 30%. As a result of the study, it was found that the full payback period of the company is 2.5 years. Or a little less than 30 months – 29 full months and 10 days. Taking into account the discount. That is, we can conclude that the processing of amaranth is a very interesting niche with a high investment attractiveness.

Amaranth granulation in Ukraine
In late October, the vast majority of Ukrainian farmers completed amaranth harvesting. Fortunately, a warm and sunny autumn, with almost no rain, contributed to the harvest.

This information on his page on social networks (Facebook) was written by the head of the Ukrainian Association of Amaranth and Amaranth Producers Manufacturers Alexander Duda.

He notes that the main amaranth products in Ukraine today are amaranth seeds. And already from seeds produce other products:

  • flour;
  • croup;
  • butter;
  • flakes;
  • bread;
  • bread crumbs;
  • baby food;
  • feed for fish and pets;
  • and much more.

Also in 2018, three processing plants located in different parts of the country began producing granules from green mass. It is planned that in 2019 the production of such pellets used for feeding livestock will increase.

According to Alexander Duda, the nutritional value of the granules is higher than that of alfalfa, a traditional plant for feeding livestock. And the profitability of production is also higher, which is beneficial to processing enterprises. Already this fall, pellets are in demand among farmers. The wholesale price of granules will be about 5 hryvnia per kilogram.

Skin protection in the fall: amaranth oil will help
The onset of cold weather changes our habits in clothing and nutrition. But it is also important to pay attention to proper skin care. As she begins to suffer from strong wind and cold. Therefore, it is recommended to use special products, among which are serums, fluids – they will help to activate the effect of day and night cosmetic creams. Amaranth oil for autumn

For example, cosmetologists advise to use specialized hyaluronic remodeling for the face. Their positive feature is almost instantaneous elasticity, lifting.

Another problem in the fall is a strong reddening of the skin, likely inflammatory processes. In such situations, you should pay attention to the reducing drugs. For example, those that include aloe gel.

But to ensure a complete, but additional nutrition, it is recommended to use cosmetic preparations, which include amaranth oil – it will saturate the skin with squalene, minerals, vitamins.

Amaranth Nutritional Bars: Why You Should Buy Them This Fall
In amaranth you can eat almost everything:

  • seeds;
  • butter;
  • greenery;
  • flour

And yet – it is an ideal product for a full and healthy food. Including, for people suffering from certain diseases. For example, amaranth bars are suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus – they are sugar-free, but are a delicious dessert. And help the body fight the disease, give energy, increase immunity.

“Formula” amaranth bar
This bar is the perfect food for those with glucose intolerance. After all, the glycemic index of foods prepared on the basis of amaranth is extremely low. In addition, there are many essential amino acids in amaranth. No cholesterol. But it is full of other useful substances and elements:

  • magnesium;
  • gland;
  • calcium;
  • fiber;
  • vitamins E, C.

In fact, no other product in its usefulness can be compared with amaranth. It enhances immunity, which is extremely important in the fall – during the cold season.

In what cases amaranth bars will be irreplaceable
In case of anemia. Amaranth is rich in iron, and then helps the body to fill up the lack of this element.
To repair cells. This will help phosphorus, which is also in amaranth a large amount.
If a person has insomnia. As well as increased irritability, chronic fatigue. There are cardiovascular diseases or even just small deviations in the work of the vessels, the heart. Will help cope with this – magnesium.
With hypertension. In this case, it is important to replenish the body with potassium. He is also abundant in amaranth and its products.
When gluten intolerance. Amaranth does not contain this substance, and therefore suitable for anyone with celiac disease.

Note! How to cook a bar of amaranth seeds, we described earlier in the article Sports diet based on amaranth.

Amaranth food is useful for people suffering from various diseases of the digestive tract.

Autumn menu: the use of amaranth
In the fall there are special requirements for the menu. If you adhere to certain rules, it is realistic to maintain good shape, great well-being and effectively resist colds.

Indeed, in the fall, with the onset of cold weather, many lean on different foods that feed the organisms, but provoke a set of extra kilos. Therefore, in order not to worry about your appearance on New Year’s Eve in mid-December, you need to take care of your figure in the fall. Autumn menu

Feature of the autumn menu? Do not rush to give up fat. After all, they guarantee the body energy. In order not to get better, you need to give up carbohydrates, but leave fats. As a result, about 15% of the calories entering the body with carbohydrates will be replaced by fats. Help in this:

  • avocado;
  • nuts;
  • fatty fish varieties.

In the first weeks of autumn, your table was probably filled with fresh fruits and vegetables – they gave vitamin, mineral substances to your body. However, since mid-December, such products become less, they are becoming more expensive. And the body requires a different power. And then there is a reduction in daylight hours.

Therefore, it is recommended to be tested for vitamin D. Such tests are taken in all clinics. Allowable minimum is 30 ng / ml. If the figures are lower, it is recommended to look for sources of vitamin D. This may be:

  • the yolks of their eggs;
  • the same fatty fish;
  • fat cheese

Note! There is a daily intake of fatty foods. The ideal indicator is no more than 1.2 grams of such food per kilogram of the body.

Another manifestation of autumn – depression. As a result:

  • irritability;
  • drowsiness;
  • loss of concentration;
  • decrease in working capacity.

The body lacks serotonin, and it is produced by such an important and irreplaceable acid, like tryptophan. To get it, you need to eat meat and nuts. And do not forget about the replenishment of the body with vitamin C and vitamin E. If the first is usually citrus, then vitamin E is vegetable oils.

Note! In order not to grow sides, give up sweets, chocolates, chocolate. It is clear that in the cold season I really want to eat them, but they still are not able to satisfy the need for the above vitamins and amino acids.

An excellent option would be amaranth in all its forms and manifestations. For example, for breakfast, cook amaranth porridge instead of traditional oatmeal porridge, complementing it with slices of apples, nuts.

Also add to your diet amaranth oil. It can be taken as in its pure form – one spoon in the morning and evening, and added to the usual products.

Amaranth will give vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids to your body and internal organs. Consumption of amaranth oil will strengthen the immune system. And, in addition to a healthy diet, you still get a positive impact on the psychological state. That will be expressed in a good mood and the absence of depressions.


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