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Many call it a universal additive for animals. Moreover, grass flour from amaranth is used not only for a variety of diet. It is noticed that large animals perceive it as a “snack”. What is the reason for such a phenomenon and why do animal breeders increasingly use this additive for their pets? Answers to these questions, as well as more information about vitamin flour from amaranth on.

Features amaranth supplements

The high evaluation of the product is due to the high content of vitamins, trace elements and protein or protein. All elements are important in the composition of a vitamin-herbal supplement, but protein is of particular importance: it is the main building material for muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as for antibodies that are responsible for immunity, enzymes, and even some hormones. It is the amaranth protein that is recognized as the best protein of plant origin, and if the ideal protein is 100 points, then milk protein will score 72 points, soy protein – 68 points, barley protein – 62, wheat – 58, corn – 44, but the first place is for amaranth protein – 75 points.

Amaranth is the leader among plants as to the content of lysine, threonine, arginine, phenylalanine and a number of other amino acids. It has been established that out of 20 basic amino acids, 18 contains amaranth, which is not found in other forage crops. For example, lysine helps the body to digest food, but with its lack of food is not digested and protein passes through the body “in transit.” By the amount of tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylalanine amaranth is equal to the protein of mother’s milk.

Lysine, betaine, vitamins B2 and C, which are part of the supplement from amaranth, improve the appetite of animals, stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and help cleanse toxins, excess salt and harmful substances. Thanks to folic acid, carotene, riboflavin, protein metabolism is regulated, and vitamin E, phospholipids, squalene and phytosterols have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The amaranth supplement also contains a large amount of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and other substances that improve the functioning of the liver, gall bladder, and the entire digestive system. This mixture has anti-inflammatory and rehabilitative properties, enhances immunity.

It is also noticed that after eating with amaranth supplement, the feeling of satiety lasts longer than usual. The inclusion in the diet of cattle 30-35% of flour or pellets from amaranth increases the productivity of animals, and last but not least, reduces the cost of feed per unit of production. The safety of such an additive for animals and for products made from it is also confirmed, since there is no antibiotics, stimulants, or hormonal preparations in the amaranth additive.

The possibilities of using herbal flour from amaranth

Immediately, we note that it is best to use grass flour from amaranth in granules, since in this form the nutrients are preserved most of all. The quality of the granules can be determined visually. High-quality granules after cooling:
• dense;
• dry;
• smooth;
• brilliant;
• Hard to break.
If the granules break easily, this indicates a different level of humidity, below 8%. Choosing a quality product is also necessary because of the level of carotene and other nutrients. So, in herbal flour of the first grade contains 19% protein, and in the third – 13%, and this, of course, affects the result obtained when using the additive. The color of the granules is green, but shades can vary from dark to bright.

Most often, grass meal produced from amaranth green mass is introduced into the rations of farm animals and poultry as an additive to cover the deficit of certain nutrients and vitamins. It is believed that vitamin supplement is especially useful for young cattle, sheep, horses, rabbits. It was found that if, for example, in the ration of bulls, field hay is replaced with grass flour, then the metabolic processes in animals improve, and productivity increases by 12–18%. The vitamin product is injected into the diet of cows after calving for quick recovery, as well as for lactating high-deer cows.

High results are achieved in various branches of animal husbandry. According to the results of studies, the inclusion of 3% vitamin-herbal flour from amaranth in the period of quitting forced diets in the diet of chickens leads to an earlier normalization of hemoglobin, serum protein, and red blood cell count in the blood. The safety of livestock and its productivity are noticeably increased, an increase in egg mass, an increase in body weight and the release of carcasses of the first category are observed. Similar results are observed in all industries.

Examples and results of application

Amaranth grass meal is suitable for feeding all types of farm animals. The optimal rate is:

• for cows no more than 3 kg;
• young cattle – 0.3-1.0;
• adult sheep – 0.3-0.5, and for young stock – 0.07;
• for adult pigs – 0.2-0.5, young animals – 0.05-0.2;
• adult horses – 2-3;
• for adult rabbits – 0.2;
• for poultry – 10-15 g per day.
It should be borne in mind that these norms may differ from the norms for “future mothers” animals, since there the portion is calculated depending on the body weight.

On the forums you can see various examples of the use of grass flour from amaranth. So, in some cases (for horses, for example), it is more suitable as an afternoon snack, in others – as a separate feeding. In the dry form is about 400 g of grass meal for 1 horse. Additive in the cold season is filled with hot water (not boiling water!), And in the warm – cold. In the reviews, it is also noted that the horse eats 2 kg of vitamin supplement in 10-15 minutes, and this is a real “yummy” for the animal.

Like vitamin supplement on the basis of amaranth green mass and rabbits. Breeders note that animals immediately show interest in this supplement, they eat with pleasure, they don’t leave “for later”, despite the fact that the troughs were full before that.

To get the maximum benefit

Grass meal from amaranth green mass on the content of useful nutrients in it is close to fresh green grass. Even with long-term storage (up to 10 months), up to 95% of them remain in this product. However, a lot depends on the quality of the product and storage conditions. So, if the granules crumble easily and a scattering is obtained, then, for example, carotene is lost up to 50%, and in well-pressed granules during long-term storage the loss of the substance will not exceed 10%.

Usually the granular additive is sold in multi-layered paper bags. If you decide to stock up on this product for future use, then it is better to store it in the same bags and not to pour it into other containers. The temperature regime for the preservation of all nutrients is not lower than 4 degrees in winter and not higher than 20 degrees in summer. It should also be remembered that carotene is rapidly destroyed in the light, therefore, bags of additive should be stored in a shaded place.

With simple storage conditions, you can get the maximum benefit, despite the fact that amaranth supplement seems expensive. However, this is until a comparison is made. So, with the introduction of amaranth supplements in the diet of young cattle and foals, the weight gain is 20% more than when fed with other feeds. Pigs gain 15% more weight and poultry 10%. At the same time let’s not forget that the feed required by 10% less than usual. In other words, in the end we get economic benefits. It perfectly complements the indicators on animal health and product safety.

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