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The effectiveness of the unusual and extremely useful properties of amaranth has been proven for many years. There is a list of diseases that are retreating before the healing power of this plant. Its effect on the hematopoietic, cardiovascular, bone and other systems of the body, as well as on the state of the brain, is known. Next, we consider the components that play a large role in the prevention of many age-related problems, in improving memory, improving mental performance. It will be about various uses of amaranth.

Substances that help improve brain function

Amaranth is in the top 10 products that improve memory, because it contains the substances necessary for the full operation of the brain. Among them:
• B vitamins;
• tocopherol (vitamin E);
• squalene;
• magnesium;
• zinc.
They need to pay attention to the elderly and with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as hypertensive patients, pregnant women, those who suffered injuries in the head area. It is recommended that people who are accustomed to consider themselves healthy, but cannot give up such a bad habit, like smoking, and those who are accustomed to start the day with a cup of coffee, should also take care of replenishing these substances.

Amaranth contains a large amount of B vitamins necessary for the brain to work (especially a lot of them are contained in the grains of the plant). Thus, vitamin B1 is considered to be “responsible” for memory, but memory is weakened by the lack of B6, choline (B4), and the need for these vitamins is especially increased with frequent use of sedative, cardiac and hypotonic drugs. In addition, choline protects against the destruction of the cell membrane, helps to normalize cholesterol levels and metabolism, and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The best antioxidant is considered tocopherol (vitamin E), which slows down the development of many diseases and protects the nerve cells of the brain from destruction. Deficiency of this vitamin in the body leads to degenerative dystrophic disorders in the heart muscle, increased permeability and capillary fragility. Help tocopherol is invaluable in chronic inflammatory and allergic diseases associated with metabolic disorders. This vitamin is simply necessary when the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. You can get the vitamin by consuming amaranth oil, the green parts of the plant, its young shoots.

The effectiveness of amaranth is also provided by a combination of tocopherol and squalene, which is able to saturate the body with oxygen in sufficient quantities. Squalene, getting into the body with amaranth oil, for example, interacts with water, which occupies 90% of the whole organism, and releases oxygen from water, saturating all tissues and systems with it. Due to the effects of squalene, the development of tumors is stopped, the formation of seals of various kinds is prevented, and the immunity is strengthened. In this case, sometimes it is enough to apply amaranth oil to the problem area externally, since squalene easily penetrates the skin and affects the entire body.

The folic acid (B9) contained in amaranth is necessary for the health of the brain, spinal cord and reduces the likelihood of developing pathologies by 75%, and, especially, the participation of this substance in the development of the newborn. This vitamin is also necessary for the development of the circulatory and immune systems, and its lack provokes anemia, and during pregnancy – defects in the development of the neural tube. In addition, folic acid is needed to create new cells and maintain them in a healthy state, and if they do not receive it in sufficient quantity, the likelihood of developing malignant tumors increases, and here the bone marrow suffers most. The action of folic acid would be less effective if it were not for the participation of magnesium, which is considered a universal supplier of energy, and it is necessary for the normal functioning of cells, is involved in ensuring the normal activity of the heart muscle. Taking care of its reserves is especially necessary for people experiencing large physical and mental stress, often using alcohol, laxatives and diuretic drugs and drugs. However, violations in the body arise not only from a lack of magnesium, but also with a zinc deficiency (fatigue, memory loss), and other substances necessary for the body.

What problems amaranth helps to eliminate?

It is known that the lack of zinc, magnesium, squalene, vitamins E and group B leads to a deterioration of the nutrition of brain cells, a lack of blood supply and oxygenation in this part of the body. Other organs and systems also suffer, problems such as:
• encephalopathy;
• Parkinson’s disease;
• hypertension;
• atherosclerosis;
• ischemia of the heart and brain;
• heart attack;
• stroke.
This should take into account the property of amaranth: applying it to eliminate or mitigate one problem, we simultaneously solve the rest.

It is best to cope with problems in the body amaranth oil. In this product, all necessary substances are contained in a concentrated form, in an amount that is considered optimal for obtaining a sustainable effect. According to reviews, after applying amaranth oil, symptoms of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases are reduced. People who took 25 g of amaranth oil in the morning and in the evening showed improvement in their well-being, and the results of the tests in this case showed a decrease in the risk of heart attack, stroke and other health problems. Supplying brain cells with oxygen and removing “bad” cholesterol with amaranth oil improves the condition of people prone to brain ischemia, experiencing attacks of intracranial pressure, suffering from various chronic diseases.

It should be noted that the use of amaranth oil should be moderate, and in an effort to quickly improve the condition of the cerebral vessels it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage. This is especially true of people prone to such diseases as:
• cholecystitis;
• gallbladder and urolithiasis;
• duodenal ulcer;
• acute pancreatitis;
• pancreatic diseases in a chronic form.
However, these diseases do not belong to the category of direct, permanent contraindications, and besides, there are no such problems with amaranth oil.

Treatment and prevention with amaranth

For treatment or prophylaxis, cold-pressed amaranth oil is recommended. Take it inside better courses for 1 month in the offseason – in early spring and autumn. If there are no special doctor’s prescriptions for a particular disease, amaranth oil is better to drink 1 teaspoon with meals 2 times a day. You can also fill with oil salads, cereals, but the rate of consumption of amaranth should be respected.

Biogenic seedlings with a unique biological value are very beneficial for brain health. It is noticed that a tangible effect from their use is observed already after 1 tsp (15-25 pieces) of seedlings per day. The best option is the dosage of 2 dessert spoons.

A good effect is obtained when adding seedlings to salads, and here the ability of amaranth to interact with other cereals is sometimes used. In severe diseases, the presence of malignant tumors, it is recommended to combine amaranth sprouts and linseed oil in the dishes (not more than 1 teaspoon), and the treatment course is 1 month. In other cases, the consumption of seedlings in the autumn-winter period is recommended, without fear of the occurrence of addiction, since there is no such effect on amaranth seeds.

If you yourself germinate amaranth grain, then you can eat sprouts in the formation of roots of 1-3 mm, and even up to 1-1.5 cm, but the larger the root, the darker it becomes, bitter and unappetizing appearance. However, it does not become less useful.

With self-growing amaranth for salads, you can count on extremely useful greens, when the seed leaves appear, and there is not yet the first true leaf. This is considered the most useful part of the plant, since all biologically active substances formed in the seed at this time, go into the cotyledon leaves, and only then are spent during the development of the young sprout. But even in this case, it is important not to get too carried away with the use of amaranth and remember that you should always follow the measure.

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